How to Stream the 2019 Cricket World Cup Live and Free in Australia

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As the biggest tournament on the calendar of one of Australia’s most loved games, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is set to take the nation by storm over the course of seven weeks, beginning May 30. And with Australia having owned the event for much of this century, fans around the country will want to enjoy as much of the action as possible.

Fortunately, the relatively recent development of sports streaming in Australia means that there will be more ways to watch this tournament than ever before. From Kayo Sports to Foxtel Now to regular old free to air TV, you’ll never be left without a way to tune into the big match, and we’re here to help you decide just which is going to be the best option for you as we head into the event.

Streaming the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in Australia

Just a few short years ago, it was a pipedream for most to stream any sport in Australia – at least legally – let alone the entirety of the Cricket World Cup. But sports streaming has come a long way in a short period of time – first it was Telstra offering streaming on selected sports, albeit only on a tiny screen. Then Foxtel Now came along, giving subscribers access to the array of sport offered by Foxtel on a number of different devices – not just the big screen TV.

And with its arrival, Kayo Sports is offering a whole new ball game, launching a streaming platform the likes of which we’d never seen before in Australia – one dedicated solely to sports. Now, thanks to Kayo, streaming the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is anything but a pipedream. It’s a reality, and one which will allow you to watch more of the biggest tournament in cricket than ever before.

The Content

There is a significant difference in terms of what you’ll get access to across the three different platforms on which you can stream the World Cup – Kayo Sports, Foxtel Now, and 9Now. While 9Now’s coverage will be limited to select games, Kayo and Foxtel Now will offer every game live, in High Definition, and available on demand.

Cricket World Cup on Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports will have comprehensive coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, airing every single delivery of every single match live and on-demand. That’s 45 matches throughout the Group Stage, as well as the two semi-finals and the final for a total of 48 Cricket World Cup games over seven weeks. The games will also be available as Kayo Minis, the unique bite-sized way of catching up with an entire game in under 30 minutes. It’s a great way to get across all the games in the World Cup, and it’s exclusive to Kayo.

Plus, you’ll get access to all the cricket shows and documentaries that are on Kayo to supplement the plethora of matches you’ll be watching. Whether it’s the likes of Cricket 360 keeping you on top of everything from the tournament, or one of their range of cricket specials and documentaries, Kayo has you covered for all things cricket.

And of course, when you subscribe to Kayo to watch all the World Cup action, you’ll also be able to watch more than 50 other sports available on the streaming platform. Be it the AFL, NRL, motorsports, golf, tennis or anything else that you love to watch, it’s all available on Kayo Sports.

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Cricket World Cup on Foxtel Now

Like Kayo Sports, Foxtel Now will be airing all of the action from the ICC Cricket World Cup. That’s every delivery of every game live, in High Definition and available on demand to ensure you can stay in the loop throughout the event. Add in the same great range of shows and documentaries that you’ll find on Kayo Sports, and cricket lovers will have everything they could possibly ask for with Foxtel Now.

Getting access to all this will require you to subscribe to the Sports Combo Pack, which is only available after you first purchase one of the base packs. This means that not only will you be able to tune into all of the World Cup, but you’ll also get access to a huge range of other sports as well as plenty of great entertainment.

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Cricket World Cup on 9Now

Channel Nine is the official free-to-air broadcaster of the ICC Cricket World Cup, meaning 9Now will be the free streaming alternative for the tournament. However, coverage will be significantly more limited. Every Australian game will be available for streaming on 9Now, as will six other Group matches and the three finals, and that’s it. That means that of the 48 games throughout the World Cup, just 16 will be available through this platform, just one-third of the total games and significantly less matches than you’ll find on Kayo Sports and Foxtel Now.

Ways to Watch

Each of the listed streaming options offer a number of different ways for you to tune in. These different options are key, as after all, the very idea of streaming the World Cup is the greater flexibility it gives you, and the more ways to watch, the more flexibility you have.

