Top 10 Shows to Stream on Stan in December

Ten Best TV Shows on Stan

Since its launch, Australian-made streaming service Stan has been extremely active at adding new content – to the point that barely a day goes by without something being added to the mix, whether it be brand new fast-tracked shows from the US, or classic shows that you can revisit in their entirety.

There’s an abundance of riches in the Stan library — so much, in fact, that you’d never stand a chance of getting through it all. So let’s take a look at a the cream of the crop, shall we?

This December 2018, we’re seeing the return of Better Call Saul, as well as premieres of new episodes of Younger, PreacherCondor, and Power. Still looking for more? Check out our top 10 must-see shows on Stan right now, all streaming in HD whenever you’re ready.

Top 10 – Stream the Best of Stan

#1 Power

Vengeance is the main agenda as Power returns for its fifth season. After the tragic events from season four, Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan set aside their differences and join forces to fight against a common enemy — and justice will be theirs. Don’t miss the season 5 premiere with new episodes every Sundays, only on Stan.

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#2 Younger

‘Younger’ finally returns with its long awaited fifth season, exclusively on Stan. After season 4’s cliffhanger, we will finally be able to see what happens when Liza’s personal and professional lives become more intertwined than ever before.

#3 Condor

A low leve CIA employee discovers everyone in his office has been killed after he returns from lunch. He goes on a pursuit to find who is behind the murders, while also dodging those that may be after him. Starring Max Irons and Brendan Fraser.

#4 Preacher

A dark comedy, Preacher tells the story of a one-time outlaw Jesse Custer, who takes over his deceased dad’s church. However, his mission gets twisted when his body is overcome by a cryptic force that unleashes a highly unconventional power within him. Don’t miss season 2.

#5 I’m Dying Up Here

This drama explores the famed Los Angeles stand-up scene in the 70s, where comedy hopefuls are “dying” to get their chance at fame by performing at various clubs and try to make a name for themselves. 

#6 Wrong Man

The man behind this ground-breaking documentary series is Joe Berlinger, an Academy Award and seven-time Emmy-nominated and Peabody and Emmy-winning filmmaker. In Wrong Man, Berlinger turns his cameras towards a team of esteemed legal, investigative, and forensic experts, His film follows these professionals as they re-investigate the cases of three inmates who have been locked up for decades and claim they are not guilty. 

#7 Get Shorty

Get Shorty follows the story of Miles Daly, a former muscle for a murderious crime ring in Nevada who know changes his profession to become a a movie producer for the sake of his daughter. But instead of leaving his criminal past behind, he accidentally brings it all the way to Hollywood and partners up with Rick, a washed-up producer of low quality films. Starring Ray Romano and Chris O’Dowd.

#8 No Tomorrow

Evie Covington finally decides that having an overly managed life has its downsides. This existential crisis serves as the perfect entry for free-spirited Xavier to waltz in and sweep Evie off her feet. Just one problem, Xavier has some rather odd beliefs that sounds crazy — one thing Evie is set to prove and see for herself.

#9 Broken

Sean Bean stars as Father Michael Kerrigan, a modern yet maverick Catholic priest, who juggles parochial and personal problems as he tries hard to preside over his tight-knit Northern urban parish.

#10 Workaholics

College friends Blake, Adam, and Anders, are finding it hard to transition from slackers to professional telemarketers. What happens is an everyday challenge of avoiding to do any real work before they have some good old fun at night.

The fact that these ten shows are all of such high quality and yet barely scrape the surface of the amount of content available to stream on Stan is a wonderful thing. There are many more terrific shows that didn’t make this list, but are lurking there for you to discover – with more being constantly added. Let us know if you’ve got a favourite you think we missed on this list!