Telstra TV 2 - Hands on Review of the Roku-Powered Streaming Device


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Telstra TV

The second generation Telstra TV is an easy to use and comprehensive streaming device.

Overall 84%

Updated 7th June, 2020

Ever since its launch, Telstra TV has stood out as one of the best and most popular streaming devices on the market. The tiny box is a one-stop solution to your streaming-service needs. It supports Netflix, Stan, YouTube and plenty more, as well as the best high definition Foxtel Now experience available. And now, Telstra TV 2 is ready to help you take your entertainment to the next level.

The Telstra TV was based on the Roku 2 box that was hugely popular in the US. It remains one of the most-used streaming devices on the market, but Roku developed that box quite some time ago. Since then, they’ve come up with newer and smarter models that improve on the device in almost every way.

Telstra wasn’t about to sit around and watch the box that bears their brand get outpaced by technology, of course. The Telstra TV 2 is a highly advanced device based on the Roku 4. It’s slimmer, faster, and far more capable than it’s already much-loved predecessor. But what can this Telstra TV do that the old one can’t?

What Does Telstra TV 2 Offer?

While the Telstra TV 2 is technically a Roku 4, it’s been customised especially for Telstra. As a result, not every feature from the Roku made it past customisation. The most notable omission is voice search. The supplied remote has no microphone, speaker or headphone jack, so searching can only be done by navigating the on-screen search menu. The reason for this is probably due to voice recognition limitations. As an American device, the Roku doesn’t play nice with the Australian accent! Also missing in action is the optical audio output on the back – not a deal-breaker in this age of “everything HDMI”, we think.

If you’ve used the first-generation Telstra TV, you’ll be familiar with its lack of a power button. The box is always powered up, 24/7. Telstra TV 2 has no power button either. But this time, it drops into a low-power mode after around 10 minutes of being left alone, then shuts off completely if not used for 4 hours. While it uses barely any power while idle anyway, it’s great to see the new box going further to keep your power bill as low as possible!

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What makes Telstra TV 2 Unique?

The updated Telstra TV interface is a big improvement, with extensive use of images that gives it a “Netflix-like” look and feel. Even the live TV guide is enhanced with photos from individual shows. It’s far more welcoming than the old interface, and so it should be. After all, this is going to be your home entertainment hub! Best of all, it’s easy to use and fast to navigate.

Understanding Telstra TV 2’s brand-new interface

All your entertainment is easily accessible on the new Telstra TV 2 home screen. Shows and movies are brought together from all the services you watch – streaming service Foxtel Now, Bigpond Movies, free-to-air catch-up and more. You get an overview of the stuff that’s available for you to dive into right when you get started. Plus, you also get recommendations based on what you’ve been watching, so you can sit down for a night of entertainment and be just a button press away from something new. All the apps you use are right there on the home screen too. No need to dig around in menus to find them.

If you’re familiar with the first-generation Telstra TV, the app selection will look familiar. All the major players are here, from Netflix and Stan to Foxtel Now and Bigpond Movies, as well as all the free-to-air catch-up apps. Even popular reality TV streaming service hayu can be found on the device. Apps for a couple of subscription streaming services – like hayu and the excellent DocPlay – are not installed during setup, but they’re easy to add from the small app store on the box.

Telstra TV 2’s Stunning Auto-Adjust Option

Buried deep in the Telstra TV 2’s setup menu is an option named “Auto-adjust display refresh rate”. This boring-sounding feature is off by default. But if you have a modern TV that supports it, switching this on will allow both Netflix and Stan to stream movies and many TV shows in what’s known as 24p – the frame rate used in cinemas and on nearly every Blu-ray disc. Of course, as long as they were produced that way in the first place.

The results are stunning. Camera pans are butter-smooth, for example, as you’re seeing the picture as it was actually filmed rather than converted to suit average TVs. The Telstra TV 2 is the only streaming box we’re aware of in Australia that supports this feature. If you’re a big Netflix or Stan user, it’s almost worth the upgrade for this alone!

What is Telstra TV 2’s 4K Playback Capability?

For starters, the new Telstra TV 2 has full 4K and HDR support. It fully supports the format with an update to HDMI 2.0 outputs and, even more importantly, support for HEVC video streams. HEVC is a video format that’s been adopted by Netflix, amongst others, to allow for streaming HD and 4K video using around half the data rate that’s needed for older devices.

That’s a big deal. If you’ve got a 4K TV and want to stream Netflix’s best quality picture on older 4K devices (like many smart TVs) you’d need a minimum connection speed of 25Mb/sec. That’s a speed that ADSL simply cannot reach, and which many NBN services struggle to at peak times. With HEVC, that requirement drops to around 12-15Mb/s. In other words, it allows 4K streaming on many more connections and reduces the data-limit drain at the same time.

If your TV supports 4K, the Telstra TV will automatically detect that and enables 4K in apps that support it automatically. Even if you haven’t bought that new TV yet, getting the Telstra TV 2 now will have you ready for the upgrade when it arrives.

