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Fetch TV

The one box that does it all is a top-notch PVR, streaming device and pay TV access portal

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The proclaimed ‘box that does it all’ is a top-notch PVR streaming device, and pay TV access portal that’s priced incredibly well. If you watch free TV and stream, Fetch is for you.

Updated September 14, 2020

Fetch TV Mini and Mighty Review

Watching TV shouldn’t be a chore, but it becomes a chore for one reason. You’ve got your traditional Free-to-air (FTA) channels. You’ve got your new-ish FTA digital channels — plus the FTA catch-up services. Then there are your SVOD choices — Netflix, Stan, 10 All Access, hayu, Prime Video, etc. Plus there’s a huge range of premium channels. And then the videos you have stored at home. And let’s not forget YouTube.

Then there’s figuring out where you can watch each one. Some you can only stream to your laptop, so you have to find a way to connect that to a bigger screen. Others you have to cast from your phone. And others you have to download, move it to a USB drive, and plug that into the TV — only to find that the format isn’t supported.

What Makes Fetch TV Different?

You may have already heard of Fetch TV. You can find it in Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, next to the TiVo and the Chromecast. Or you may have seen it bundled with broadband packs from leading ISPs. But the new generation of Fetch TVs look set to blow the competition out of the water. It’s not just the technology, it’s not just the content, it’s the thoughtful way these two have been put together that makes Fetch TV stand out.

Fetch TV does an exceptional job of collating all your viewing options and making them available on your big screen. But while some services stop there, Fetch TV goes beyond that by letting you choose where you watch — and makes it easy to do so.

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What Does Fetch TV Deliver?

Fetch TV gives you access to all FTA options, all digital channels, plus the online catch-up services, all in one place. You can pause and rewind these FTA shows with ease, and the Mighty will also let you record up to 585 hours of SD content.

You can also access online content such as YouTube, Nasa TV, and WikiTV direct on your big screen.

Want premium TV series? The TV Store lets you buy single episodes or entire seasons of your favourite shows. Popular titles include Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. The TV Store is available to all customers.

What about movies? Get over 8,000 of the latest blockbusters to watch whenever with the Movie Store. That’s every new release title from all Hollywood studios, plus more. Titles include big hits like Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star Is Born, and they are yours to buy or rent for a price. You can stream them directly or download them to a mobile device for remote viewing on the go.

How about your current SVOD subscriptions? Fetch TV draws them all in, with a unique and instantly navigable app that makes viewing a pleasure. It supports Stan and Netflix, and takes almost no time to set up.

What about other premium services? For only $6/month Fetch TV will deliver premium channels tailored to your interests, built into four packages: Kids, Knowledge, Vibe, and Variety. You can also get all the four packs for $20/month. Then, channels available will cross a wide range of viewing needs, including entertainment, news, sports, music, and kids. Recognisable names include ESPN, TLC, National Geographic Channel, Comedy Central, MTV, CNN and more.

What does Fetch TV offer?

  • Boomerang
  • Nickelodeon
  • National Geographic
  • BBC World News
  • Comedy Central
  • ESPN
  • MTV
  • Universal Channel
  • BBC First
  • TLC
  • National Geographic
  • BBC First
  • Comedy Central

Fetch also offers the Movie Box feature, which delivers 30 pre-selected rental movies available to watch as many times as you want. The movies are available on a 30-day rotation, where one movie is switched out and a new one taking its place each day. Movie Box is included in the Starter Pack for Optus, Dodo, iPrimus, and iiNet customers. Retail customers can add Movie Box for $1/month.

For special interests, Fetch TV offers beIN Sports, Eurosport, UFC, and Horse & Country, each for a monthly rate. Customers who sign up for Fetch TV through Optus can also add on Optus Sports for access to the Premier League games. You can add Hillsong and ACC to your subscription for free.


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What international content does Fetch TV offer?

