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Which is the best streaming service for TV and movies? What about quality? Our expert team puts them to the test!

Before you sign on, take a quick online tour of the ten most popular shows and movies on streaming service Stan TV.

We all use the Internet every day, but not everyone thinks about the fact that you’re far less private online than you are at home. Here’s some ways to keep your private info away from prying eyes.

Boasting a range of original shows and movies you can’t get anywhere else – and a promotional monthly price so cheap it makes the competition seem like a luxury – Amazon Prime Video is a bargain. We compare it to the big-name competition.

Foxtel Now arrives on Sony’s Playstation 4 console with a huge upgrade that not only includes a bunch of new features, but also adds streaming of Foxtel’s live channels in full high definition – and at the lowest monthly price ever.

After a long drought, during which the rest of the world was almost drowning in streaming movie options, Australia is finally getting to splash around with some of the Video on demand services which have cascaded into the country over the last couple of years.

Is it possible to choose between Netflix and Stan? How do their libraries stack up? How's the service quality? What about their rates? How easy are they to use? Are there any features that put one ahead of the other? Read on to find out how these two excellent services compare!

With the launch of Netflix and Foxtel Play in Australia, the online streaming competition is heavier than ever. Discover the differences between Netflix here and Foxtel Play!

Now live in Australia at an unusually low subscription price of $5.99 per month, NBC Universal’s reality-only streaming service Hayu is perfect for fans of the genre.

The eagerly-awaited seventh season of Game of Thrones arrives on Foxtel in July, but you can watch every episode online as it airs, completely legally. We show you how to get your weekly Westeros online with Foxtel Now!

Streaming your favourite movies and TV shows through Netflix, Stan and others has become a favourite way to consume TV. But what if you want to watch them on your big-screen TV, but aren’t quite sure how to do it? Fear not, it’s easy!

The launch of Foxtel Now was eagerly anticipated by those who love Foxtel content. With HD streaming and Chromecast support, the service is quickly positioning itself as a worthy competition for Netflix, with one important addition: live TV. So which to choose between the two? Let's take a look at each service's pros and cons.

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Foxtel Play was a huge success with customers, but had its limitations. The newly-launched Foxtel Now, though, shakes things up with HD support on multiple devices, a revamped user experience and high definition on-demand content.

Foxtel Now, formerly Foxtel Play, has a bunch of new or improved features that will likely appeal to new and veteran subscribers alike. But will it be a hit or miss? Read on to find out.

Building on the Foxtel Play foundation but taking things to the next level with support for full HD, Chromecast, web browsers, and multiple devices on the way, Foxtel Now is a real upgrade of a long-standing brand. So what’s changed? Read on to find out!

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It's been years since the good ship Netflix first left its home port in the USA, find out how far it's come!