How to Watch Doom Patrol in Australia

Doom Patrol main cast

Crazy Jane, Elasti-Woman, Negative Man, Robotman, and Cyborg return to our screens as super-powered outcasts in Doom Patrol Season 3. This series is a far cry from some of the lighter DC shows of late and explores a darker, more physiological side of the famous comic book franchise. Find out how to watch every episode of Doom Patrol Season 3 here.

Doom Patrol Season 3 TV Preview

In Doom Patrol Season 2, the Chief’s daughter, Dorothy Spinner, discovers the repercussions of misusing her powers the hard way. Her ability to bring imaginary creatures into the real world resulted in the unleashing of an ancient entity known as the Candlemaker.

The second season ended on a cliffhanger, with Dorothy deciding to deal with the monster head-on, on her own, after the Doom Patrol were turned into living candles by the Candlemaker. Season 3 begins with this face-off and it’s bound to cause much devastation and loss to the group. The arrival of Madame Rouge (Michelle Gomez) in a time machine in the third season also signals a new path for each member.

Although there is plenty of action sequences to keep fans of the genre happy, this series is about so much more. The characters are broken down and each member is studied, and we discover that superpowers come with major expectations and heavy mental burdens. We can also see a story of resolve and strength in these characters as they strive to make a difference in a world that shuns them. Find out what happens to Robotman, Rita Farr, Victor Stone, Larry Trainor, the Chief/Niles Caulder, and the rest of the group when Doom Patrol returns for a brand new installment.

The main cast includes Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) as Cliff Steele, Diane Guerrero (Jane the Virgin) as Crazy JaneApril Bowlby (DC Legends of Tomorrow) as Elasti-Woman, Matt Bomer (The Sinner) as Negative Man, Joivan Wade (EastEnders) as Cyborg, and Timothy Dalton (Penny Dreadful) as the Chief/Dr. Caulder. The much anticipated Doom Patrol Season 3 is coming soon to Australia. Find out how to stream new episodes below.

Doom Patrol S3Release DateProviders
Episode 1Sept 23rdFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 2Sept 23rdFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 3Sept 23rdFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 4Sept 30thFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 5Oct 7thFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 6Oct 14thFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 7Oct 21stFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 8Oct 28thFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 9Nov 4thFoxtel/Foxtel Now
Episode 10Nov 11thFoxtel/Foxtel Now

Doom Patrol Season 3 cast:

  • Brendan FraserRobotman aka Cliff Steele
  • Matt Bomer – Negative Man aka Larry Trainor
  • April Bowlby – Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr
  • Diane Guerrero – Crazy Jane
  • Joivan Wade – Cyborg aka Victor Stone
  • Timothy Dalton – Niles Caulder aka The Chief 
  • Abigail Shapiro – Dorothy Spinner
  • Michelle Gomez – Madame Rouge 

Which providers show Doom Patrol Seasons 1-2

This HBO Max superhero series is a fascinating one and an original breakout material in the DC universe. Every character is explored and the entire group is examined in the way members cope with trauma and tragedy. It’s great for streaming, and if you haven’t yet seen it you’re in for a real treat. It’s no wonder the audience from many parts of the world like it. Check out previous seasons of the series and the provider they’re on before watching the latest episodes of Doom Patrol using the guide below.

ProviderDoom Patrol Seasons 1-2
FoxtelSeasons 1-2
Foxtel NowSeasons 1-2
Foxtel from TelstraSeasons 1-2
BINGESeasons 1-2
Apple TVSeasons 1-2
Fetch TVSeasons 1-2
Google PlaySeason 1
Amazon PrimeNo

How to Watch Doom Patrol Season 3?

Doom Patrol Season 3 will air on HBO Max and will be available to watch on-demand after that. Here in Australia, you can watch Doom Patrol on FOX8, which can be accessed via Foxtel, Foxtel Now, and Foxtel from Telstra, the same day as the US. To watch with a Standard or HD TV, you have several choices, including subscribing to the Foxtel Plus pack to access over 50 channels of entertainment, drama, lifestyle, docos, and so much more exciting content for an excellent streaming service experience. There is no Doom Patrol S3 free-to-air broadcaster in Australia. The series premieres with three episodes on September 23, exclusively on FOX8. You can also watch Doom Patrol online free with these options below.

Stream Doom Patrol with Foxtel Now

You also have the option to stream Doom Patrol Season 3 online if you sign up to Foxtel Now, which currently comes with a  free trial service. This option also includes the ability to stream TV shows and other content using the Foxtel Go app. FOX8 comes as part of the Essentials Base pack which costs only $25 per month after your free trial has ended. Don’t miss its new season premiere this September 23rd, 2021.

Foxtel Now

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Watch Doom Patrol with Telstra

Alternatively, you can watch every episode of Doom Patrol with Foxtel or BINGE Telstra offers. Foxtel from Telstra (including Foxtel Now from Telstra) offers the exact same programming as a standard Foxtel service but is often available at a reduced monthly cost. With every Foxtel from Telstra offer, you won’t have to miss each new episode of Doom Patrol anywhere by using the Foxtel Go app. The BINGE Telstra offer gives you the first three months absolutely free, while the Foxtel Now Telstra offer lets you stream Foxtel Now for one month, also free!

Foxtel Now from Telstra FREE Trial Offer

Start your 1 month free trial with Foxtel Now from Telstra. Simply add Foxtel Now to your existing Telstra bill for only $25/mth (after free trial), no contract, cancel anytime.

Stream Doom Patrol with BINGE

You can stream Doom Patrol with a BINGE free trial. After that, a Basic subscription costs $10 per month and allows you to watch in Standard Definition on one device. A Standard Plan is $14 per month and enables you to watch in standard or high definition on two devices. The BINGE Premium Plan ($18 per month) is the last alternative, allowing you to watch on up to four screens/devices in SD or HD.

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Other TV Shows on Foxtel and BINGE

Doom Patrol and its members of unlikely heroes make for exciting content but there’s always more to explore. Streaming services like the Foxtel Now and BINGE library is home to a huge range of  TV Shows and Movies for all tastes and ages. From drama and action to kids’ TV and documentaries, you’re never short of something to watch.

New titles are added each and every week to these services so the choice is never an issue. These include hits like The Undoing, Gossip Girl, and The Walking Dead. We have made a few more suggestions when it comes to what’s on Foxtel below.

Streaming devices for Doom Patrol

Here is a list of compatible devices that you can use to stream Doom Patrol with Foxtel, Foxtel Now, and BINGE.

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