Kayo Sports Streaming Offers Free Trial for Watching Sport Live Online


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Everyone has streaming TV as a big part of their lives now, but the one missing thing from the streaming world – and it’s a big thing – has been live sports streaming. All that’s now changed with the launch of Australia’s first and only dedicated live sport streaming service – Kayo Sports.


Like most of us you’ve probably been waiting for something just like Netflix, except with a focus on sport – after all, Australia has the most passionate fans in the world. But so far, the streaming revolution has left sport fans behind. Sure, you could spend the cash to sign up for Foxtel to get access to a bunch of live sport channels, but you’d need to pay for a whole lot of other stuff you’re probably not going to watch. What you’ve been craving is, basically, the “Netflix of sport”.

With Kayo, that’s exactly what you get. A dedicated streaming service for sport and only for sport, the Kayo Sports streaming service draws on the global access of Fox Sports, ESPN and beIN Sports to bring you both live and on-demand access to over 50 of the most popular sports across Australia – completely live and in full high definition quality.

What Is Kayo Sports?

It’s no surprise that the people behind Kayo are the experts at Fox Sports of Australia, which has long been the destination when you want to watch some of the most popular events live. But not everyone wants a full Foxtel or Foxtel from Telstra setup – and not everyone is at home to watch when their favourite live sport happens. Kayo Sports solves that by letting you stream live sport online no matter where you are, and costs only $25 per month for access to everything the service provides once the 14 day Free trial offer has ended.

Kayo Sports - Free 14 Day Trial Offer

Stream over 50 Sports Live

Stream over 50 Sports including Cricket, Rugby,
and F1 Live and on-demand: Kayo Sports 14
day FREE Trial
with no lock-in!


Watch Live Sports Online – With Extras

Kayo has features tailored especially for sports fans, too. In addition to the convenience of watching live sport online, once you login, you can pick the teams and sports you follow and never miss a moment – full TV replays are available as well as highlights and more. You can even go straight to the key moments in a game – the goals, the spectacular bit of the action, all ready to jump straight to at your command. There’s also a Split View feature, which lets you watch four videos at the same time on one screen – and you choose what you watch. It can be four different sports, or extra camera angles from the one sport.

And then there’s a feature that’s perfect for people who can’t watch live – the “No Spoilers” setting. Turn that on and you’ll never see any final scores, results or anything else before you start viewing the replay. With their on-demand programming choices you can watch any time you like with all the excitement of seeing the game live.

What Devices Does Kayo Work On?

There’s been so much demand for live sport streaming that Kayo decided to launch early, letting dedicated fans be the first to have access to what looks like being a must-have streaming service for anyone with an interest in sport, and the timing couldn’t be better with the Wallabies Spring tour of England, Wales and Italy, Australia’s summer of Cricket, the Supercars championship wrapping up and the Socceroos playing a series of friendlies, plus much more. At launch, you can access Kayo from either Chrome or Safari browsers on PC and Mac as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets – all of which will let you send high definition video to your big screen TV via Chromecast.

Dedicated apps for iOS and Android – as well as Apple TV, Telstra TV and others – are coming very soon, with the key apps set to launch before the end of 2018.

Stream Over 50 Sports Live

With access to the best of the best in all fields of sport, if there’s a sport you love, Kayo’s going to have it for you live as it happens. Some of the most-watched sports on the planet are there, including:

  • F1 Championship
  • Summer of Cricket
  • V8 Supercars
  • NBA Basketball
  • NFL Football
  • The Wallabies
  • Socceroos
  • MotoGP Championship
  • AFL and NRL
  • International tennis

Stream Kayo Sports Completely Free for 14 Days

It’s the hottest streaming ticket in town, and not everyone knows about it yet – but if you want to check out everything that Kayo has to offer right now, you can do it without paying a cent.

Kayo’s 14-day free trial gives you full access to the entire service – every sport, every stream in full high definition. There’s no lock-in contract, and if you love what you see Kayo is perfectly priced – $25/month to stream on two screens at a time, or $35/month to stream on three. The free 14-day trial, though, costs you nothing – and if you love your sport, you’ll want to check this one out. It’s the way we’ll all be watching sport in the future.