How to watch The Sex Lives of College Girls

The Sex Lives of College Girls

It can be tough to make sense of the rollercoaster of emotions, experiences, and challenges that campus life brings, especially if you’re not entirely sober for some of it. Mindy Kaling’s The Sex Lives of College Girls aims to unite us all in reminiscing both the good and the bad of those old days at college, while also offering some fun and fresh insight into the minds of today’s youth. Find out how to watch the new coming-of-age series, from the creators of The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine in Australia below.

The Sex Lives of College Girls TV show preview

The upcoming HBO Max series follows four college roommates at the esteemed New England Essex College as they navigate their new, free lives on campus. However, their youth and their newfound freedom don’t always mean parties, and hangovers won’t be the only inconveniences and obstacles they’ll have to go through.

In its essence, the new show will showcase the characters’ internal struggles as part of their quest for identity and a sense of self. Figuring out which way to go and making assumptions and decisions about things they have yet to understand, these college girls are equal parts lovable and frustrating.

In addition to displaying the main characters’ liberty-fueled exploits, the show will also cover the more serious realities of higher education. After all, being a college student also means dealing with academic woes.

Securing a deal with Warner Bros., Mindy Kaling serves as creator and executive producer, alongside Justin Noble and Howard Klein. The series will consist of 10 episodes, with the first episode to be co-written by Kaling and Noble, and features a diverse group of characters.

The Sex Lives of College Girls cast:

  • Pauline Chalamet as Kimberly
  • Amrit Kaur as Bela
  • Reneé Rapp as Leighton
  • Alyah Chanelle Scott as Whitney
  • Midori Francis as Alicia
  • Gavin Leatherwood as Nico
  • Renika Williams as Willow

When does The Sex Lives of College Girls air?

The premiere date of the upcoming HBO Max comedy-drama series is set on 18 November in Australia. It will debut with the first two episodes and continue with three new episodes on 25 November, three more on 2 December, and the last two episodes of the season launching on 9 December.

ShowRelease DateProviders
Episode 1Thursday 18th NovemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 2Thursday 18th NovemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 3Thursday 25th NovemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 4Thursday 25th NovemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 5Thursday 25th NovemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 6Thursday 2nd DecemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 7Thursday 2nd DecemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 8Thursday 2nd DecemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 9Thursday 9th DecemberBINGE / Foxtel
Episode 10Thursday 9th DecemberBINGE / Foxtel

Which providers will show The Sex Lives of College Girls?

This combination of coming-of-age drama and comedy is reflective of Kaling’s and Noble’s experiences at their respective universities, as well as the experiences of the other writers on the show from different walks of life, allowing the story to shine in its multi-layered narrative forms. All episodes of the series will be available on-demand in Australia upon its release in the US with the providers listed here:

ProviderThe Sex Lives of College Girls
Foxtel NowYes
Foxtel from TelstraYes
Binge from TelstraYes
Apple TVNo

How to watch The Sex Lives of College Girls TV show

The TV series will premiere on Foxtel‘s FOX SHOWCASE and BINGE. In Australia, FOX SHOWCASE is available via Foxtel, Foxtel Now, or Foxtel from Telstra. Foxtel’s base pack is the Foxtel Plus bundle, which already includes FOX SHOWCASE. For Foxtel Now users, FOX SHOWCASE is already part of the base Essentials pack. The new HBO show is not available on free-to-air.

Stream The Sex Lives of College Girls on BINGE

Every episode of the series will be available on BINGE. The On-Demand version of the series will also be available with the streaming TV service.

With a 14-day free trial, you may begin your TV binge right away. Yes, the streaming platform offers a two week free trial new customers can take advantage of to stream every new episode of the series on demand. After your trial period has expired, you will be able to check out BINGE with one of three different BINGE plans.

A Basic subscription costs $10 per month and allows you to stream in Standard Definition on one device. A Standard Plan is $14 per month and enables you to enjoy in standard or high definition on two devices. The BINGE Premium Plan ($18 per month) is the last alternative, allowing you to stream on up to four screens/devices in SD or HD. BINGE plans are all ad-free. All three plans are subject to cancellation at any time.

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Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls with Foxtel Now

You can also watch the show when you sign up for a free 10-day trial with Foxtel Now. This package also offers the opportunity to watch shows online and on the go via the Foxtel Go app. After your free trial period expires, the Foxtel Now base pack called Essentials pack is only $25 per month.

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Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls on Telstra

Alternatively, you can watch every episode of the show with Foxtel or BINGE Telstra offers. Foxtel from Telstra (including Foxtel Now from Telstra) offers the exact same programming as a standard Foxtel service but is often available at a reduced monthly cost. With every Foxtel from Telstra offer you can also stream the series on the move using the Foxtel Go app. The BINGE Telstra offer gives you the first three months of your subscription absolutely free when you sign up via Telstra!

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The Sex Lives of College Girls Trailer

Want a glimpse of what the show is all about? Check out the trailer below.

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Streaming devices for BINGE and Foxtel

Here is a list of compatible devices that you can use to stream The Sex Lives of College Girls with BINGE, Foxtel and Foxtel Now.

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