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Dodo Broadband

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Review was updated on 28th April 2021

Around since 2001, Dodo’s unusual name and attitude has made them a feature on the Australian telco landscape. Their plans offer fast internet at a surprisingly low price, something which is still more rare than you’d think. Dodo’s NBN service is also closely tied in with bundled home entertainment thanks to their partnership with Fetch TV.

What’s In this Review

Dodo Broadband Review

Dodo Broadband’s modus operandi – or should we say dodus operandi? – is pretty simple. They offer top-quality internet at an affordable price, and don’t waste too much time on bells and whistles. And while the company may be small, they’ve got friends in high places. Dodo is owned by Vocus, one of Australia’s largest internet companies. Along with iPrimus – another member of the Vocus stable – Dodo is a part of one of the fastest and most extensive networks in Australia. Their ability to offer a Fetch TV service as an add-on gives you access to some of Australia’s best streaming entertainment, too.

What is Dodo Broadband?

Dodo Broadband’s business model is simple. They offer good quality broadband at a cheap rate. Their plans are designed with value and simplicity in mind, and you can tailor the speed of each plan to suit your usage. Every plan comes with unlimited data, so you never need to worry about doing too much streaming!

Dodo is very much an online-focused company in terms of its customer service, too. In recent years Dodo has focused on improving its online support and self-service so that customers can get all the information without having to get on the phone. From chatting to Dodo staff to getting a real-time update on your account – or simply paying your bill – much of what you need can be done quickly and easily online.

What Internet Plans are Available?

As the NBN rollout finally nears completion, almost all Aussies now have access to the new high-speed network, and Dodo offers some of the best and most competitive NBN plans available. However, unlike many of their competitors, they haven’t abandoned ADSL users. In fact, they’ve improved their ADSL offerings to become one of the most competitive ADSL providers on the market.

As with everything Dodo, their plans are flexible, so you’ll be able to find what you need, and avoid what you don’t. Dodo Broadband has three NBN plans to choose from. All of their plans are now offered on a month-to-month contract (which does incur a $60 setup fee, including a modem). A landline is with pay-as-you-go calls is included.

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Dodo Broadband NBN Plans

Dodo Broadband has fashioned themselves as NBN experts in recent years, offering high-speed internet at very affordable pricing. They’ve got three base plans, which differ mainly according to speed. The first plan is at the NBN25 tier and promises 25Mbps typical evening speed. It’s fine for a single person but if you do a lot of streaming, it’s probably better to go with one of the faster plans (and you’ll need to if you want to add Fetch TV).

The NBN 50 plan quotes a 50Mbps evening speed, which should suit the internet usage of a multi-person household. And for those who want to go even faster, there’s the NBN100 plan, which comes in at a fast 92Mbps evening speed, meaning it’s suitable for families with children, shared houses with high internet usage or people who like to watch multiple 4K videos at once. It’s fast.

Dodo NBN Plan

NBN25 Unlimited - Month to Month
  • $15/mth off for 6 months. Offer ends 30 Nov 2021.
  • $10 off w/ electricity & gas on selected areas
  • NBN25 Unlimited - Month to Month
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 25Mbps Standard Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 25™ Fixed Line
  • Includes landline service w/ pay as you go calls
  • Pay as you go calls or add calling packs from $10/mth
  • For first 6 months $50/mth
For first 6 months $50/mth
$65/mth thereafter
Min Cost - $110 (includes once-off $60 modem cost)

Last audited 22nd of November 2021

Dodo Broadband ADSL Plans

For those who still need ADSL, Dodo has two plans which are similar in cost and basically only really differ by data limits. The cheaper plan will net you 101GB of data each month, while the slightly more expensive one is unlimited. The latter is Dodo Broadband’s most popular ADSL plan. Every ADSL plan comes with a free modem and a landline with pay-as-you-go calls.

Dodo Broadband Bundles

With either NBN or ADSL, you can optionally choose to bundle Dodo’s energy offerings – yes, they can connect your home to electricity and gas as well, and if you bundle those services with your home internet, you save $10 per month for each service you have active. That means that if you bundle both, over the course of a year you could save $120 – and have all your essential utilities on the one convenient bill.

Entertainment with Dodo Broadband

One of the biggest uses of the internet these days is entertainment, with millions of Australians getting most of their TV from streaming services and other online options.

Fetch TV

Dodo is one of a handful of internet providers to partner with Fetch TV, meaning you can add a Fetch TV service seamlessly to your Dodo broadband plan. Fetch TV lets you watch, rewind and record both streaming and free to air TV with its acclaimed Mighty set top box, buy and rent the latest movies, and stream from the biggest names in online entertainment like Netflix, Stan, Prime Video, and YouTube – all from the one easy-to-use and versatile box. 

If you’re all about streaming and don’t need the recording features, you can opt for the Fetch Mini – with all the same features as the Mighty except for recording, but so tiny you can hide it out of the way. With either box, you get access to the Fetch TV smartphone/tablet app which lets you stream your channels wherever you are. There’s also the newly released Fetch Mini 4K for those who prefer to watch their shows and movies in Ultra HD, though the 4K version is only currently available via selected retailers.

