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Dodo Broadband

With a great network behind them and quality extras for all kinds of users, Dodo's a great choice.

Overall 90%

Dodo offers affordable deals on broadband, and they’re mainly popular for their unlimited plans, which are fairly cheap. What’s the catch, you ask? None! The Dodo brand has changed hands and is now under the wing of Vocus, which already owned iPrimus. The two ISPs now share a large part of the same excellent network, with the bulk of the difference simply being in branding and price.

If you’re on the lookout for cheap, unlimited broadband, the company is definitely worth checking into, especially since it pushed its beak into the NBN space. Let’s see what Dodo has to offer.

Using Dodo internetDodo makes getting connected simple and affordable. Photo: Pexels.

What makes Dodo different?

Dodo’s strength is in its clear and simple pricing that lets you tailor your service exactly to your speed needs, while keeping costs down by making sure you only pay for the stuff you actually use. This makes Dodo an ideal choice for people who, for example, don’t intend to use a home phone and would rather not be paying line rental for one.

Backed by the powerful Vocus network, Dodo’s average peak-hour speeds are among the fastest in the industry, too – you won’t be battling buffering along with your evening’s streaming viewing!

Compare Dodo’s Broadband Plans

Discover affordable broadband backed by the iPrimus Network + optional Dodo TV powered by Fetch TV

Dodo’s NBN Plans

Dodo offers two base NBN broadband plans, and they couldn’t be more different from one another:

  • 101GB data
  • Unlimited data

Both plans allow for the addition on an NBN-based home phone line at no extra charge, though you’ll pay for any calls you make unless you buy an unlimited-calls add-on for an extra $10/month.

The big difference between the two plans – aside from the vastly different data allowance, of course – is the available NBN speed tiers. The low-cost 101GB plan is only available at the extremely slow entry-level NBN speed of 12/1 Mbps, while the Unlimited plan gives you more choice.

All plans come with an NBN-ready modem on a 24-month contract; it can be had on shorter term contracts for a small fee.

Dodo Broadband NBN Plans

NBN25 Unlimited
  • Up to 15Mbps Standard Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN Fixed Line

NBN12 101GB
  • Up to 7Mbps Basic Evening
  • 101GB Data
  • NBN Fixed Line

NBN12 Unlimited
  • Up to 7Mbps Basic Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN Fixed Line

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Dodo’s ADSL2+ Plans

Dodo offers two ADSL2+ broadband plans:

  • 101GB for $24.90/month
  • Unlimited data $29.90/month

The first plan is geared towards light internet users. If you only use the web to check your email and browse social networks, with a little video streaming thrown in, 101GB per month may be enough. On the other hand, if your main hobbies include heavy video streaming, gaming or anything involving YouTube, the unlimited plan is the way to go.

To be honest, we advise you to go for the unlimited plan anyway, since exceeding your data can get expensive. Once you have reached the data allowance for your plan, you will be charged an excess data fee until the maximum plan cost is reached. Once the maximum plan cost has been reached, you can purchase additional data blocks. If you choose not to purchase additional data blocks, your access will cease until your next billing month.

Besides the amount of data included, there’s also some additional things to consider. First off, the contract period.

You can opt for a:

  • 24-month contract
  • 12-month contract, or
  • month-to-month contract.

The type of contract you go for will determine your connection fee: free for a 24 month contract, $69 for a 12 month contract, $99 if you would prefer to pay month to month.

What about extras? Well, you can opt for Dodo Line Rental instead of using your own phone line, for an additional $30/month.

If you do, Dodo also gives you the chance to add some call pack add-ons to your plan:

  • Unlimited Call Pack: unlimited local, national and mobile calls for $10/month extra
  • International Landline Pack: 2000 mins to landlines in 25 countries for $15/month extra
  • International Landline and Mobile Pack: 2000 mins to landlines & mobiles in 25 countries for $20/month extra

Dodo also provides an NBN-ready modem with each new subscription free, which is pre-configured for your convenience.

Dodo Broadband ADSL Plans

ADSL Unlimited + Fetch
  • Speeds Vary
  • Unlimited Data
  • ADSL2+

  • Speeds Vary
  • 101GB Data
  • ADSL2+

ADSL Unlimited
  • Speeds Vary
  • Unlimited Data
  • ADSL2+

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Does Dodo offer any special bundles?

As one of the few internet providers to feature full support for the popular Fetch TV platform, Dodo offers two bundles for those who want to add a bit of entertainment to their broadband life – one bundle each for ADSL and NBN. For ADSL, $44.90/month adds Fetch TV to the standard Unlimited plan, which for NBN, $74.90 will get you the same on an unlimited-data 12/1 plan. You get the Fetch Mini box and your pick of one channel pack, with the option to add more if you like.

Dodo + Fetch NBN Bundle

Get a Fetch Mini and 1 channel pack + unlimited NBN on a 24-month contract.
/mthover 24 mths
Get SuperFast NBN!

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Dodo customer service and support

You can get in touch with Dodo’s friendly support team any time by calling the easy-to-remember number 13 DODO – that’s 13 36 36. If you’d prefer a call back, just leave your details on Dodo’s support page and a customer service specialist will call you as soon as possible.

Dodo now also offers its Dodo Account Manager app for iOS and Android, which lets customers view and manage all the important details about their account and plan, and gives you one-button instant access to contact Dodo’s support team if you need them.

dodo helpdesk
Dodo will be happy to help you with:

  • Billing Issues
  • Payment Issues
  • Getting started
  • Managing your account
  • Troubleshooting
  • Latest Offers or Plans

The Bird is the Word!

A household name in Australian internet for many years, Dodo has moved into the NBN age with its focus on cheaper prices and excellent service unchanged. You’re getting access to a superb network no matter which plan you choose, but Dodo’s especially great value for those who are still on ADSL, waiting for the NBN to arrive – the plans here are exceptionally good value.


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