Top Music Docos to Stream on Netflix

The advent of streaming TV has changed the way people consume content, especially with shows and movies now made more accessible to viewers with an online connection — thanks to Netflix Australia. Among the types of content that are now easier to access includes documentaries, which were once confined to niche channels and outlets. And one of the most watched genres of which are music documentaries.

The launch of Netflix in Australia signalled the arrival of a whole lot of options when it comes to shows and movies that viewers can choose from and watch at home. These extensive library of shows includes captivating and thought-provoking documentaries that feature every possible genre from all around the world.

The Best Music Documentaries on Netflix

There’s certainly a lot of docos that focus mainly on music and musicians. Music is the universal language of the world, in which people from different countries and races can certainly relate to and understand. This is why fans relate to musicians on a personal level, making them feel as though the people behind their favourite music are truly a big part of their lives.

Our top picks for top music documentaries on Netflix include a mix of biographical stories and feature docos, which detail the development of a certain music genre.

  • The Defiant Ones
  • Sound City
  • George Harrison: Living in the Material World
  • Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
  • Foo Fighters: Back and Forth
  • Avicii: True Stories
  • Amy
  • Michael Jackson’s This Is It
  • What Happened, Miss Simone?
  • Bowie: The Man Who Changed the World

We’ve handpicked the best 8 true crime docos that you can check out below. Look through all the details, grab the popcorn, and start streaming now on Netflix!

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1. The Defiant Ones

Focusing on the careers and partnership between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, The Defiant Ones is a four-part documentary series that takes a closer look in the chain of events in contemporary culture led by these two. This doco features interviews with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine themselves, as well as others who are involved in this partnership behind Beats Electronics — which led to a historic deal with Apple, forever sealing both Dre and Iovine’s legacies.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A moving doco on these two men who really defied the odds
  • Details: 1 season, 4 episodes

2. Quincy

Co-written and co-directed by Alan Hicks and Rashida Jones, Quincy is a biographical documentary focusing on the life of American record producer, singer, and film producer, Quincy Jones. It details the extraordinary life of the one and only Quincy Jones, highlighting his several notable accomplishments and influence within the film and music industry. Quincy is a well-written and well-paced documentary, which even won the Grammy for Best Music Film at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A vivid, intimate portrait of Quincy Jones and his legacy
  • Details: 1 season, 1 episode

3. Sound City

Marking Dave Grohl’s directorial debut, Sound City is a doco that tells the history of famed recording studio Sound City Studios that’s located in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. What seems like just a row of dilapidated warehouses, Sound City Studios has seen many music legends record their groundbreaking albums right inside the small studio. After he purchased a couple of memorabilia from the studios, Dave Grohl was inspired to create the doco that also features several artists who used Sound City Studios, which includes Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, and more.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A definite fun ride for die hard fans of rock and roll
  • Details: 1 season, 1 episode

4. Avicii: True Stories

Avicii: True Stories sheds a bit more light into the reality of the famed DJ’s behind-the-scenes real life. Although this documentary was made prior to Avicii’s suicide — which rocked the entire industry — it does present overt clues as to how he was feeling and thinking prior to taking his own life. This doco covers Avicii’s career and personal life, as well as his ups and downs in the industry plus his health scares — and features interviews from Avicii himself, and other musicians like Chris Martin, David Guetta, Wyclef Jean, among others.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A thought-provoking look at the cost of a meteoric rise to fame
  • Details: 1 season, 1 episode

5. What We Started

Electronic dance music has certainly dominated the scene in the past few years. What We Started offers a backstage pass to the radical origins and the future of what is better known as EDM genre. It chronicles three decades-worth of EDM, focusing on the careers of its pioneers, including Carl Cox and Martin Garrix. Other musicians who appear in the doco include Moby, David Guetta, Tiesto, Afrojack, Usher, and many others.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A trip worth taking for a true EDM devotee
  • Details: 1 season, 1 episode

6. Amy

Amy is a British documentary film, which chronicles the life and death of singer Amy Winehouse. Amy was hailed as a true musical genius, which is why her death created so much impact not just in the UK, but also all around the world. This doco covers her life and career, as well as her struggles with substance abuse that happened even before her career took off. It also looks into her eventual death, which to this day is considered as a huge tragedy and loss in the music industry.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A captivating but rather devastating look at the life a true music talent
  • Details: 1 season, 1 episode

7. Gaga: Five Foot Two

Featuring unfiltered behind-the-scenes of of a year in the life of the one and only Lady Gaga, Gaga: Five Foot Two covers the events around the production of her fifth studio album, Joanne, as well as her halftime performance at Super Bowl LI. Lady Gaga has always exuded a unique wave of creativity in the music industry, and this documentary highlights exactly that as she works on her new album plus her critically lauded Super Bowl performance. On top of that, This doco also shows her struggles with fibromylagia, her guest role in a popular American TV series, her rumoured feud with Madonna, and more.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: An intimate insight into the life one of pop music’s biggest stars
  • Details: 1 season, 1 episode

8. Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Featuring the final film appearance of Michael Jackson before his death, Michael Jackson’s This Is It comprises of his rehearsals and preparations for his concert series of the same name — which was unfortunately cancelled due to his death 25 days prior to the start of the tour. The doco featured exclusive footage of Michael Jackson in rehearsals, as well as other behind-the-scenes footage of dancer auditions, costume design, and other preps for what was supposed to mark his comeback.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A perfectly packaged feature highlighting MJ’s
  • Details: 1 season, 1 episode

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Stream the Best Docos Now on Netflix!

Netflix is home to an extensive library of content, which includes some of the most moving and captivating documentaries ever made. Best part is how you can find them all in one convenient place, which features an extensive range of genres of documentary series and films that you can choose from at any given day.

From genres that have a wider scope like health and lifestyle and social and cultural, to eye-opening wildlife and nature docos, there are also more niche ones that feature the stories of infamous true crime masterminds and icons from the sports industry. What’s even better is how there’s a bunch new docos added to Netflix every month as well. Make sure to check back in as we change up the list from time to time as new docos come in from Netflix.

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