And it’s those premium channels that make Fetch TV so enticing. There are four channel packs to choose from – Knowledge, Vibe, Variety and Kids (as well as a number of special interest channels) – and you get one pack included free. Subscribe to all four and that’s 47 channels of entertainment, news, sports, docos, music and more.

Last audited 22nd of November 2021

Dodo Features

Choosing Dodo as your broadband provider can score you discounts and other perks that will save you in the long run. As one of Australia’s most trusted telco companies, Dodo has proven time and again how dependable internet doesn’t need to be pricey. They have also simplified their plans so it’s easy to figure out which NBN plan best suits your needs.

What are Dodo’s Best Features?

  • Offers uncapped data on all plans
  • No lock-in contract on all plans
  • Only $60 setup and modem fees
  • Add Fetch TV from $25/month with 1 channel pack
  • Landline connection included with PayG calls

How to Contact Dodo

You can get in touch with Dodo’s friendly support team by calling the easy-to-remember number 13 DODO – that’s 13 36 36. They’re available from 8am to 11pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. If you’d prefer a call back, just leave your details on Dodo’s support page and a customer service specialist will call you as soon as possible.

Dodo’s website has a number of self-service tools which might mean you don’t need to call. Dodo’s customer service team is almost completely based offshore.

Summary: Is Dodo Broadband Right for You?

Dodo has been a part of the Aussie internet landscape for some time now. While a flightless, chubby and extinct bird seems an odd mascot for a company in the telecommunications sector, Dodo is a lot more versatile and adaptable than its mascot suggests! Offering good, cheap, high-speed broadband internet has made them one of Australia’s most popular providers. This Dodo won’t be going extinct anytime soon.

Dodo Broadband: Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Can be bundled with Fetch TV
  • Also offers mobile and energy services
  • Month to month plans

The Gotchas

  • Fetch TV only available on faster NBN plans
  • Setup fee with month-to-month plans

What people are asking about Dodo Broadband

  • What does the Typical Evening Speed Mean?

The quoted typical evening speed of NBN plans is a system designed to give customers an idea of how fast their connection will be during the busiest time of the day, when many more customers will be using their internet connections for streaming video, gaming and other high-data uses. Outside of evenings, your connection speed is very likely to be much higher.

  • Is a Home Phone Included?

Yes, you can choose to have a home phone line included with your NBN service at an extra cost; it operates as a VOIP line over your NBN connection, but uses your existing phone and phone number. Calls are pay-as-you-go.

  • Can I Get Unlimited Landline Calls?

While by default, Dodo landline is a pay-as-you-go service – you only pay for calls you make – you can add call packs if you make a lot of calls from the home phone. International call packs are also available.

  • Does Fetch TV Require the Internet?

Yes, as an entirely internet-based TV service, Fetch TV uses your broadband internet connection to deliver all of its premium channels, as well as the various third-party streaming services supported by its devices. You can also watch free-to-air TV by plugging your home’s antenna into the Fetch box, and of course these channels don’t need an internet connection to view.

  • Does Fetch TV Use Much Data?

While the Fetch TV service uses the internet for all of its premium channels – as well as movie and TV rental streaming – Dodo only offers Fetch as a service on unlimited-data plans, so you’re never in danger of going over a data limit. 

  • Can Fetch TV Channel Packs be Added and Removed?

Yes – you’re free to add or remove the channel packs you subscribe to on your Fetch service at any time. The first channel pack you pick will always be included with the service, but you’re free to change it as desired. Channel pack changes take effect at the start of each month.

  • Does Dodo Broadband Supply a Modem?

In the case of their NBN plans, Dodo used to send out a wi-fi modem free of charge if you sign up to a 12-month contract. It’s not the case anymore since Dodo’s plans are now month-to-month. When signing up, there’s a $60 upfront cost that includes both the set-up fee and modem.

  • Is There a Delivery Fee for the Modem?

If you order your Dodo internet service online, your modem will be delivered to your door completely free!

  • Do I Need a Home Phone Service to get Dodo ADSL?

Yes – if you’re still on the ADSL network, you’ll need an active home phone service to get Dodo ADSL added to it. Your home phone will transfer over to Dodo but you’ll keep your existing phone number. Dodo, however, no longer offers ADSL plans.

  • How Fast is a Dodo ADSL Connection?

The speed of your ADSL connection depends entirely on the length and quality of the phone line between your home and the closest phone exchange. In an ideal situation, ADSL can reach speeds of 24 Mbps, but in most cases the speed will be less than that. Once the NBN arrives in your area, it will be a speed upgrade for most people even on the slowest speed tier. Dodo, however, no longer offers ADSL plans.

  • If I Get a Dodo ADSL Service, Can I Switch to NBN Later?

Yes, if you need to get an ADSL connection while you wait for the NBN to be switched on in your area, you will be automatically switched over to Dodo NBN as soon as it’s possible to do so – keeping the same account, email addresses and Fetch TV service. Dodo, however, no longer offers ADSL plans.

  • Can I Bundle Power or Gas Separately?

Yes, you can choose to bundle either power or gas with your broadband – you’ll still save $10/month for bundling that service.

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