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How to Watch or Stream the 2021 AFL Season

There are very few sports in the world that generate as much excitement and raw passion from its fans as AFL footy. For over a century, the sport – a uniquely Australian invention – has pushed the boundaries of its players’ skills as it’s evolved and branched out across the country – becoming a truly national competition.

Watching AFL football on TV used to be a Saturday afternoon tradition, but with the league now made up of 18 teams playing all across five states (and occasionally overseas), keeping up with when to watch can be a challenge. Free to air TV only broadcasts a handful of games, too – if you want to be sure to see every game you’re interested in, you’re going to need better coverage than that. Luckily, it’s here, it’s flexible and it’s cheap!

The 2021AFL Season

Fortunes come and go quickly in a competition like the AFL, a game so physically demanding that regular injuries are a fact of life for all the teams. And that can lead to an unpredictable and exciting contest where fortunes can change quickly. In 2019, the Richmond Tigers were near-unbeatable, taking the premiership in one of the loudest and most exuberant Grand Finals in recent memory.  

Now in 2021, it’s been the Geelong Cats’ turn to to make a push alongside Port Adelaide, and Brisbane Lions, all it a great position near the top of the ladder. Already the run up to this year’s finals is looking to be an absolute cracker – and every game will count.

2019 afl

How to Stream Every AFL Match of the 2021 Season

With its huge fan base around the country, the AFL is one of the most-watched sports on TV, but to see each and every game – whether your own team’s or the opposition’s – you’re going to need to turn to the stellar coverage that Fox Sports puts together. They’ve got every single game up to the Grand Final fully covered, and no ad breaks at all during play (don’t we all just hate the way free-to-air TV plays an ad after every goal!) 

Now, in past years the way you’d get hooked up with Fox Sports’ AFL coverage was by subscribing to either Foxtel (via satellite) or Foxtel Now (for streaming). And both are still very valid options that will make sure you get to see each and every game. But it still means you have to be there at the start of each game on time so you don’t miss a thing, and you’ll be turning to third-party apps and web sites to get insight into the stats, facts and figures.

And that’s where Kayo Sports comes in. Launched late last year and already massively popular with sports fans around Australia, Kayo is a streaming service that was set up for one purpose – to stream sport. The service has been designed with sports fans’ needs in mind, and boasts a ton of innovative features that turn your AFL streaming options into a full interactive experience.

Kayo’s coverage all comes direct from Fox Sports, so you get the full footy experience – with no ads during play, in full high definition, plus all the interactive features that Kayo brings to the table.

Stream AFL with Kayo Sports

You can also watch the AFL online with a Kayo Sports subscription. Kayo is available as a stand-alone, no lock-in subscription that gives you all the same channels as Fox Sports. There are two types of monthly payment depending on whether you want to watch on one or more devices at once.

A Basic Kayo plan costs $25/month, allowing you to watch on up to two devices at any one time. The second option is the Premium plan, which costs $35/month, with the ability to watch on up to three devices at any given time. And best of all, you get to try it all out for free with Kayo’s 14 day trial offer.

Sign up to Kayo’s free 14 day trial offer

Watch Live NRL, AFL, Supercars, F1, MotoGP and more action with Kayo Sports now. Stream it all for free with 14 day free trial offer today!

Watch Kayo with Telstra

Alternatively, you can access Kayo Sports with Kayo from Telstra, a 12-month contract service that works out $10 cheaper every month over an annual period. The Basic package is reduced to $15/month, whilst the Premium option costs only $25/month, a big saving for those all-year-round sports fans who love their cricket and soccer as much as their footy and league.

Cheapest way to watch sport on Kayo this season

The best offer for Kayo is on Telstra this season. As a Telstra customer, get $10 off per month your Kayo subscription (so that’s just $15/month)! Claim this before 31 May.

AFL 2021 LIVE TV Schedule (Sydney time)

Among the action this week being broadcast Live on the Fox League channel (Foxtel/Kayo) with no ad-breaks during play, that will either be limited by geography or not available on the AFL Free to Air provider (Network Nine), includes:

Fri, May 30Richmond vs CarltonLIVE: 7.50pmFoxtel / Kayo / Seven
Sat, May 8GWS Giants vs EssendonLIVE: 1.45pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sat, May 8Gold Coast Suns vs St KildaLIVE: 2.10pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sat, May 8North Melbourne vs CollingwoodLIVE: 4.35pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sat, May 8Melbourne vs Sydney SwansLIVE: 7.25pmFoxtel / Kayo / Seven
Sat, May 8Port Adelaide vs Adelaide CrowsLIVE: 7.40pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sun, May 9Hawthorn vs West Coast EaglesLIVE: 1.10pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sun, May 9Western Bulldogs vs CarltonLIVE: 3.20pmFoxtel / Kayo / Seven
Sun, May 9Brisbane Lions vs FremantleLIVE: 4.40pmFoxtel / Kayo

Kayo’s Features for AFL Streaming

Once you’ve grabbed the Kayo app and signed in, watching the footy has never been easier – you can pick your favourite team or teams to make sure you never miss a match, but you can also browse all the games for the round, including games in progress and ones that have already finished. If you want to watch a game in progress, you can choose between streaming it live, or streaming it from the start – time-shifting made easy! Replays are available for several weeks after the game’s finished, too – so even if you’re away for a few weeks, you can still catch up with your team when you come back. As you stream, Kayo has other clever features to make the experience unique, too:

Key Moments: This is a fantastic invention that lets you check out a game at your own pace. If you’re watching a replay (or on delay) you’ll see “key moments” appear in the streaming timeline. They signify significant moments in the match – goals, the start and end of quarters and so on. Just click on one and you’re taken right to that moment in the game.

Split View: If you’re watching your team play but want to keep an eye on other games to see how the ladder is impacted, you can stream up to three other games live on the same screen in their own windows, and switch between them freely as they all play out live. It’s brilliant.

Live Stats: You can have a heads-up display open during the game (or whenever you like) that gives you the key stats – kicks, handballs, disposals and much more – in real time.

No Spoilers: A key feature of the Kayo platform is the ability to turn off spoilers – so you can watch a delayed game as though it was live and not accidentally have the result spoiled by the scores appearing on screen. The choice is yours!

Tons of Extra Content

Alongside the 2021 competition, Kayo also features a collection of classic AFL matches, including key Grand Finals and pivotal games. There’s also the full range of Fox Sports’ acclaimed footy coverage including shows like Bounce, AFL 360, On The Couch, AFL Tonight and more.

And the AFL’s pre-season AFLX and AFLW seasons are fully covered as well, with AFLW letting you choose and follow individual teams from that league as well.

Cheap as Chips!

You can take all of the AFL footy that Kayo Sports has to offer for a two week test drive right now, absolutely free of charge – if you’re not blown away by the footy feast on offer you can cancel at any time. But if you’re like most who try Kayo, you’ll be all-in for the ongoing experience at only $25 per month for two screens (or $35/month to stream on three screens at a time). Check out the 2 weeks free trial today and discover the best way to stream and watch the AFL season!

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