Fetch TV has World TV packs available for $9.95 to $19.95/month. Currently, these include Taj Mahal, Pinoy, TVB Cantonese & Korean, Chinese, and Italian.

Fetch TV also offers hayu, the specialised reality TV streaming service, to its collection of supported services. hayu delivers over 250 reality shows directly — same day as the US — and you can read our hayu review here. Newly added streaming apps available on Fetch are 10 All Access and Prime Video.

When it comes to sports, the local sporting favourites are licensed to one or two key providers – Sky and Fox Sports. Fetch TV offers ESPN and ESPN2 as part of its Vibe Pack. This covers a lot of the international basics. Fetch TV also offers beIN Sports, which covers UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and La Liga. And customers who sign up for Fetch TV through Optus can access Optus Sport, which covers the Premier League. Plus you can watch other sporting events through FTA services as they become available. However, when it comes to Australian games, then Fetch TV does not offer a broad selection.

The Fetch TV User Experience

The Mighty is a home entertainment beast. It does it all. It aims to claim that coveted HDMI1 socket on the big LCD HDTV in your lounge room. And it has the features to make it happen.

These include a 1TB hard drive that lets you record up to 585 hours of SD programming, as well as four tuners. Which means you can record up to six programs while watching a seventh. And if something happens while you’re watching? Just pause or rewind.

You can download your purchased content to this device, and then stream it to your TV, tablet, or smartphone.

Purchased outright, Fetch TV Mighty will cost you $449 RRP. It is also available through select ISPs included in selected broadband bundles, or at a monthly cost starting from $15/month.

The Mini is the high-powered, low-cost alternative. It can access the same content, but lacks recording and 4K capabilities. However, its lower price point makes it an attractive option.

It can access all of the same content as the Mighty, and is set to compete directly with similar SVOD products like Apple TV and Telstra TV.

The RRP for the Fetch TV Mini is $169. You can buy the Mini from Harvey Norman, Domayne, Joyce Mayne or JB Hi-Fi stores. It is also included in select bundles or can be added as a bolt on.

Broadband + TV Bundle Plans

Telstra TV + 500GB Data
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • Telstra TV + 500GB Data
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 20Mbps Standard Evening
  • 500GB Data
  • NBN 25™ Fixed Line
  • 10,000 Telstra Plus Bonus Points
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • $84/mth
Min Cost - $2,016 when you stay connected for 24 months, and may change if the month-to-month plan price changes.

Telstra TV + Unlimited Data
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • Telstra TV + Unlimited Data
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 40Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • 10,000 Telstra Plus Bonus Points
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • $99/mth
Min Cost - $2,376 when you stay connected for 24 months, and may change if the month-to-month plan price changes.

Last audited 14 September 2020

How to Use Fetch TV?

It’s great when things just work. Sure, both the Mighty and the Mini are compelling on their own, but put them together with Fetch TVs mobile apps and slick GUI and you really start getting the best use from your TVs and your internet connection.

The user interface is slick, clean and responsive. Fetch TV presents your viewing options via its snappy, intuitive interface. You won’t get lost navigating between stores, catch-up services, and viewing apps. It’s all very clean and navigable. And you won’t get bored waiting for a screen to load either. During testing, everything loaded in scant seconds. No hanging or loading timeouts (unlike some other well-known but best-left-unmentioned products).

But the integration doesn’t stop there. Fetch TV has put a lot of thought into how people want to watch their content, and then made it happen:

  • Recorded a show on the Mighty, but want to watch it on the TV in your bedroom? No problem. Just stream it to the Mini unit attached to that TV.
  • Need to step into the kitchen but want to keep watching your show? Just watch it on the app on your preferred hand-held device.
  • Going on a trip and not sure that you’ll have Wi-Fi? Just download your favourite purchases to your tablet or smartphone.
  • Taking a call and the TV noise is too loud? Turn down the volume remotely using the mobile app.
  • Like a show and don’t want to miss a moment. Fetch TV’s smart series tag will record every episode. And you can even do this via the TV or mobile app.