Telstra TV 2’s Universal Search Function

One of the big reasons that Roku devices have been so popular in America for years is a feature you’ll never know you needed in your life until you try it for yourself – universal search.

Covering everything the box can access, universal search on the Telstra TV 2 is the killer addition. Start typing and the box starts guessing what you’re after. And when you click on your search result, you get an overview of where you can watch it across multiple services (including on-demand streaming, live TV and rental). Select, say, a Netflix result and the Telstra TV opens the Netflix app, heads straight for the show or movie you’re after and starts playing it. It’s that easy.

As soon as we start typing a search – say, Friends, for example – the predictive text starts guessing what you’re looking for and shows potential matches on the screen. Once you’ve typed enough to narrow your search down to what you’re looking for, you can see how many seasons and episodes are available on each service – where it’s to stream on-demand, buy or rent. And once you choose an episode you’re right there watching it within seconds. No more navigating through menus on multiple apps – just search for what you want and start watching right away.

How to Set Up the Telstra TV 2

Getting the Telstra TV 2 set up could not be easier. Just plug the supplied plug pack into the power socket and connect the HDMI cable (included in the box, admirably) to the box and your TV. Then, move your antenna cable from the back of your TV to the Telstra TV box. You can also use an antenna splitter if you want to keep your TV’s antenna connection.

Once you power it up, the box walks you through a quick and easy setup process. It installs all of its default apps and asks you to set up internet access (wired and wireless are supported) and activate the box. Activation is fast and easy. It’s handled via a website, where you simply log in with your Telstra account details and then type in a code the box displays on-screen. After that (and quick software update) you’re ready to go.

If you’re using the Live TV feature, you’ll be prompted during setup to scan for channels. The scan itself is incredibly fast, but our box hung on the scan screen once the process was finished. A quick press of the reset button on the bottom rebooted the box, and all was fine after that.

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Last audited 08 March 2021

Does Telstra TV 2 offer Free-To-Air TV Support?

The millions of people that divide their time between streaming and free-to-air TV have spoken. They’re tired of switching inputs on their TV every time they want to move between Stan and Masterchef! Hence, Telstra TV 2 has been designed with that functionality in mind. It has a digital free-to-air TV tuner built right into the box. You can effortlessly swap between streaming and broadcast TV from the one remote, complete with full on-screen guide and program information.

Using Telstra TV 2’s Digital TV Tuner

The in-built digital TV tuner works in tandem with an on-screen TV guide you can bring up with a dedicated button on the remote – and shows on live TV are included in the global search too. If you’re just channel-surfing and run across something interesting, at the press of a button you can go straight to the channel’s catch-up app to watch it there.

Of course, all the TV catch up apps are on Telstra TV 2. However, this time they’re integrated right into the TV viewing experience. If you’re watching an episode of Home and Away and want to catch up on the ones you’ve missed, all you need to do is open the guide and press a button. You will be taken directly to the show’s episodes on Plus7, ready to stream.

The Telstra TV found every single digital channel available and assembled program guide info for all of them behind the scenes. It’s a far more interactive TV-watching experience than you’ll get on your TV’s own tuner. The only minor complaint is that changing channels is slower than it should be, and we found Channel 31 Melbourne to have display problems. Both should be fixable in a future software update.

Telstra TV 2

Live EPG Support with Telstra TV 2

The problem with EPGs – Electronic Program Guides – on most free-to-air devices like TVs and PVRs is that they’re dense, confusing and often downright ugly. The Telstra TV 2’s live EPG overlays the guide text right on top of live television in a clear, non-intrusive and easy to use way. You’ll find yourself browsing through shows without feeling like you’re working on a spreadsheet.

If you see a listing for a free-to-air show you like that’s coming up, you can instantly add a reminder and the Telstra TV 2 will let you know when it’s about to go to air. And if you see something in the guide that you missed, you can just click to play it from that network’s catch-up service instantly.

Telstra TV 2’s USB Media Playback Functionality

No matter what kind of downloaded media you want to throw up on the screen, the Telstra TV 2 has it covered. Just copy it to a USB flash drive and plug it into the side of the box – which is smart enough to even handle file systems like Windows’ NTFS. We came up with a bunch of video files to try to find something it couldn’t handle – including raw files direct from a HD camcorder, and some video in the latest HEVC-encoded format (which is used by newer iPhones for their video recordings, by the way). The Telstra TV 2 played them all, flawlessly, with superb picture quality. It’s the most capable media player we’ve seen yet. The easy-access USB port on the side of the box is a big plus.

What app does Telstra TV 2 run on?

The new Telstra TV is enhanced even further with the companion app for iOS and Android devices. The app lets you browse the content available to you no matter where you are, add it to a watch-later list for when you get home, make wish lists of shows and movies you want to check out later, and even control your Telstra TV using your smartphone as the command centre.

