Aussie Free to Air Rugby Channel 10 Play Increases 2019 World Cup TV Coverage

2019 rugby world cup streaming on the ten play free to air channel

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is set to be more accessible than ever in 2019, with Australia’s official free to air broadcaster Channel Ten expanding their programming to provide fans more TV and digital coverage.

Network Ten originally announced several months ago that a total of 10 Rugby World Cup free to air matches would be available to Australian fans, a schedule that included Australia’s four Group matches, two quarter-finals (including, of course, the Wallabies’ game should they advance out of the Group Stage), one semi-final, the third-place play-off and the finals. Just recently though, it appears that Network Ten have expanded their World Cup menu to include additional games and features across channel Ten, Ten Play and Ten BOLD. Here’s what’s known about the programing change at this time.

Channel Ten Expands Rugby World Cup Free to Air TV Programming

Channel Ten’s coverage of the Rugby World Cup was originally scheduled to kick off when the Wallabies open their tournament with a huge clash against Fiji at Sapporo Dome on the afternoon of Saturday, 21st of September. However, it now appears that the opening match involving Russia vs Japan on Friday, the 20th of September, will kick off the free to air broadcaster’s live Rugby World Cup coverage across a combination of 10, 10 Play and 10 BOLD. This would equal eleven live matches vs the ten that were announced just a short time ago. Additionally, it’s been reported that digital replays of the games that channel Ten airs will be included on their streaming service 10 Play.

While this represents an expansion of the Rugby World Cup coverage offered by the free to air broadcaster, it should be noted that it’s still far short of the entire 48 matches that will be available live on both Foxtel and the streaming service Kayo Sports as shown in the complete TV fixtures displayed below. It’s not nearly as extensive as the free to air coverage during the Cricket World Cup. The Ten/TenPlay telecasts will also include peak time ad-breaks, and there’s no indication that full TV replays of the matches they air will be delivered to Australian homes either, but any increase is good news for Australian Rugby World Cup fans during this extremely popular event.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Live Free-to-Air TV Fixtures (Sydney time)

Date Event Time Channel
Saturday 26 October SF1: England v New Zealand 7:00pm Ten / Foxtel / Kayo
Sunday 27 October SF2: Wales v South Africa 8:00pm Foxtel / Kayo
Friday 1 November 3RD: Wales v New Zealand 8.00pm Ten / Foxtel / Kayo
Saturday 2 November FINAL: South Africa v England 8:00pm Ten / Foxtel / Kayo

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Channel 10 Broadcasting Guide – Group Matches and Finals

Channel 10’s coverage will be headed by the Wallabies Group Stage games, but in the latter stage of the tournament it will really come to the fore, broadcasting six of the eight games following the Group Stage, including one match of the all-important semi-finals as well as the finals itself. As Network 10’s Head of Sport, Matt White, said, ‘the great thing is that matches will be played in a country with a similar time-zone. The tournament fits perfectly into our schedule.’

The ninth edition of the tournament, the 2019 Rugby World Cup kicks off on the evening of Friday, September the 20th. With every match set to start either in the afternoon, or at night no later than 9.45pm Sydney time, it will be easy to stay on top of all the action this year.

Rugby World Cup Live Aussie TV: Full Schedule (Sydney time)

Shown as Sydney time, adjust for regional differences. Due to licensing agreement the World Cup of Rugby free to air coverage on Network Ten is limited to matches involving the Australian national team, select Group games, two quarter-finals as well as one semi-final and the finals. Alternatively, Foxtel and Kayo Sports will have live broadcasts of all 48 matches on the RWC19 schedule, with no ad-breaks during play. Kayo Sports is also offering a 14 day Free trial that has no lock-in, which would allow fans to enjoy a good chunk of the matches before making a commitment.

