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Introducing Foxtel Broadband

While the name has been known Australia-wide for decades as the dominant force in high quality pay TV, Foxtel has long recognised that a connected world is just as important for users of their service as it is for everyone else. With the advanced iQ3 and iQ4 boxes in millions of homes and a new emphasis on the on-demand features of Foxtel’s service such as FoxFlicks and Fox Showcase, Foxtel is best experienced with a fast, reliable broadband connection. Foxtel Broadband makes that both easy and affordable by bundling both together.

What Makes Foxtel Broadband Unique?

Keeping very much in mind the need to back up the Foxtel satellite service with broadband that wouldn’t get in the way of the user experience, Foxtel Broadband has aimed for several things that all of its plans have in common. For starters, every single Foxtel Broadband plan offers unlimited data, so there’s no need to worry about running out when you’re streaming the thousands of hours of movies and shows available on your iQ box as part of your Foxtel subscription. Every plan also includes a home phone line with unlimited standard local and national calls. Foxtel Broadband is also officially YouTube HD Verified, meaning less buffering and superior HD streaming on YouTube as well as other streaming platforms, including Foxtel itself.

What Plans Does Foxtel Broadband Offer?

If you’re new to Foxtel, whether you’re still on ADSL or have access to the NBN you’ll find four different Foxtel Broadband plans to choose from that all revolve around the Foxtel channel pack selections you decide that you want. Your options include:

Entertainment Bundle: This gives you around 45 entertainment channels that range from news and documentaries to drama and lifestyle, an instant expansion to your TV viewing that has something for everyone, including key channels like Fox8 and CNN.

Sport HD Bundle: This bundle takes the Entertainment Pack and adds Foxtel’s acclaimed suite of 15 sports channels, along with an upgrade to high definition for crisp, clear action. This bundle includes access to the new 4K channel, too!

Drama Bundle: For those more into all things dramatic, this bundle gives you access to Foxtel’s premium drama channels – including live and streaming access to Fox Showcase, the home of HBO and dozens of other premium shows, all available to binge on demand whenever you like, as well as the very latest from the UK on BBC First and the 24-hour couch paradise of the Box Sets and Binge channels.

Platinum HD Bundle: This gives you every channel that Foxtel has to offer – more than 90 of them ranging from sports to docos to movies to drama to lifestyle, with HD and the new 4K channel included as well as the full range of on demand streaming direct to your iQ and other devices. If you’re after the works, this bundle is the best bet since it also includes a discount on the broadband component of the bundle.

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What About Plans for Existing Foxtel Customers?

If you’ve already got Foxtel installed, and wish you could take advantage of what is a great price for unlimited, fast broadband, you’re in luck. Foxtel Broadband also has a couple of options for current Foxtel customers that let you add broadband on to your service along with a home phone with unlimited local and national calls.

For All Foxtel Customers: The Unlimited broadband bundle for existing customers gives you broadband and home phone on top of your current TV package, on a 24-month contract.

For Platinum HD Customers: If you’re a Platinum HD subscriber, the news is even better – you can add that same unlimited broadband and phone service to your existing plan with no lock-in contract and no set-up costs, and a cheaper monthly rate into the bargain. It’s superb value if you need fast, high-quality broadband, either on NBN or ADSL.

What Modem is Included?

Supplied with all plans, Foxtel Broadband’s custom-designed Wi-Fi modem is specifically designed for seamless streaming of video to multiple users and is built with speed and ease of use in mind. Using a completely separate wi-fi band (5 GHz) for streaming video and Beamforming technology to follow your devices as you move around your home, it makes sure your viewing stays seamless. It’s ready to go as soon as you plug it in, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Which Foxtel Box Do You Get?

If you’re a new customer and getting Foxtel for the very first time, you’ll be sent the very latest iQ4 box, the advanced digital video recorder that also functions as a streaming video hub for all of Foxtel’s on-demand content. With full support for 4K, ten digital tuners so you can record multiple channels at once while watching another, and easy Bluetooth remote control, it’s an iQ that was built for broadband. It enables access to the new Foxtel 4K channel if you have a compatible TV and the right plan, too.

If your home is still connected to Foxtel via cable, you’ll get a choice of iQ boxes – either the iQ3 or the classic iQ2 if you prefer simplicity.

Foxtel Broadband Customer Service

If you’ve got questions about the various Foxtel Broadband plans, availability in your area or anything else you might need to know, just get in touch with the Foxtel Broadband customer service team on 1300 130 799 from 9am to 7pm weekdays or 10am to 6pm Saturdays. If you’re an existing customer and want information on your current service or the options you have to upgrade it, call customer support direct on 1300 760 579.

Foxtel Broadband Review: Is It for You?

When choosing a broadband plan, there’s lots to consider. From contract length to speed, from download limits to cost, the whole process can be overwhelming and clear answers can be difficult to find. But if your main objective is simply to find the most entertaining streaming bundle available, then there’s only one answer – Foxtel Broadband.

Foxtel Broadband verdict
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