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Last updated July 13th, 2021

iWonder, one of Australia’s newest streaming service is one which is aimed squarely at Aussies’ love for documentaries of all kinds, delivering a huge, curated range of full-length features and bite-sized stories with a link to the current affairs and news making headlines around the world. Costing only $6.99 a month – or much less if you use Telstra TV to sign up – it’s heaven for documentary fans.

What’s in this Guide?

What is iWonder com?

Aimed at audiences in Australia and New Zealand that have an huge appetite for documentaries, iwonder is a streaming service that’s dedicated to finding the best docos from around the world and sorting them into easy categories that let you get straight to watching acclaimed high quality films and shows about the stuff that interests you.

Covering subjects from news and current affairs to true crime, politics, health, business, sports and more, where iwonder is different is in its linking of factual content to relevant current events.

If something’s making waves in the media, you can log in to iwonder and watch documentary movies and shows that dive deeper into the subjects that matter.

Costing less than $7 per month after a 14 day free trial, iwonder is a must-have for fans of documentaries of all kinds.

What’s on iWonder TV Guide

There’s over 1000 award-winning documentary films available on iwonder, with new titles added monthly. To help viewers get straight to the stuff they want to watch and learn more about, the content is sorted into easy genres – Crime, Health & Science, History, Sports, Politics, Science, Business Technology, Culture and Nature.

Each genre features award-winning factual documentaries from around the world, as well as a range of iwonder exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else online.

Whether you’re looking to dig deeper into true stories, find out more about the film industry and its scandals, or learn more about major events in the past and how they shape today’s news, you’ll find plenty of insight and entertainment on iwonder that you won’t find on any other streaming service, available anytime on demand.

  • The Kleptocrats
  • Untouchable
  • How to Catch a Serial Killer
  • Alt Right: Age of Rage
  • Basquiat: Rage to Riches
  • Eating Animals
  • I Am Bigbird
  • Elstree 1976
  • Rolling Stone: Stories From the Edge
  • The Beatles, Hippies and Hell’s Angels
  • The Story of Film
  • The King of Kong
  • Surviving the Outback
  • Venus and Serena

The easy to use genre categories on iwonder make it fast and easy to stream the stuff that interests you, with some of the biggest news events also linked to films that will let you discover more about the subjects that matter – or you can just dig in to the documentary feast!


Featuring iwonder exclusives like Jihad Jane and The Kleptocrats, this is where to head for deep dives into the things bad people do.


A deep dive into art, entertainment, movies, music and food with the likes of Honeyland and 20 Feet from Stardom.

Health Science

Learn more about the world of healthcare and wellness, including a collection of shorts to get you informed in minutes.


From the World Wars to the death of Diana, this category is one of the most popular destinations on iwonder.


The natural beauty of the planet and the creatures that live on it, all collected together in one place.


Whether it’s the current affairs relevance of iwonder exclusive Alt Right: Age of Rage or the story of The Most Dangerous Man in America, there’s politics aplenty for you here.


Explore the issues and stories affecting everyday people from Australia, New Zealand and across the globe.


Get some high-octane action and watch stories about the world’s most exciting contests and the people who compete in them.

How Much Does iWonder Cost?

With so many streaming services on offer these days, and the cost of streaming rising overall as a result, the good news is that iwonder is a service priced to be easily affordable. At a subscription price of only $6.99 monthly – or a discounted $69.99 for a full year – it’s one of the cheapest streaming options around.

If you want to try iwonder out for free, though, there’s a 14-day free trial on offer which gives you full access to stream the entire library of quality films and shows on demand, across a selection of the most popular devices. If you like what you see, the subscription is a bargain for the amount of content on offer.

Get iWonder with Telstra TV

It gets even better if you’re a Telstra TV user. As a special deal just for those who stream on Telstra TV devices, iwonder is offering a hugely discounted monthly rate – only $0.99 monthly. You can find out more by heading into the iwonder app on your Telstra TV, or sign up via the web site or mobile apps as long as you’re on the same home network as your Telstra TV.

How Does iWonder Compare to Other Services?

As a dedicated documentary service, iwonder is aiming to capture the same audience of documentary fans that love the Docos pack on Foxtel Now and are looking for a lot more.

While there’s already a service in Australia dedicated to on-demand docos – DocPlay – iwonder curates its content to link in with current affairs and news that’s happening in the media at the moment, linking events and stories together and letting you take a deep dive into what’s behind them – with plenty of exclusive content. For docos, it’s one of the most in-depth services you’ll find.

How to Watch iWonder

With apps available for the most popular devices, it’s easy to access your iwonder subscription on your platform of choice, whether it’s TV, your phone or web browser. Phone apps are available for both Android and iOS, while for TV viewing there are apps for Apple TV, Android TV and, of course, Telstra TV. You can also cast to your TV via Chromecast or AirPlay.

How to Sign Up to iWonder

Getting started with iwonder is easy – just grab the app for your platform of choice – or head to the web site – and pick from the monthly or annual subscription. Your free trial starts from there, and you’re not charged until that finishes – so you have plenty of time to explore what’s on offer.

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