The Telstra TV 2 is smart enough to remind you when your favourite shows are about to go to air on free-to-air or Foxtel Now, or let you know when new episodes turn up on catch-up services.

Where to get a Telstra TV 2?

Telstra TV 2 hit the market on October 31, 2018, and is no longer sold at retail. Its even more advanced successor, Telstra TV 3, is now bundled with Telstra Broadband plans (TV + Unlimited Data and TV + 500GB Data). You don’t need to be a Telstra Broadband customer to get one, though. The gadget is also available to everyone for $219, regardless of which provider or plan you’re on.

Video Review of the New Telstra TV 3

Summary: Is Telstra TV 2 worth the cost?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, rock-solid streaming device to handle not only all your streaming TV needs but also let you seamlessly jump over to live television and stream Foxtel Now in HD, then this one’s hard to beat. Slim and stylish, easy to set up and use, and absolutely packed with features to make your viewing life better, the Telstra TV 2 is a brilliant evolution of the popular original. It’s designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for all your viewing – live TV, streaming, rentals, home video and all – and it does it superbly. Plus, the universal search is a massive time-saver.

The Roku hardware is world-famous for a reason. It’s reliable, feature-packed and as close to “plug and play” as you’ll find anywhere. The technical upgrades on this new box from the original Telstra TV are substantial, too – 4K and HDR, for starters, with HEVC support to give you the highest possible streaming quality on a 4K TV, faster quad-core processor for snappy operation, and even faster Wi-Fi to support the current generation of modem/routers for flawless streaming without having to plug in a cable.

If you were waiting for the device that brings all your TV entertainment together in the one place, wait no longer – this is it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Telstra TV

  • What Is Telstra TV?

Based on the hugely popular Roku boxes that are the biggest-selling streaming devices in the US, Telstra TV is a powerful yet easy to use device that’s designed to be a complete hub for both streaming services and live TV. Plug one into your TV and connect it to your antenna and broadband, and you’re able to seamlessly watch live TV and stream from all the major streaming services, with Telstra TV’s universal search making it easy to find the stuff you want to watch, fast.

  • How Do You Set Up Telstra TV?

Telstra TV is designed to be quick and easy to set up. Just connect the HDMI output to your TV, connect the device to broadband internet either via Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable, and optionally plug in your free-to-air antenna as well, since Telstra TV has a built-in digital TV tuner and program guide. The on-screen setup instructions appear the first time you turn your Telstra TV on, and walk you through getting up and running in no time.

  • What Can I Watch on Telstra TV?

With support for every major streaming service including Netflix, Binge, hayu and Stan, all the free-to-air networks’ catch-up apps, specialised free streaming services like YouTube and full support for premium services like Foxtel Now and Kayo Sports, there’s not much that you can’t watch on Telstra TV! Thanks to the free-to-air TV tuner, you’ve also got all the broadcast TV channels to surf through if you’re looking for something new.

  • Can You Record on Telstra TV?

Because it’s mainly a streaming device, Telstra TV doesn’t have the ability to record live TV. However, as you watch any live TV channel, you can pause for up to 30 minutes, with the channel “recording” to internal memory in the background. That means you can hit pause to answer the door and not miss a moment of your show. You can also use an “instant replay” feature to skip back 10 seconds instantly if you missed something.

  • How Much is Telstra TV?

You’ve got two options if you’re looking to get a Telstra TV – either buying it outright, or getting it as part of your Telstra mobile or broadband plan. For outright purchase, Telstra TV costs $216 either online direct from Telstra, or from any Telstra shop. If you’d rather not pay up front, though, you can add the latest Telstra TV to your mobile or broadband plan for $9/month over 24 months, with the final cost also ending up as $216 in total.

  • How do you Watch Free to Air TV on Telstra TV?

Before you set up your Telstra TV, plug the antenna cable from your wall into the socket on the back of the Telstra TV (if you still want the antenna to go to your TV as well, you can buy an inexpensive device called a “splitter” from any hardware store). Then during setup, you’ll be prompted to scan for digital free-to-air channels. Once that’s completed, just head to the Live TV section in the menu to watch TV!

  • How Do I Download New Apps on Telstra TV?

While the most popular streaming apps come pre-installed on Telstra TV, there are others available for you to use if you want – and you’ll find them in the App Store menu. You can browse through the available extra apps and read descriptions of what they do, and if you want to try any of them, simply click the Download button and the app will be automatically set up for you.

  • Is Telstra TV Free to Use?

Yes, using your Telstra TV is completely free aside from the cost of buying it – and as well as free to air TV, many streaming apps also offer free access. However do keep in mind that paid streaming service such as Netflix, Kayo, Binge and Stan require a paid monthly subscription. Some of these – like Kayo and Binge – can be subscribed to via your Telstra account so it’s quick and easy to sign up, and the monthly subscription is automatically added to your Telstra bill.

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