Foxtel Broadband for Seniors: Pay Less for Top-Quality Internet and Entertainment

foxtel broadband for seniors

Foxtel’s great internet and entertainment offerings have always had one Achilles heel: price. This has sometimes put their plans out of reach of many, including seniors and pensioners. The good news is that this has all changed, with Foxtel Broadband offering excellent telecommunications and entertainment packages at great value rates.

Foxtel Seniors Broadband Plans

Foxtel is known for quality service, excellent connectivity and having the best entertainment options under the Australian sun. Unfortunately for many pensioners, they traditionally weren’t the most cost-effective provider around. Thanks to bundling and efforts at reaching out to other market areas, that’s all changed recently. Currently, the company doesn’t offer internet and entertainment services specifically designed for seniors. Nonetheless, Foxtel Broadband now has some great value deals which give Seniors access to excellent internet and entertainment options, with other essentials like home phone packages included.  

Why bundle with Foxtel?

Whoever you go with, bundling is a great way to save. One rule about bundling is that the bigger they are, the more they can offer. And on the Australian telco and entertainment landscape, they don’t get much bigger than Foxtel. They are part owned by Telstra and they’ve made a great partnership which makes the most of what each company can offer. This means that you get top-quality broadband, which takes advantage of the most experienced and best-known name in Aussie telecommunications.

In fact, while Foxtel has had a reputation of being expensive, choosing a Foxtel bundle is actually a great way to save. By bundling in your broadband, entertainment and home and mobile phone, you can pay much less on the whole. While the amount might seem a tad high, remember that you’re getting everything you need for entertainment and communication from the one provider. Bundling is also far more convenient as you only have to pay one bill and there’s just one contact point if you need to speak to someone about your plan.

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with Foxtel

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Which Foxtel seniors bundle is right for you?

The right bundle for you will depend on a range of things: how often you use the internet, what are your TV watching habits and how often you use the phone. Start by understanding your household’s telecommunications needs – and your wants. If you love sport, drama or other television but had always thought Pay TV was too expensive, thanks to bundling it might actually now be within reach. You can also tack on calls to home and mobile phones for a relatively cheap rate.

What type of internet connection do you need?

Foxtel Broadband’s internet options – whether you’re on the ADSL or the NBN network – are all super fast and are all offered with unlimited downloads. This means that you’ll never have to worry about your internet buffering (i.e. slowing down) – no matter what you are watching or downloading. No download (data) limits also means that you won’t get a nasty surprise at bill time if you’ve exceeded your limit. This means stress-free surfing.

What do you want to watch?

,The next step is to assess your entertainment options. Foxtel Broadband has four different entertainment options: Foxtel Plus, Sport HD, Movies HD, and Platinum Plus. The Foxtel Plus bundle comes with a wide array of documentaries and TV shows that you can’t get on free-to-air TV. This pack is the standard package offered by Foxtel, which means that if you choose to upgrade to any of the other three, you’ll still have everything that this bundle offers.

The next level up is Movies. Foxtel Broadband’s Movies HD bundle comes with great options for movies, from classics to the latest blockbusters, with some of the best and most entertaining films out there. The Sport HD bundle is for all you sports nuts out there, with the best live sport from Australia and all around the world, including NRL, AFL, A-League, cricket, tennis, Super Rugby and loads more. There are also loads of special sporting content like documentaries, match previews, and reviews, etc.

Finally, you’ve got the Platinum Plus package, which has everything included in the other packages (i.e. all of the above), including Kids and Favourites channels. This is if you can’t choose which one you want, or if you just want to chip in a bit more each month and expand your options dramatically. But be warned – actually choosing what to watch out of all the options is likely to be tough.

Are there Cheaper Options Available?

We’ve mentioned it a few times here, but it’s worth saying again. Foxtel Broadband is not the cheapest provider out there, so if cost is your most important area of concern, we recommend having a look at other options. But on the whole, it’s hard to find a provider with more bang for your buck than Foxtel. For one monthly fee, you can have all of your broadband, entertainment and phone needs catered to. You can be sure that there will be no added costs, i.e. if you went over your limit. Finally, because Foxtel – unlike many of their competitors – requires longer contracts, you’re likely to get a load of perks thrown in (like modems free of charge, or discounted connection fees).


As with any decision, it’s always good to understand just what you want – and what you need – before going with a specific provider. However, know that Foxtel Broadband has great quality internet and entertainment options – and remember that because you’re bundling and signing a longer contract, you will save on the whole.

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