Friday, Sep 208:45 PMJapan vs RussiaFoxtel / Kayo / Ten
Saturday, Sep 212:45 PMAustralia vs FijiFoxtel / Kayo / Ten
Saturday, Sep 215:15 PMFrance vs ArgentinaFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday, Sep 217:45 PMNew Zealand vs South AfricaFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Sep 223:15 PMItaly vs NamibiaFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Sep 225:45 PMIreland vs ScotlandFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Sep 228:15 PMEngland vs TongaFoxtel / Kayo
Monday, Sep 238:15 PMWales vs GeorgiaFoxtel / Kayo
Tuesday, Sep 248:15 PMRussia vs SamoaFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday, Sep 253:15 PMFiji vs UruguayFoxtel / Kayo
Thursday, Sep 265:45 PMItaly vs CanadaFoxtel / Kayo
Thursday, Sep 268:45 PMEngland vs USAFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday, Sep 282:45 PMArgentina vs TongaFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday, Sep 285:15 PMJapan vs IrelandFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday, Sep 287:45 PMSouth Africa vs NamibiaFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Sep 293:15 PMGeorgia vs UruguayFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Sep 295:45 PMAustralia vs WalesFoxtel / Kayo / Ten
Monday, Sep 308:15 PMScotland vs SamoaFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday, Oct 25:45 PMFrance vs USAFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday, Oct 28:15 PMNew Zealand vs CanadaFoxtel / Kayo
Thursday, Oct 33:15 PMGeorgia vs FijiFoxtel / Kayo
Thursday, Oct 38:15 PMIreland vs RussiaFoxtel / Kayo
Friday, Oct 47:45 PMSouth Africa vs ItalyFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday, Oct 53:15 PMAustralia vs UruguayFoxtel / Kayo / Ten
Saturday, Oct 56:00 PMEngland vs ArgentinaFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday, Oct 58:30 PMJapan vs SamoaFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Oct 63:45 PMNew Zealand vs NamibiaFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Oct 66:45 PMFrance vs TongaFoxtel / Kayo
Tuesday, Oct 89:15 PMSouth Africa vs CanadaFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday, Oct 93:15 PMArgentina vs USAFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday, Oct 96:15 PMScotland vs RussiaFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday, Oct 98:45 PMWales vs FijiFoxtel / Kayo
Friday, Oct 119:15 PMAustralia vs GeorgiaFoxtel / Kayo / Ten
Saturday, Oct 123:45 PMNew Zealand vs Italy Cancelled due to Typhoon
Saturday, Oct 127:15 PMEngland vs France Cancelled due to Typhoon
Saturday, Oct 129:45 PMIreland vs SamoaFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Oct 132:15 PMNamibia vs CanadaFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Oct 134:45 PMUSA vs TongaFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Oct 137:15 PMWales vs UruguayFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Oct 139:45 PMJapan vs ScotlandFoxtel / Kayo


Date Time Event Channel
Saturday, Oct 19 6:15 PM England v Australia Foxtel / Kayo / Ten
Saturday, Oct 19 9:15 PM New Zealand v Ireland Foxtel / Kayo
Sunday, Oct 20 6:15 PM Wales v France Foxtel / Kayo / Ten
Sunday, Oct 20 9:15 PM Japan v South Africa Foxtel / Kayo

*Channel 10, 10 Play and 10 Bold have the rights to stream two of the four quarter-finals.


Date Time Event Channel
Saturday, Oct 26 7:00 PM England v New Zealand Foxtel / Kayo / Ten
Sunday, Oct 27 8:00 PM Wales v South Africa Foxtel / Kayo

Third-placed playoff

Date Time Event Channel
Friday, Nov 1 8:00 PM Wales v New Zealand Foxtel / Kayo / Ten


Date Time Event Channel
Saturday, Nov 2 8:00 PM South Africa v England Foxtel / Kayo / Ten

Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony Live on Australian TV

With the Opening Ceremony for the World Cup of Cricket being shown on Free to Air (GEM), there was good reason to hope that channel 10, 10 BOLD or 10 Play would televise the ceremonies that will kick off this tournament. Unfortunately, this is not the case as the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony will be shown exclusively live on Kayo Sports and Foxtel.