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With access to some of the biggest boxing meets and an incredibly low monthly subscription, DAZN’s going to be a hit with fight fans.

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Review was updated on 9 Dec, 2020

When it comes to watching one of the world’s most popular and exciting sports – boxing – the arrival of sports streaming services has given fans more ways than ever to watch the must-see fights. Now a global giant in the world of online sports has arrived in Australia, and boxing at a bargain price is what they’re offering.

What’s In this Review

DAZN Review

If there’s one thing that most boxing fans know all too well, it’s that it can be an expensive sport to be a fan of. With the big bouts commanding massive prize money, they’re usually sold to audiences around the world at a premium. Whether it’s a one-off payment for each fight via the pay-per-view options available, or a night out at the pub catching the event on their screens while spending big on drinks and food, live boxing’s often seemed like the sporting equivalent of the airport train – it just costs more, and that’s the way it is.

But sports broadcasting has been shaken up by streaming. Not just in Australia, where Kayo has over half a million subscribers, Optus owns English football and various other services (including ones from the US and Europe) vie for your streaming dollar. Across the world, streaming is becoming the way people prefer to watch their favourite sports. That’s where DAZN comes in. Though the name may not be familiar to Australians just yet, the UK-based company has been growing at a massive rate since it launched back in 2016.

DAZN Highlights

  • Price: $2.99 per month for full access, cancel any time
  • Sports: Boxing, including WBC championship fights, as well as documentaries, shows and archival matches
  • UEFA Women’s Champions League
  • Support: Online only (help pages and live chat)

DAZN Features

While in Europe and North America DAZN has the rights to stream multiple different sports codes, here in Australia they’re trying something different for their launch into a market that’s dominated by Kayo Sports and Optus Sports. Leveraging their extensive rights for the sport that made them globally massive, boxing, they’ve decided to go with boxing exclusively for the Australian launch, filling a gap in the market that they hope to fill with their rights to Matchroom Boxing, GGG and Golden Boy bouts. 

That means good news for boxing fans, who’ll be well used to being asked to pay high ticket prices for the pay-per-view fights that come along (just recently made into a streaming option as well, via Kayo’s support for the Main Event channel). DAZN (pronounced “Da Zone” in case you were wondering) has taken a very different approach to what they’re offering, building the launch service entirely around boxing. Aside from live-streamed bouts (including press conferences and weigh-ins) there’s a load of on-demand replays of both recent and historical fights, backed up by in-house TV shows covering all things boxing, and a documentary section.

Most people will be coming to DAZN for the big-ticket events, though, and they’re not about to disappoint in that department. December sees the much-anticipated Joshua vs Pulev fight live from London, a massive event that sees Anthony Joshua fighting for the chance to become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. That’s followed up in subsequent weeks with the Canelo vs Smith, Garcia vs Campbell and GGG vs Szeremeta title fights in what looks to be a brilliant month for fight fans.

How Much Does DAZN Cost?

Here’s the best news – the price for a monthly DAZN subscription is not in the usual hefty price range that boxing commands. Not even close. The price for access to all of what DAZN has to offer – including all live-streamed fights as they happen – is $2.99 per month. No, that’s not a typo – it really is that cheap, working out at about 10 cents a day. 

That makes DAZN not only the cheapest streaming service of any kind in Australia, but if you’re a dedicated boxing fan, it’s also incredible value. The subscription price lets you use the service on a wide range of devices – there’s no limit to how many devices you can use, as long as you only stream on two at one time. 

There’s no free trial, unlike DAZN’s much more expensive UK and US services – but when a full month costs pocket change, it’s at the point where a trial’s not needed. If you’re into the global boxing on offer, it’ll be a no-brainer to just stay subscribed so you’ve got access to the events as they happen.


  • Monthly
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Watch on multiple devices with the DAZN app
  • Exclusive boxing
  • $2.99/mth
Min Cost - $2.99 over 1 month

Last audited 20th of September 2021

What TV Shows are on DAZN?

The shows on DAZN are all original productions dedicated to boxing, with news show JABS covering the latest events from the global boxing world. Bowing with Chris Mannix digs deeper into the fighters’ lives and ambitions, while The Ak & Barak Show adds some opinion to the mix. 

In addition to these shows, there are a handful of documentaries (with more to come) and a range of past fights both recent and archival, dating back to the late 1990s.

What Devices Work with DAZN?

Thanks to their years of operating their streaming service overseas, DAZN arrives with a full set of apps for popular devices and TVs. Any streaming service’s success depends on it being available on the devices users already have, and DAZN is well on top of things with their launch apps. About the only major platform missing is Telstra TV; since that device is actually a customised Roku box, we’d expect the DAZN app for that platform would work, but it’ll be up to Telstra to add it to their app store.

