How to Stream Foxtel Now Free to Your TV for Two Months!

Watch Foxtel Now Free

In the era of free trials, consumers are spoiled with tons of special offers when signing up to a new service. This applies for Foxtel Now as well. So whether you’re a new or existing subscriber, there are several ways to enjoy Foxtel Now free for a limited time. We break them down below.

We’ll say this from the start: Foxtel Now is a paid streaming service. That means that you do need to shell out some cash for the content you want to watch, regardless of the channel packs you choose. However, there are several tempting offers one can take advantage of when subscribing to Foxtel Now. But first, let’s talk about how the service works.

Foxtel Now offers five base channel packs and two premium ones. Each pack contains several channels you can browse here. You can watch content both live and on demand – but the content available to you will depend on what packs you subscribe to. For instance, you won’t have access to any Drama content if you’re only subscribed to the Docos pack.

The base packs are Lifestyle, Docos, Kids, Drama, and Pop. The first three cost $10/month each. Drama and Pop are $15/month each or $25/month both. Next, the premium packs are Sports ($29/month) and Movies ($20). The only catch? You can only get a premium pack if you already have a base pack. So if you want to watch sports live, you will have to also subscribe to one of the five started packs available, bringing your monthly cost to at least $39.

There is no installation process involved. You simply create an account on the Foxtel Now website and start watching instantly. You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime. You can also modify your subscription is you want to add or remove channel packs. There are several devices compatible with Foxtel Now – PCs/Macs, mobile devices, Telstra TV, PS4, Chromecast, and, more recently, the Foxtel Now box.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s see how you can enjoy Foxtel Now completely free of charge.

Find out your Streaming TV options

Before signing up, make sure to check this guide on all pay & streaming TV options from Foxtel & other providers to get your favourite sports, TV, & more.

Enjoy Foxtel Now free with a two-week trial

This is the most obvious choice. As most streaming services, Foxtel Now offers a free trial you can take advantage to for two weeks. During this interval, you have access to all the Foxtel Now channel packs, regardless of which ones you picked to be part of your subscription. You can basically experience everything Foxtel Now has to offer. And if you cancel before your two free weeks are up, you don’t pay a dime. However, if you don’t, you will be charged for the packs you choose once your free trial expires. This offer is available to new customers.

Get Foxtel Now free for two months with the Foxtel Now box

The recently released Foxtel Now box is a slick and handy device that allows you to not only stream Foxtel Now to your TV, but also enjoy some appealing side bonuses. You get access to free-to-air TV, YouTube, and Stan (if you have a subscription), as well as apps from the Google Play Store. There’s also a Chromecast built-in. For more info, read our Foxtel Now box review.

What’s that got to do with free Foxtel Now? Well, with every box purchase, you get the service free for two months as long as you purchase the box from the Foxtel website. Every channel pack.

Even better, the offer is available for both new and existing customers. If you’re new, you will have to change your subscription to include only the channel packs you want before the two months expire. If you’re an existing customer, the offer takes effect within 48hrs and the monthly fee after the two months will revert back to your selected packs unless you make any changes during the offer period.

The box costs only $99 – a very affordable price for such a powerful little device. The offer is available until the end of January.

Stream Foxtel Now free with a Telstra Mobile or Broadband contract

Thinking about changing mobile or broadband providers? Signing up with Telstra can bring you a free Foxtel Now subscription for an entire year. Selected broadband and mobile plans now come with free Foxtel Now – and you can choose up to three starter packs, depending on the plan you pick.

For mobile, free Foxtel Now is available to new Telstra clients who get L and above contract plans. The SIM-only L plan, which costs $79/month, comes with one free Foxtel Now starter pack. The XL plan, at $99/month, offers two Foxtel Now starter packs. Both plans are available on a 12-month contract.

As for phone plans, you can enjoy one free Foxtel Now starter packs with the M ($79/month) and L ($99/month) options. You get two starter packs with the XL plan ($129/month) and three Foxtel Now base packs with XXL ($149/month) and Premium ($199) plans. Compare Telstra Mobile plans here.

Tablet plans also bring you a free Foxtel Now subscription. You get one starter pack with the L plan and two with the XL option – whether you decide to buy a device from Telstra or bring your own.

Telstra broadband customers who opt for 24-month plans are also spoiled with free Foxtel Now. The Entertainment plan comes with a free Telstra TV and three months of one Foxtel Now starter pack. The Entertainment Plus plan lets you choose between two bonuses: the Telstra TV + Foxtel Now (for 12 months in this case) and Foxtel from Telstra. Compare Telstra broadband here.

All in all, depending on your particular needs, there are a few ways to enjoy Foxtel Now free for a limited time. There’s no reason not to give the platform a try and see if it’s for you.


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