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Last updated January 28th, 2021

World-famous channel hayu is your one-stop source for everything reality television. The streaming platform launched in Australia in 2016, letting reality TV fans watch their favourite reality shows whenever and wherever they want. The service provides a lot of content. You can stream shows the same day as the US or binge-watch old faves at your leisure. It’s a niche service that entered the competitive streaming market at a very low price – just $6.99/month!

What makes hayu unique?

Firstly, it’s the heavy focus on reality based TV shows. Top shows on hayu include Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Love and Hip-Hop, and instalments from the Real Housewives franchise.

Moreover, the service makes it easy to share moments from your shows on social media thanks to their Snippets section. Here, they offer funny/shocking short clips from various series and allow users to share them directly via the app.

You can also stay on top of everything reality TV via the Stories section. Or even connect with your favourite stars! The cast of each show is listed on the show’s page, with direct links to the stars’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Get hayu’s free trial offer!

Start streaming the hottest reality shows on TV with new releases express from the US with hayu’s free trial offer. Only pay $6.99 thereafter.

Everything you need to know about hayu…

hayu Plans

  • One Price – just $6.99/month – You can register up to five devices on your account and stream on one device at a time.

Access via

  • You can watch hayu on desktops, laptops, iOS & Android smartphones & tablets, Apple TV, Fetch TV and Amazon’s Fire TV stick.

How much does hayu cost?

Unlike some other streaming TV providers, hayu offers just the one price tier. For just $6.99 per month, you can watch everything they have to offer. No added extras, no hidden costs. You can even enjoy a free trial to test the platform and browse their extensive content library. And there’s no lock-in contract — you can cancel your hayu subscription at any time.

How much data will hayu use?

Most episodes on hayu are between 42-44 minutes in length. Generally speaking, streaming videos burns around 3GB per hour for HD quality and anywhere between 700MB-1GB per hour for SD quality. For mobile data connections, the hayu apps use adaptive streaming technology, which means the service works out what is appropriate for your connection speed. On WiFi, hayu will deliver the best video quality available, depending on what your broadband connection can handle.

What devices are compatible with hayu?

hayu is available on via your web browser — meaning you can watch it on most macs and PCs. You can also use hayu apps available on mobile devices (iOS10 and up, Android 4.4 and up) to get your reality fix on the go. hayu also says that they’re working on building out support for their partner platforms. At the moment this includes Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle Fire, Fetch TV, and Telstra TV. You can even stream hayu content over Airplay and Chromecast — they’re built into the apps!

Contact hayu

To contact or get in touch with hayu’s support team, simply visit their website by clicking the button below or email them on support@hayu.com.

hayu Review – Reality TV Gets Serious!

It may have come from humble beginnings, but reality TV is big business in the 21st century, with dozens upon dozens of shows — and their spin-offs — loyally followed by millions of fans every week. The problem for Australian reality fans up until now has been actually finding these shows — some are buried in late-night TV listings, some are only available on Foxtel, and some are never seen here at all. hayu changed all that, with a streaming service dedicated only to reality TV, top to bottom, up to date and on demand.

What’s on hayu

Have you just signed up for hayu’s free trial offer and finding it hard to choose from the thousands of hours of wall-to-wall reality TV you’ve got in front of you? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Whether it’s the glamourous life of Below Deck or the powerful personalities of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there’s always something new to watch on hayu – and we’re here to keep you up to date on the best new shows every month! Head on over to our regularly updated guide to the best of what’s new on hayu and find your next obsession!

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