Foxtel Broadband Plans Offer Great Value for Pensioners

If you’re a senior on the lookout for a new pensioner friendly broadband plan, you probably noticed that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choice available on the market these days. Different data allowances, speed tiers, bundling options… Making a choice can become an ordeal rather than an opportunity to save cash and enjoy a reliable service. So why not go with a trusted provider that can cover you on all fronts: broadband, TV, and home phone?

Ever since the NBN started making waves in Australia, the broadband market has become infused with plenty of fresh-faced ISPs looking to make a splash. Promising affordable internet and no-contract options, these providers can seem particularly appealing. Belong, for instance, offers a 100GB broadband plan for as low as $55/month. Barefoot has an unlimited plan priced at $59/month. The list goes on and on.

While these low-cost plans can seem appealing, the problem comes when you add other services into the mix – mainly pay TV and a home phone. If you’re a senior living on a budget month after month, bills quickly add up. So how can you keep costs under control without limiting your entertainment options? Bundles may just be your best bet. And Foxtel, Australia’s leading pay TV provider, proves to be a safe bet in this area.

Why go for a Foxtel bundle?

Foxtel deals have always been aimed at clients who want the whole package – pay TV, broadband, and home phone. While they do offer standalone pay TV as well, Foxtel shines when it comes to discounts associated with bundling multiple services. They’re always running a special promotion that’s likely to catch your eye and they’re mainly known for the quality of their service.

Since the broadband revolution, more and more seniors have been interested in learning how to access the internet. Luckily, pensioners also have several resources to take advantage of. For instance, the Government’s Broadband for Seniors program has seen about 250,000 older Australians accessing the internet in about 2,000 internet kiosks across the country.

On the other hand, there aren’t too many broadband deals or discounts seniors can take advantage of. Most providers don’t offer plans targeted specifically for pensioners; so if you’re on the lookout for a plan, it’s unlikely you’ll benefit from a discount. The telco used to offer a Seniors Card Package back in the day, but it was discontinued. However, broadband plans are becoming more affordable day after day, so even choosing to connect with a trusted provider like Foxtel won’t drain your budget.

Choosing a Foxtel bundle enables you to save cash on multiple services. You get to watch your favourite channels, browse the web, and keep in touch with loves one via unlimited standard local calls, included with all bundles. All for as little as $104/month. Foxtel’s bundles provide great value for seniors on a budget, who want to enjoy both broadband and pay TV services. The only drawback? They come with a two-year contract. If you sign on the dotted line, you can’t take advantage of any other deals or offers that might come your way in the near future.

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Which Foxtel bundles are best suited for seniors?

Foxtel’s two lowest-priced bundles are particularly recommended for seniors. We’re talking about the Unlimited Broadband + Entertainment Bundle and the Unlimited Broadband + Drama bundle. Let’s see what these two offers are all about.

The basics are the same – you get the Entertainment Pay TV package with 45 channels and a home phone with unlimited standard and national calls. The Drama bundle however adds a range of high quality premium drama channels to the selection on offer, including Showcase with its acclaimed HBO content as well as Foxtel Originals, and BBC First for all the latest first-class drama from the UK’s most respected channel.

Unlimited data means you can stay online as much as you want, without worrying about extra fees or exceeding a monthly allowance. Unlimited data is especially recommended for those who watch a lot of videos, play plenty of online games, or access streaming services like Netflix and Stan.

The Unlimited Broadband + Entertainment bundle is $104/month, while the Unlimited broadband + Drama bundle costs $124/month. If you’re an avid drama fan, you should definitely go for the second option, since the price difference isn’t that huge. Both bundles are available with no lock-in contract. ADSL and NBN connections are supported. Bundles come with a Foxtel iQ3 or the brand new iQ4 (allowing you to pause/rewind/record live TV) and a Wi-Fi modem.

Isn’t there something cheaper out there?

As we’ve said before, you will definitely be able to find an ISP offering a broadband plan cheaper than Foxtel. But when it comes to the sheer value packed in these bundles, Foxtel is tough to beat. You get Pay TV, broadband, and home phone at a decent price, and you can be sure that the service provided will be top-notch.

Plus, if you have more money to spare, you can also get one of Foxtel’s other bundles – Unlimited Broadband+ Sport or Unlimited Broadband+ Platinum HD. You’ll get even more choice when it comes to the channels available.


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