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Optus Broadband

One of Australia's most respected communications companies, Optus brings decades of experience to their broadband plans, with the unique Optus Sport service a big drawcard.

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Review was updated on 3rd December 2019

Other than Telstra, Optus is most probably the biggest name in telecommunications for most Aussies. After coming on the scene as the first viable option to Telstra, Optus is now recognised not merely as an alternative but as one of the best and most reputable telcos in the region.

These days, bundling in internet with other options is all the rage – which is certainly good news for a provider like Optus. Their strength and reach allow them to offer some of the best bundles and most extensive deals on the Australian landscape.

Optus Broadband Review

Optus started their life as the little-known AUSSAT Pty Ltd, a government-owned company which built satellite for military and civilian use. AUSSAT’s greatest legacy was making telecommunication possible for thousands of remote Aussies strewn across the Outback. Now, although the company is privatised and has expanded into all areas of the Aussie market, their core aim remains the same: to connect Aussies together, regardless of where they are on the map.

So you’ve no doubt heard of them – and most Aussies are likely to have been an Optus customer at one time in the past – but are they right for you? Whether they are one of the best in the business or a smaller provider, it’s always difficult to find out all the important info. To save you the trouble, we’ve done the research – breaking down everything you need to know about Optus Broadband. Read on to see what we’ve discovered!

Table of Contents

  • What is Optus Broadband?
  • What broadband plans are available?
  • Optus Broadband features
  • How to contact Optus Broadband
  • Optus Broadband summary

What is Optus Broadband?

For broadband users, Optus has loads of exclusive content. Optus Sport is the only way Aussie soccer fans can check out the Premier League, while channels like National Geographic are absolute musts. Optus has also partnered with Fetch TV, giving you access to one of the country’s best streaming services. Plus, all of their hardware comes with free delivery – it might not sound like much, but trust us: those fine-print delivery fees can pack a punch.  

Optus is now the second-largest telco in Australia (after Telstra). The Singapore-owned company has expanded to now own and operate most of its infrastructure – which means they no longer need to pay rental fees to bring you most of their services. They’ve recently expanded their stable to include Virgin Mobile Australia, Uecomm and Alphawest.

What broadband plans are available?

Optus offers ADSL, NBN, Wireless and Cable broadband options. Which one you choose, will be up to you – and of course up to the location of your house. These options all rank up there with the best in each category, while there’s some significant bundling potential. Throw in Optus Sport, Fetch TV or your home phone – or all three – and bring all your telecommunications needs under the one roof (literally).

Optus ADSL and Cable offerings

Optus’ ADSL Broadband comes with an included WiFi modem, unlimited data and is available on either a month-to-month or a 24-month contract. Speeds vary depending on where you’re located, but if you’re still on the ADSL network, it’s unlikely to get any faster than with Optus.

Optus’ reach allows them to offer exclusive cable plans. Cable plans include professional installation and are all available on either a month-to-month or 24-month basis. You can choose for plan with pay as you go calls or one that already includes local, national, and mobile calls within Australia.

Wireless Broadband

Want the convenience of taking your broadband on the go? Optus Broadband’s Wireless deals are convenient and of great value. You’ll need to choose which wireless modem you want – which will depend on your internet usage and how many of your friends and family will be using it too. Each plan lets you choose between paying month-to-month or opting for a 24-month contract, although the no-contract deal requires you to buy the modem as well (it comes for free on the 24-month deal).

The 4G Plus WiFi Modem (Cat 6) B525 is super-fast and lets you connect up to 15 devices at once – along with charging your smartphone at the same time. Choose between 200GB or 500GB of data per month. The 4G Plus Wi-Fi Modem (Cat 6) B525 has four ethernet ports and lets you connect up to 64 devices at once. For those of you who are concerned your other 63 devices aren’t getting enough attention, this one’s for you. Choose between 200GB or 500GB of data per month.

NBN plans

Optus has focused on NBN ever since its rollout, which has given them a hell of an advantage. They now offer some of the best and most competitive NBN services in the country, while their bundling is certainly something to Skype home about. All of their NBN plans come with unlimited data with the option to sign to a 24-month contract or go contract-free. There are also upfront connection costs to be paid which will depend on where you are and what kind of plan you take.