How to Watch DAZN on TV

As you can see from the above list of supported devices, DAZN arrives ready to go on the most popular streaming devices and recent smart TVs, with only Telstra TV left out at launch (we’d hope the app arrives on that device soon). 

That’s great news for fans who want to settle down on the couch for the big fight, because there’s no hassle at all getting the streams onto your screen. If you don’t already have a compatible smart TV or device and don’t want to spend big on something new, Google’s Chromecasts remain the best-value way to stream almost anything, including DAZN. You can cast from the app to any Chromecast – but if you buy the latest Google TV model, you can just download the app and use it without needing a phone or tablet at all, thanks to DAZN’s Android TV app support (which should also let it work on a wide range of other Android TV devices such as the Nvidia Shield, Vodafone TV and even the Foxtel Now box).

Of course, if you’re happy to just stream in your favourite web browser on your laptop or desktop computer, DAZN will work great there as well, with support for every major browser (including the ancient Internet Explorer!) You can plug your computer into your TV via HDMI to watch on the big screen, or if you stream in the Google Chrome browser, you can send the stream to a Chromecast attached to your TV.

Are Other Features on the Way?

For now, DAZN is dedicated to all things boxing, and that’s an excellent way to launch in a new country – it’s a sport that’s needed more coverage here for quite some time. Down the track, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see DAZN pick up more sporting codes, like they have in other countries. And with sporting rights becoming a bit of a bidding war in recent years, DAZN with their massive resources may very well expand into something much bigger.

In the meantime, boxing fans can enjoy the $2.99 monthly price and look forward to many months of DAZN premium boxing streamed live in HD.

DAZN – The Pros and Cons

The Good

  • At $2.99/month, an absolute bargain
  • Access to WBC championship fights
  • Lots of extra content
  • Apps for almost all devices

The Gotchas

  • Only streaming boxing right now
  • No free trial (but so cheap that it’s not a big deal)
  • No Kayo-like interactive features

DAZN Summary: The Sports Streaming Fight is On!

It’s only early days for DAZN in Australia, and while they’ve launched with only a single sport, they’ve picked one that’s needed some extra coverage for a long time, and they’ve priced it so cheaply that anyone with even a passing interesting in boxing will want to grab the apps and sign up. 

What DAZN might become in the future is unknown, but they’re not a small startup in any way. With their global expansion taking them to over 200 countries, they’re clearly intending to be the “Netflix of sport” in terms of sheer size and buying power. It should be an interesting ride.

In the meantime, there’s some great fights coming up – so take advantage of the launch pricing and check DAZN’s boxing coverage out for yourself!

What people are asking about DAZN

  • Who Owns DAZN?

While we’re used to seeing sports networks owned by familiar names, DAZN is its own company, based in the UK and headed by a former CEO of the massive US sports network ESPN.

  • How Much Does DAZN Cost?

There is only one subscription plan for DAZN in Australia – $2.99 per month for access to the full service.

  • What Sports are on DAZN?

At launch, DAZN will have coverage of international championship boxing from Europe and the USA, featuring live streamed coverage of major fights. It’s very possible that the service will expand to cover other sports later, but nothing has been announced as yet.

  • Can You Get DAZN on PS5?

There are DAZN apps available for the Playstation4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X game consoles, and now a Playstation 5 app is available as well, for the lucky few who can actually find a PS5 in the stores!

  • How Many Devices Can You Use with DAZN?

With the standard subscription, DAZN allows you to use the service on as many supported devices as you like – but only two streaming at the same time. That’s similar to Kayo’s “Basic” plan, and should be more than adequate for most people’s needs.

  • Can You Record DAZN?

As a streaming-only service, DAZN doesn’t support recording fights to watch later – but there’s no need to, with full replays available after the live stream has finished, so you can still watch the action if the live stream time doesn’t suit you.

  • Is DAZN on Fetch TV?

No, not at launch at least. Fetch TV is a unique platform in that they develop apps for their devices themselves, in collaboration with streaming services. DAZN and Fetch would need to work together on an app for that platform; given DAZN’s extensive app support that would seem like a possibility, but nothing official has been announced.

  • Is DAZN on Telstra TV?

One device missing from the DAZN device list at launch is Telstra TV; however, the Roku devices that Telstra TV is based on already have a DAZN app overseas, and its delay in arriving on Telstra TV is probably more to do with Telstra wanting to verify the app before they add it to the device’s app store.

  • Are There Pay-Per-View Fights on DAZN?

No – unlike other sports streaming and broadcasting services, there’s no premium pay-per-view content on DAZN at all. Everything that’s on offer including all live fight streams is included in the $2.99 monthly subscription.

  • How Can You Pay for a DAZN Subscription?

Like all streaming services, you can simply sign up using a major credit card, but DAZN also supports payment via Apple’s iTunes store (via the iOS or Apple TV app), Google Play and even PayPal (with Australia being one of only a handful of countries that PayPal can be used for DAZN subscriptions).

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