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Main Event on Kayo Sports

Kayo's streaming-based access to Main Event is the best way to watch pay-per-view, with no subscription needed and full Kayo access included.

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Review was updated on 24 November, 2020

For many years, the only way to watch premium pay-per-view events – including top-tier-boxing, UFC and WWE – was to either have a Foxtel subscription or head to a pub that was showing the fight on the night. Now, though, you can access any event you like with no hassle and no subscription – because Main Event has come to Kayo Sports.

Main Event on Kayo Review

Since it launched a couple of years ago, Kayo Sports has proven to be a huge hit with sports fans across Australia. Not only has it made it easy to access a huge range of premium sports at a flat monthly price, but it’s meant that for the first time, a pay TV subscription and installation hasn’t been needed to watch your favourite sporting codes.

Kayo took things a lot further, too, with a load of unique features that you can’t get on pay TV – such as split screen (where you can have four camera views of selected events at once, or just watch up to four sports you want to keep track of), live stats, Key Moments for fast access to on-demand highlights and much more.

The one piece missing from the Kayo puzzle was access to the big-ticket events that are reserved for pay-per-view on satellite and cable. The Main Event channel – running for over 20 years now – has been the only source of some of the biggest events on the boxing, UFC and WWE calendars. From the legendary 2006 Mundine Vs Green fight to the recent Horn Vs Tszyu bout and international events like Tyson Vs Jones Jr, Main Event has been the place to go to get your ticket to the action. And now, you can access Main Event on Kayo as well, via one-time payments for each event with no subscription needed.

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Main Event on Kayo Highlights

  • No subscription fee
  • Pay for the events you want 
  • Full access to Kayo Sports for the duration of your event
  • Devices: Apple TV, Telstra TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast with Google TV, iOS/Android phones & tablets, web browsers
  • Support: Online only (web form)

What Makes Main Event on Kayo Unique

The key thing that’s made pay-per-view events difficult to access for some fans has always been the need to have a pay TV subscription active before you can buy access to the event. With the arrival of Main Event on Kayo, that’s no longer a problem. You don’t even need to have an active Kayo subscription – you can simply order and pay for your chosen event, download the Kayo app on your favourite device, and stream it live in full HD without hassles.

You get more than that, though. When you buy access to an event, you don’t just get to stream it live – you can replay it on demand for the whole duration of the event access period. How long that is depends on the individual event, but you’ll typically get several days of access to your stream – plus full access to all of what Kayo Sports has to offer, both live and on demand. That’s substantial extra value compared to buying an event on conventional pay TV platforms.

What Sports are on Main Event on Kayo?

Since it launched in 1997, Main Event has been open to bringing Australians the best of premium sporting (and occasionally concert) events of many types. But these days, you’re likely to find Main Event your go-to destination for live coverage of the sports that everyone talks about:

  • International Boxing
  • Australian Boxing
  • UFC
  • WWE

How Much Does Main Event on Kayo Cost?

The pricing on each event on Main Event is set individually – as a pay-per-view service, there’s only the one single charge for access to the event for a specified time. With Main Event access via satellite or cable pay TV, you’ve already got your monthly bill to pay, and event access is an extra charge on top of that.

The great thing about Main Event on Kayo is that you only pay for the event – there’s no subscription charge. If you’re already a Kayo subscriber, that’s fine – your event access gets added to your account when you pay for it. But if you don’t subscribe to Kayo, you don’t need to – the event price includes full Kayo access for the duration. It’s easily the best-value and easiest way to watch pay-per-view events.

As a ballpark guide to what events cost, you’re looking at around $20-30 for WWE events, while the big-ticket boxing showdowns tend to sit around $50-60.

Kayo Sports

Stream Main Event PPVs via Kayo Sports

Watch and Stream Main Event PPVs Live via the Kayo Sports app. No Kayo Sports account required. Each separate card is charged as PPV.