To start with, their broadband only (no bundling) plan comes with two speed options: Speed Pack 1 (40MBPS typical evening speed) and Speed Pack 2 (80MBPS). As can be expected, your need for speed will depend on how you use the internet and how big your household is. For gamers and stream queens, Speed Pack 2 is guaranteed to hook you in.  

Optus Plans

Internet Everday + Optus Sport
  • Internet Everday + Optus Sport
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Optus Sport monthly subscription included
  • Stream Premier League, K League & more live and on-demand
  • $79/mth
Min Cost - $331 (incl. $0 start-up fee & $252 modem)

Optus Sport
  • Optus Sport
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Stream European football live and on-demand
  • Includes Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro 2020 & more
  • $14.99/mth
Min Cost - $14.99 over 1 month

Last audited 2 December 2019

Optus Sport

Do you live in Australia?’ and ‘Do you like sport?’ are pretty much the same question. But even if you did need some convincing, the Optus Sport package is one of the absolute best available entertainment packages in Australia. Optus Sport gives you exclusive access to the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League and loads of international football. All Optus broadband users can upgrade to Optus Sport for around the cost of a stadium pie and beer per month.

Fetch TV

Did we tell you about Fetch TV? Optus has partnered with Fetch TV, letting their customers bundle in access to one of the best streaming services in Australia. With Fetch, you can rewind, record – and of course watch – all of your most loved TV shows. With programs for all the family – as well as the Fetch TV app so you can take it on the go – once you fetch Fetch, you’ll probably wonder how you did without it. For Optus broadband users, Fetch is available by taking the Fetch TV option – which will only slightly increase your bill but will exponentially increase your entertainment options.

Optus Broadband features

As we hinted above, Optus are great at bundles – giving you a superb chance to save. Optus, as you’d expect, offer tip-top phone plans to come along with your broadband. The standard are on a pay-as-you-go basis, while calling packs can be included which provide local, national and mobile calls on an unlimited basis. Depending on the internet service you’ve selected, some of the bundles will include either or both Fetch TV and Optus Sport – with these services otherwise available for a separate additional fee.

Optus Awards and Recognition

Optus Broadband’s customer service won the 2015 Canstar Award for having the Most Satisfied Customers. Optus is recognised as having, perhaps after Telstra, the most extensive range of options available out there for Aussie customers. Their wide reach means you’ll have the possibility of bringing in your other telco needs through bundling, while Fetch TV and Optus Sport have great exclusive content. They are not the cheapest – and many of their deals are only available over two years – so they might not be ideal for students and renters. However for quality of service, there’s few better.

Key Optus Broadband Features

  • Unlimited, fast data across all plans
  • Add Optus Sport or Fetch on eligible plans
  • All plans include a free WiFi modem
  • Phone line included at no extra charge
  • Add calling packs from only $5/mth
  • Choose between NBN50 and NBN100
  • No lock-in contract plans available

How to contact Optus Broadband

Optus is available on 1800 780 219, which is surprisingly one of the few Aussie providers who has their contact centre on a toll-free number. They’re available Mon – Fri: 8am – 7pm AEST Sat: 9am – 7pm AEST Sat: 9am – 5pm AEST – while they’re closed on all public holidays. They’ve also got a live chat function available 24/7 on their website.

Optus has call centres in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, India and the Philippines to manage telephone and online customer queries. Optus promises that despite the diverse locations of their customer support, all staff are held to the same high standards for customer care.

Optus Broadband Summary

Over one million Australians use Optus as their internet service provider, many of whom also include more than one of their telecommunications services. Optus has consistently shown they’re here for the long haul, investing expanding their networks to ultimately improve their services for customers. They offer ADSL, NBN, Wireless and Cable broadband options, plus great bundles to ensure they’ve got something for every Aussie internet user.

The Good

  • Plans can be bundled with Fetch TV and/or Optus Sport
  • Consistently ranking high in top broadband speeds in the country

The Gotchas

  • Not the most affordable broadband options in the market.
  • Only two NBN speed tiers currently available.

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