How to Stream Live with Kayo

Kayo has made it as easy as possible to stream the World Cup as well as all the other sports they offer, with apps available for virtually everything imaginable and the ability to stream direct to plenty of other devices. You can stream directly to your PC or Mac using any of Safari, Firefox or Chrome, with the latter offering ability to cast the coverage onto your big screen TV with Chromecast. Plus, there are great apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as for Apple TV (both current models), Telstra TV and Android TV.

How to Watch Online with Foxtel Now

Like Kayo, Foxtel Now offers a wide range of different devices to make it easy for you to stream the Cricket World Cup on the go. You can stream in High Definition through apps which are available for iOS, Android, Playstation 4, Telstra TV, as well as Foxtel Now’s own streaming box. You can also use Chromecast to cast from your phone or tablet to your big screen or to an Apple TV via AirPlay, or you can tune in to the action on your Mac or PC using Google Chrome and Safari.

Streaming on 9Now

Not wanting to be left out of the race, Channel Nine has also developed an extensive list of ways to watch to give you plenty of options for streaming the 18 games which they’ll broadcast. You can watch on Apple iPhones and iPads (iOS 10+), as well as Android phones and tablets (5.0+), while Macs and PCs can be used for streaming when using Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. And if you’d prefer the action on your big screen, you’ve got the option of using any of Apple TV, Telstra TV, Fetch TV, smart TVs like Sony TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, plus Freeview Plus, Playstation 4, or Chromecast.

Key Features

All three of these platforms have a range of different features, giving you a unique experience depending on which one you choose to use. Kayo has certainly made itself a leader in this regard, with a number of great features which will enhance your viewing experience.

Kayo Sports’ Unique Features

As the newest of these three platforms, Kayo has burst onto the scene with an array of features not available with any alternative streaming services. Perhaps the most important for the ICC World Cup is the Cricket Minis feature, which sees Kayo expertly condense a 50-over match into just 15-30 minutes. Considering every game will extend into the early hours of the morning and it will be hard to tune into their entirety, this will be an ideal way to catch up on the goings-on from the evening prior and enable you to keep on top of every match.

But that’s not all. If you want to watch two matches at the same time, or catch another important sporting event while you’re watching the World Cup, Kayo’s SplitView features lets you watch up to four different things on the one screen. And if you want to catch all the action the next day, simply flick on No Spoilers when watching on demand to ensure you don’t prematurely see the scores. Finally, the Key Moments feature highlights the all the boundaries and wickets from throughout the game so you can fast forward to the most important bits, ideal for an extended event like a 50-over cricket match.

Foxtel Now Features

Foxtel Now certainly doesn’t have the depth of special features that are present on Kayo Sports, but the platform does have a familiar and easy to use interface which makes switching between the cricket and whatever else it is that you want to watch as straightforward as it can be. And if you want to watch a game which has already been played, just head to the on demand section to catch up at your own pace.

9Now Features

Using 9Now is relatively simple – all you need to do is create a free account, and you’ll have virtually everything aired on Channel 9, including the ICC Cricket World Cup, at your fingertips. In terms of features, however, pickings are relatively slim. You’ll be able to tune into the available matches on eligible devices, but that’s about it, with no extra features of note included from 9Now.

Cost Comparison

Each of these choices comes in at a significantly different price point to the others. Kayo keeps it simple. For all the sport you can dream of, including every game of the World Cup, you’ll pay $25/month if you want to be able to watch on two devices simultaneously, and $35/month if you want three. For sports lovers, the Kayo streaming plans are an absolute bargain, and is a great alternative for those who want all the World Cup action they can handle and more without all the extras that come alongside Foxtel Now.

Foxtel Now requires you to first sign up to the Essentials pack before you add the sport, and when the two are combined you’ll end up with plenty of channels, but a $54 bill each month that you enjoy the service. Of the three options it’s easily the most expensive, but also offers the most content.

9Now, of course, as a platform from free to air broadcaster Channel Nine, is free of charge, but as a result is relatively limited. The bells and whistles of Kayo are absent as are the majority of matches from the World Cup, but if you only want to tune into the occasional match from the tournament and aren’t particularly interested in sports otherwise, it certainly has its merits.