How to Bundle Your Broadband + Streaming TV

What devices is Fetch TV compatible with?

Fetch TV subscribers need a broadband connection that offers a minimum of 3mbp/s. You need a fast, reliable connection — which can be hard to come by in some areas. And with 4K streaming available, you may also need lots of data. Fetch TV supports High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) which can help keep usage down. Fetch TV is often bundled with unlimited broadband packages as well, which makes this factor irrelevant. But if you’re a heavy watcher on a metered plan, you might want to consider switching to a broadband pack that suits your needs.

Is Fetch TV Right for Me?

The short answer is “yes”.

The slightly longer answer is yes, but there are several cases where Fetch TV will stand out from the rest.

You want a simple viewing ecosystem.

This is for people who already use SVOD services like Netflix and Stan, as well as the FTA channels and catch-up services, and maybe other online services like YouTube. And just want them all in one place, on demand, no fuss. Fetch TV just makes it all happen, and gives you more viewing options at the same time.

You need a new broadband connection.

Getting the Fetch TV Mighty or Mini bundled with broadband is a no brainer. You avoid a big down payment for the unit. You get the viewing basics, and you can get more with monthly subscription packs. And in most cases, this content won’t count towards your data limit — but check with your provider first!

What People Ask about Fetch TV

  • Do I Need a Technician to Install Fetch TV?

No – that’s the great thing about Fetch TV. The only installation needed it to connect it to your TV antenna and your internet via wi-fi or Ethernet, and that’s it – you’re good to go. It’s quick, simple, easy and you can take it with you if you move.

  • Can I Get Foxtel Now on Fetch TV?

No – and you most likely never will. Fetch is, in many ways, a direct competitor to Foxtel and Foxtel Now, providing a pay TV set top box but using broadband internet to deliver channels. If you’re keen to try Foxtel Now, we’d recommend picking up either the Foxtel Now box or the Telstra TV 3.

  • Can I Get Kayo on Fetch TV?

No – as a Foxtel company, Kayo is unlikely to ever be made available as a Fetch TV app, a side effect of the competition between the two companies. For Kayo access on a TV, we’d recommend either the Apple TV 4 or the Telstra TV 3, both superb devices for Kayo and many other streaming services. If you’d rather not spend too much, though, Google’s Chromecast does the trick in conjunction with your smartphone.

  • Are Any Streaming Subscriptions Included?

No – it’s up to you to subscribe to the streaming services you want to use on the Fetch box – and of course, you can bring your existing subscriptions and start streaming Netflix, Prime Video, hayu, Stan and others on your new Fetch box.

  • Can I Record on Fetch TV?

Yes, absolutely – as long as you have the Fetch Mighty box. That powerful device lets you record multiple channels at the same time. The Fetch Mini doesn’t allow recording at all, but contains a small amount of memory so that you can pause live TV for up to around half an hour, or rewind and replay as needed. You can also browse and stream recordings from a Fetch Mighty on the same home network.

  • How Many Channels Can the Fetch Mighty Record at Once?

The Mighty is one of the most powerful video recorders on the market, able to record up to six channels at once while you watch a seventh. You’ll never miss a show again!

  • Can I Use a Second Hand Fetch TV Box?

Fetch recommends that you avoid buying a second hand box, because the previous owner will likely have registered it to their account and ISP, and that can’t be changed. If the seller bought their box outright from a retailer, then you can use the box – but you’d want to be 100% sure or you’ll end up with an expensive paperweight!

  • Can I Use Fetch TV With Telstra?

Yes – if you purchase a Fetch Mini or Mighty outright at a retailer, you can use it with an broadband provider once you’ve got the box set up and activated. Of course, a broadband plan with unlimited data is almost mandatory, since Fetch’s channels all work via continuous broadband streaming.

