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  • Netflix to Launch in Australia in March 2015 - How to get Netflix

    Movie and TV streaming service Netflix has finally announced its long awaited launch in Australia and New Zealand in March 2015. Consumers in Australia and New Zealand with broadband connections will be able to subscribe to the service and and instantly watch a broad selection of movies and popular TV shows.
  • Foxtel programming in 2015

    Here is the list of the new programs and seasons available on Foxtel in 2015
  • Bernard Hopkins vs. Kovalev Pay Per View Preview and Show Times

    In what is being dubbed as potentially one of the best nights in recent Boxing history, the ageless Bernard Hopkins will take on Sergey Kovalev in the US on November 24 for the Light Heavyweight title.
  • 2015: StreamCo gearing up for battle in On Demand Streaming

    The entertainment space in Australia has never looked better for subscribers. In the VoD space, with speculation about Netflix plans to officially enter Australia in 2005, most major media companies are gearing up to battle it out for the control of Australian on demand streaming. Quickflix and Presto are trying to leverage their early movers’ advantage. Hoping to grab a piece of the cake before things heat up too much, Nine and Fairfax recently announced their joint venture for video-on-demand services, StreamCo.
  • Get Spooked with Presto!

    With Halloween just around the corner, Presto decided to spice things up a bit for their subscribers. To help subscribers get into the mood for Halloween and conjure up those ghosts and spirits, Presto compiled a line up of the best spine thrillers. These include the likes The Conjuring, Evil Dead, Halloween, You’re Next and other classic haunting movies. Check out the full list here. Though we do recommend you don’t watch them alone!
  • How to Win Free Tickets to 2014 British Film Festival: Quickflix

    Quickflix is currently running a promotion where you can score free tickets to the 2014 British Film Festival in Australia by simply telling them the name of your favourite British film, and why you enjoyed it so much.
  • Presto turns up the heat with Frozen

    Presto just turned up the heat a notch with its recent announcement that one of the biggest animation films of all time, Frozen, is now available for subscribers. This is a welcome addition to the many other new titles Presto has recently added to its offerings. It solidifies Presto’s position as a premium entertainment streaming service in Australia.
  • Foxtel's popular New Shows fresh from the US season

    With two of the hottest shows – The Flash and Jane the Virgin in its kitty, Foxtel viewers are sure to be enthralled this fall season. Both the shows are slated to be part of the FOX8 HD channel bouquet by December.
  • Foxtel Play now available on XBox One

    Just in tune with the EB Games Expo concluded last week at the Sydney Olympic Park, Foxtel recently announced it plans to bring Foxtel Play to the Xbox One. This is bound to be great news for Xbox Owners allowing them to access the wide range of entertainment that Foxtel Play brings, all with the easy access of native, cutting edge entertainment features of the Xbox One.
  • Netflix finally lets you control what you share on Facebook

    Find out how to link your Netflix account to your Facebook account without making your entire viewing history public.
  • Foxtel Boxsets

    Foxtel is launching an exciting new channel called Foxtel Boxsets on the 3rd of November this year. The channel is targeted at Australians that are getting on the binge-watching bandwagon and like to watch their favorite shows in back-to-back marathon sessions.
  • Foxtel Announce Slashed Pricing: Revolutionary Offer for Pay TV

    In a move that could change the face of subscription TV in Australia, Foxtel has just announced major changes in its package and pricing plans. In a move that’s clearly an early Christmas for subscribers, come November, Foxtel’s new Entertainment pack rates will be slashed by half!
  • Content range on Netflix

    The amazing content Netflix has managed to collect, in many cases with exclusive rights from media houses in US and Europe, make it the first choice for viewers.
  • Is Netflix really coming to Australia?

    Over the last few years, theres been a lot of hype around whether or not American giant Netflix will enter the Australian market to no avail. However, within the last month industry insiders have confirmed that the company’s plans to include Australia as one of its next destinations is on their radar.
  • Foxtel reality TV show 'The Recruit' will end with an AFL draft

    Officials of the AFL has scheduled an official draft meeting in September for a Foxtel reality show in which the winner will be listed as a ''category B'' rookie a club's rookie list. The meeting will be shown live as the final episode for The Recruit, in which 50 players are progressively reduced to a final three with the winner, guaranteed a position on a club list as a rookie.

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