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In business for years as a mail-order DVD rental service, Quickflix became Australia’s first internet streaming service back in 2011, and its apps have since made their way onto almost every imaginable platform. Unlike competing services, Quickflix operates a two-tiered system, with access to a base catalogue of TV shows and movies available for a flat monthly fee, and rental or purchase of access to premium content available on a per-program or per-season basis. With rights to stream shows made by US network HBO, Quickflix is also able to offer a solid collection of premium drama, including all five seasons of the hugely popular Game of Thrones.
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With access to hundreds of TV shows and movies for unlimited streaming, and access to some of the most in-demand television and feature films for premium streaming in HD, Quickflix has got your night’s entertainment covered!

The basic access subscription to Quickflix costs $9.99 per month, which gives access to the basic free streaming library for unlimited viewing. As Quickflix is also a DVD-by-mail service, you can combine the streaming service with the ability to choose Blu-Ray or DVD discs to be posted to you as rentals. Prices for these packages range from $19.99/month (one disc out at a time) to $36.99/month (up to three discs out at a time). Alternatively, you can subscribe to just the disc-based service, from $12.99/month to $29.99/month. The amount of discs per month you can rent is unlimited, except by the time it takes for them to be posted to and from you.

Premium streaming movies range from $3.99 to $5.99 for a rental, while premium streaming TV series range from $16.99 to $34.99 to own, or can be bought per episode for around $2.99 each.

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Quickflix Review

Something of a pioneer in the now-growing world of streaming services, Quickflix has been in the game since 2011. For a long time, it was the only choice available if you wanted to hand over a monthly fee and gain access to streamed TV and movie content. All that’s changed now, of course, with the arrival of Netflix, Stan and Presto in the space of a few months. Suddenly, Quickflix is facing a lot more competition than expected.
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Quickflix FAQs

If you’ve got any kind of entertainment device connected to your TV at all, chances are that there’s a Quickflix app already available for it – everything from game consoles to PVRs is covered, many major brands of smart TV, and of course all major smartphones and tablet computers. HD, when available, is restricted to certain devices, though. HD is currently supported by the game consoles, Chromecast, smart TVs except for Sony’s, Android devices and the TiVo PVR. The iOS apps don’t support HD directly, but can connect to a Chromecast in order to stream to your TV.
Quickflix’s streaming operates at a considerably lower rate than other competing services, which is good news for those on broadband connections with low data caps. The company estimates that a 90 minute movie will use about 1GB of data, compared to 4.5GB for the same duration of content on other streaming services. In most Quickflix apps, the actual file size of what you’re about to stream is listed in the description, so if you’re carefully keeping track of your internet usage you can do so with a good amount of accuracy. HD streams, when available, also operate at a very low bitrate compared to others, but if data use is a concern, the option is always given to stream the show or movie in SD instead.

As a result, those on even the slowest broadband connections should have no trouble at all streaming Quickflix reliably.

When you rent a streaming title on Quickflix there is a standard two-day window where you can start watching the show or movie at any time, Then, from the time you press “play”, you have exactly two days to complete watching before you lose access to the title.

If you purchase a premium streaming title, of course, no time limits apply, and you can watch it as often as you like, whenever and wherever you like.

You don’t need to actually be an active subscriber to any of Quickflix’s services to buy, rent and watch premium content; as long as you have a registered account (which is possible at no charge) and payment details on file, you can just pick and choose the premium TV and movies you want at any time.

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Latest News

  • Stream the latest Hollywood blockbusters with Quickflix

Stream the latest Hollywood blockbusters with Quickflix

Quickflix now caters to Hollywood blockbusters, and its catalogue includes some pretty amazing titles. You can pay only for the movies you want or opt for a subscription. Read on to find out more.

  • Finding Dory

Quickflix Revamps with Focus on Hollywood Blockbusters

Quickflix has been through some hurdles recently, but the service is seemingly trying to revamp itself. The streaming service has recently announced the launch of Quickflix Access and Quickflix Red Carpet, new products that will bring the latest Hollywood movies and exclusive entertainment and other benefits to movie fans. The revamp includes the release of Hollywood blockbuster Finding Dory.

  • Deal between Quickflix and Presto Falls Through. Quickflix to Acquire Chinese Streaming Company

Deal between Quickflix and Presto Falls Through. Quickflix to Acquire Chinese Streaming Company

Quickflix recently announced plans to acquire a Shanghai based Chinese film and TV streaming company. It appears that the reselling agreement that was in the works with local streaming competitor Presto fell through, so the Aussie company decided to expand its horizons. The Chinese company remains unnamed so far, but Quickflix representatives mentioned that the new deal will help them form a global streaming platform.