  • Can I Watch Fetch TV on My Phone?

Yes! Fetch has a free app for both iOS and Android that you can download and pair with your Fetch box. Then you’ll be able to stream TV from it – including your recordings – anywhere you are. You can also download purchased or rented shows and movies to your phone to watch later without using precious mobile data.

  • Can You Get HBO on Fetch TV?

No – the rights to HBO in Australia are owned by Foxtel, so you’ll find HBO’s shows there as well as on their on-demand streaming service Binge. You can still purchase HBO shows from the Fetch TV store, though.

  • Is Disney Plus Coming to Fetch TV?

While it’s a case of “never say never,” Disney doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring their app to Fetch TV for the time being.

  • Can You Use Fetch TV Without Internet?

You can use Fetch’s Mighty and Mini without an internet connection to watch free-to-air broadcasts and recordings, but only for a few days. After that you’ll see a message that the box is locked, and you’ll need to connect it to the internet to keep using it.

  • Does Fetch TV Use Internet Data?

Yes – all of Fetch’s premium channels are delivered via broadband internet streaming, so they use data for as long as you watch them. Of course, other apps such as Netflix also use data. We’d recommend a broadband plan with unlimited data if you’re going to use Fetch TV.

  • How Much Data Does Fetch TV Use?

If you’re getting Fetch TV via an internet provider like iPrimus or Dodo, you don’t need to worry about data usage – it’s only available on unlimited-data plans. If you’re buying the Fetch box yourself, it’s best to use it on an unlimited plan to avoid excess charges, since all Fetch premium channels are delivered via streaming.

  • Can I Use the Fetch TV Box with Another Internet Provider?

If you get your Fetch box from a provider like Dodo or iPrimus, the box is only able to be used with their network – it’s a part of your internet plan. If you’re likely to switch internet providers in the future, the best option is to buy the box outright – Fetch boxes bought at retail work with any provider.

  • How Do I Get a Replacement Fetch Remote?

To order a replacement remote, sign into your Fetch account on their web site, head to “Account Settings” then “Hardware Replacement” and select “Remote Control”.

  • How Do You Add Apps to Fetch TV?

Unlike more conventional streaming boxes, you can’t add extra apps to your Fetch TV box – the apps are chosen and developed by Fetch and all are installed by default.

  • How Do You Reset the Fetch TV Box?

To restart your Fetch box, go into Settings and head to Device Info, then Options, and choose Fetch TV Box Restart. If you’re unable to access menus, try turning off power to the box, waiting 30 seconds then powering it up again.

  • How Do You Turn Off Subtitles on Fetch TV?

Turning subtitles off and on is easy – just press the Text button on your Fetch remote! It’s right above the Apps button.

  • How Do You Unlock a Fetch TV Box?

If you’ve purchased a Fetch box second hand and found that it’s locked, unfortunately there is no way to unlock it – it’s likely owned by the ISP that originally provided it.

  • How Do You Watch Free to Air TV on Fetch?

You need to make sure that the cable from your free-to-air antenna is plugged into the back of the Fetch box – then just scan for available channels during the initial setup of the box, and you’ll then find those channels in your Electronic Program Guide to watch and record.

  • What Channels Come with Fetch TV?

Unlike Foxtel, Fetch TV doesn’t come with any default channels. However, most ISPs that provide Fetch also give you a choice of one channel pack at no extra cost (and often, 30 free movies a month as well). You can look at the various channel packs and what they include – as well as the speciality channels available – on the Fetch web site.

  • Can I Play my Own Videos?

Yes you can – just plug a USB drive into the Fetch Mighty or Mini and play a wide range of different video, audio and even picture files. Or play your own media from anywhere on your home network.

  • Who Owns Fetch TV Australia?

While it’s an Australian company that’s operated for a decade now, Fetch TV is operated in partnership with Malaysian pay TV company Astro All Asia Networks.

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