The Verdict

Each of these platforms has its pros and cons. Foxtel Now is a terrific option for many, and for those who are after a range of great television and sport to go with their Cricket World Cup offering, this is an option well and truly worth considering.

Free-to-air platform 9Now is significantly more limited than both Foxtel Now and Kayo Sports. Of course, it’s difficult to complain about a free service, but if you’re a genuine fan of cricket or any of the array of other sports offered by the other two providers, you’re far better off subscribing to one of those.

Kayo Sports, with all of the great features that come with it, including every game of the Cricket World Cup live and on demand to go with over 50 other sports, and an extremely generous price point considering what it offers, is likely the pick of the bunch for many cricket lovers. Kayo has so much on offer, it’s revolutionising the way we watch sport, and will be the ideal option for many wanting to tune into the Cricket World Cup.

Stream Live and Free!

If you’re still not sure which option is right for you, you also have the option to check each of them out without paying a cent. 9Now, as mentioned, doesn’t cost any money anyway, but both Foxtel Now (10 days) and Kayo Sports offer free trials (14 days) to let you try before you buy.

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Cricket World Cup Live Aussie TV: Full Schedule

Shown as Sydney time, adjust for regional differences. Due to licensing agreement the Cricket World Cup free to air TV coverage on Nine is limited to select matches, while both Foxtel and Kayo Sports will broadcast Live, and in HD, every fixture on the 2019 ICC World Cup schedule.

Thursday 30 MayEngland v South Africa7.30pmGEM / Foxtel / Kayo
Friday 31 MayWest Indies v Pakistan7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 1 JuneNew Zealand v Sri Lanka7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 1 JuneAustralia v Afghanistan10.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Sunday 2 JuneSouth Africa v Bangladesh7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Monday 3 JuneEngland v Pakistan7.30pmGEM / Foxtel / Kayo
Tuesday 4 JuneAfghanistan v Sri Lanka7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday 5 JuneSouth Africa v India7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday 5 JuneBangladesh v New Zealand10.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Thursday 6 JuneAustralia v West Indies7.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Friday 7 JunePakistan v Sri Lanka7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 8 JuneEngland v Bangladesh7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 8 JuneAfghanistan v New Zealand10.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday 9 JuneIndia v Australia7.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Monday 10 JuneSouth Africa v West Indies7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Tuesday 11 JuneBangladesh v Sri Lanka7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday 12 JuneAustralia v Pakistan7.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Thursday 13 JuneIndia v New Zealand7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Friday 14 JuneEngland v West Indies7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 15 JuneSri Lanka v Australia7.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Saturday 15 JuneSouth Africa v Afghanistan10.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday 16 JuneIndia v Pakistan7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Monday 17 JuneWest Indies v Bangladesh7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Tuesday 18 JuneEngland v Afghanistan7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday 19 JuneNew Zealand v South Africa7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Thursday 20 JuneAustralia v Bangladesh7.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Friday 21 JuneEngland v Sri Lanka7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 22 JuneIndia v Afghanistan7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 22 JuneWest Indies v New Zealand10.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday 23 JunePakistan v South Africa7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Monday 24 JuneBangladesh v Afghanistan7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Tuesday 25 JuneEngland v Australia7.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Wednesday 26 JuneNew Zealand v Pakistan7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Thursday 27 JuneWest Indies v India7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Friday 28 JuneSri Lanka v South Africa7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 29 JunePakistan v Afghanistan7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 29 JuneNew Zealand v Australia10.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Sunday 30 JuneEngland v India7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Monday 1 JulySri Lanka v West Indies7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Tuesday 2 JulyBangladesh v India7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Wednesday 3 JulyEngland v New Zealand7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Thursday 4 JulyAfghanistan v West Indies7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Friday 5 JulyPakistan v Bangladesh7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 6 JulySri Lanka v India7.30pmFoxtel / Kayo
Saturday 6 JulyAustralia v South Africa10.30pmNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Tuesday 9 JulySemi Finals 1st vs 4thNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Thursday 11 JulySemi Finals 2nd vs 3rdNine / Foxtel / Kayo
Sunday 14 JulyCricket World Cup FinalNine / Foxtel / Kayo


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