Joseph Parker v Junior Fa

This one could quite possibly go down as the biggest fight in the history of Kiwi boxing. Joseph Parker has had to rebuild his career after back-to-back defeats against both Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte respectively. He’s itching to get back up to that elite level but first, he faces a tricky bout against undefeated compatriot Junior Fa.

These two will be out for domestic bragging rights in a fight that has New Zealand buzzing. Watch it all unfold, along with a mouthwatering undercard for just $29.95 on Friday, February 27th from 5.00pm. This event is not available via Kayo.


Watch Main Event with Foxtel

Gain access to every Pay-Per-View Main Event, including the upcoming heavyweight Boxing encounter between Joseph Parker and Junior Fa – with Foxtel!

Supported Devices

Now that Kayo is a mature, hugely popular platform, you have many options for streaming your events on it. The best choices are the dedicated streaming devices that support Kayo well. We’d recommend Apple TV, Telstra TV, and the new Chromecast with Google TV as the best options, with the latter a really affordable ($99) way of turning any TV into a full-loaded streaming machine. Owners of recent Samsung smart TVs also have a Kayo app right there on the TV.

Of course, you can also stream Kayo in any web browser on a desktop or laptop computer, or stream on an iOS or Android phone or tablet. If you’ve got a Chromecast Ultra already, then you can fling your event up on the big screen from one of those apps as well.

Main Event on Kayo – The Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Exclusive sport events only available via Main Event
  • Easy access via one-off payment
  • No Kayo subscription needed
  • High quality HD streaming
  • Full access to all of Kayo

The Gotchas

  • Can be expensive
  • No recording

Main Event on Kayo Summary: Big Events On Demand

Australia’s decades of pay TV have seen many huge sporting events broadcast live for a one-off price – but they’ve always only been available to those who already had a pay TV subscription. Kayo Sports’ integration of the Main Event channel with their already hugely popular home of all things sport means that for the first time, these events are open to everyone, regardless of where you are, whether you want to watch at home or on the go – and even if you don’t care to subscribe to any ongoing services at all.

Making Main Event access separate from the base Kayo subscription plans is a brilliant decision by the sports streamer, one that removes all barriers to premium pay-per-view streaming. But it also gives those pay-per-view customers a delicious taste of the full range of sporting goodness that Kayo has to offer – great value for the customers, to be sure, But also a glimpse into the future of sports viewing for people who might not have tried it before. It’s a win all round!

What People are Asking about Main Event on Kayo

  • Do I Need to Be a Kayo Subscriber to Buy Access to an Event?

No – the way Kayo has set up their Main Event access is to be as hassle-free as possible. You’ll only need to create a free Kayo account and pay for your event, and there won’t be any ongoing Kayo subscription charges unless you choose to subscribe.

  • Do I Get Access to All of Kayo?

Once you’ve paid for the event, you’ll have full access to all of Kayo Sports – all the live sports streams, and all on-demand content. That access continues until several days after your event has finished.

  • Can I Watch the Event on Replay After It’s Over?

Yes – you’ll be able to stream your event on demand immediately after it’s finished, and for several days afterwards. The exact date that you have access until is specified when you pay for an event – and up till that date, you’ll be able to watch your event as much as you like, as well as anything else on Kayo.

  • How Do I Watch Main Event on Kayo on a TV?

The best way to stream Kayo – including Main Event streams – is by using one of the streaming devices that have a Kayo app available. Apple TV, Telstra TV and Chromecast with Google TV are all great choices that will also let you stream from many other services including Netflix. Alternatively, you can cast the stream from your phone or tablet with a Chromecast Ultra on your TV, or use the built-in Kayo app on recent Samsung smart TVs and Sony Android TVs.

  • Why Does Kayo Want Me to Sign Up Again to Watch Main Event?

Because all events on Main Event are one-off payments with no subscription required, you’re asked to enter payment details separate from an existing Kayo account if you already have one. This is done so that everyone can pay to stream the event, whether or not they’re a Kayo subscriber. It won’t affect your regular Kayo subscription price, and you’ll only ever be charged once per Main Event that you purchase access to.

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