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It’s a good month to tune in to new and returning hit shows on Australia’s very own streaming service, Stan. Despite being neck and neck with Netflix, Stan has managed to hold its ground with a wide range of exclusive shows like Younger, Preacher, and the latest Veronica Mars reboot. On top of that, Stan has also come up with original shows that have become highly acclaimed upon their release, which includes Power, Bloom, No Activity, Romper Stomper, and many more.

Every month, Stan releases a list of new shows from the US, as well as some originally produced content. Good news is, you won’t have to guess which shows and movies you can stream right now since we’ve already come up with a list of trending shows and movies that will be available to stream this month.

Here are some of the most popular and current original productions exclusive to Stan:

  • Wolf Creek
  • Power
  • Romper Stomper
  • Being Silly
  • Will Anderson – Fire at Wil
  • Tom Gleeson – Great
  • Sam Simmons – Stop being silly
  • No Activity (U.S.)
  • Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Power – Top Pick on Stan

Is Angela really dead? Will Ghost have his revenge? Will he get even with Tommy? Will he get the Queens Child Project built? And will he finally escape his criminal past, despite the FBI closing in? Prepare yourself for more earth-shattering betrayal in the final season of the acclaimed criminal drama series Power, only on Stan. It’s going to be a big one this month with the sixth and final season of Power.

Preacher and much more shows

If you’re looking for a more thrilling ride, then Preacher’s new and final season should do it as well.. Other returning and continuing shows this month include The Loudest Voice, City On A Hill, Younger, Sweetbitter, The Rook, and more.

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Still want more TV? We’ve reviewed Australia’s leading streaming providers to help you choose which service would give you the shows you want to stream whenever and wherever. Whether you’re a drama fan, reality TV junkie, or a sports head, there’s a streaming provider ready to cater to your TV needs. For more, check out the video below.

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