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Should you opt for one of Foxtel’s new NBN broadband bundles?

While Foxtel is huge when it comes to Pay TV matters, the telco has made strides lately towards offering appealing broadband internet subscriptions as well. Foxtel is offering NBN broadband bundles, giving customers access to speedy internet and affordable TV packs. But should you go for one of Foxtel’s shiny bundles? We investigate.

It’s been a while since cable TV provider Foxtel moved into the internet business and started selling home broadband subscription bundles. Until recently, the telco only offered ADSL connections, which are still great for those of you who don’t have access to the NBN just yet. But since customers whose homes were already covered by the NBN might have felt neglected, Foxtel decided to remedy the situation. Since the end of 2016, new and existing Foxtel clients can opt for one of the telco’s NBN broadband bundles. You can now enjoy faster internet and all your favourite Foxtel channels at the same time.

That was the right move, since the NBN rollout is going according to schedule. By June 2018, it was announced that 4 million homes and businesses were connected to the network, while the number of premises ready for service reached 6.8 million, almost doubling in the last year alone.

Sounds great, right? After all, who wouldn’t want to stream Netflix seamlessly or download files at higher speed, while watching the latest episode of Wentworth on the big screen? But while these new Foxtel bundles are great at first sight, you should pay careful attention to the fine print. Luckily, we’re here to give you a head start. Here’s everything you need to know about the Foxtel NBN broadband bundles, so you can figure out if one of them is a good fit for you.

Compare Foxtel Broadband Bundles

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Bundles overview

Foxtel NBN BroadbandFoxtel has some interesting NBN broadband bundles on offer. Photo: Pexels
Foxtel is currently offering four NBN broadband bundles, all based on the TV pack that’s more suitable for you and your family. Downloads are unlimited on all bundles.

Unlimited nbn™ Broadband + Entertainment Bundle

First off, we have the most basic Foxtel broadband bundle. It includes a phone line with unlimited standard local calls and the Foxtel Entertainment Pack which comes with 45 channels – including FOX8, Arena, Universal Channel, as well as music, kids’, and news channels. If you were looking to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones with this pack, however, the odds aren’t in your favour. You will be required to add extra channel packs to cover all your needs – like drama or sports – which translates to additional costs. With only the basics, this bundle will cost you $101/month on a 24 month plan.

Unlimited nbn™ Broadband + Sports Bundle

Everything in the base bundle plus Foxtel’s acclaimed sports channels, over 15 of them, bringing you live and exclusive sport all year round – from football to tennis to golf to cricket. All for $130/month on a 24 month plan.

200GB nbn™ Broadband + Drama Bundle

Unlimited data and every Foxtel premium drama channel available. Sounds good, right? If you love your TV, it’s pretty much ideal, with access to a range of quality drama channels from the BBC to Showcase (the latter the home of HBO, where Game of Thrones and Westworld live). You also get a phone line with unlimited standard local calls. This bundle costs $121/month on a 24 month plan.

Unlimited nbn™ Broadband + Platinum HD Bundle

If you really want to enjoy absolutely everything that Foxtel has to offer, this is bundle for you. It’s pretty pricey, but it comes with unlimited data, a phone line with unlimited standard local and national calls, and the Foxtel Platinum HD pack. This pack includes every Foxtel channel available, so you’ll have a plethora of entertainment at your fingertips. This bundle costs $202/month on a 24 month plan.

Why these Foxtel bundles are appealing

While these new Foxtel NBN broadband bundles might not be the perfect choice for those looking solely for internet connections (there are cheaper options available after all), they’re a great pick for anyone who wants an internet and pay TV combo. The Unlimited Broadband + Entertainment Bundle is, in our option, the best of the three, since it comes with unlimited data and 45 channels suitable for the entire family.

As for the Unlimited Broadband + Platinum HD, this bundle might be pricey, but it does come with all Foxtel channels available, which means you gain access to all the content Foxtel has to offer – exclusive TV shows and sport events included. Not too shabby.

A warning about download speed

Foxtel Download Speed
When choosing a broadband bundle, read the fine print carefully. Photo: Pexels
When it comes to the NBN, this isn’t like your old ADSL connection. While there was little you could do about ADSL speed, NBN providers are currently offering plans at different speed tiers. It might sounds confusing at first, which if why we’ve written an in-depth piece about why choosing the right download speed matters.

Now, these Foxtel NBN Broadband bundles each come at a very speedy 50/20 speed tier. The numbers refer to download/upload speed, but measured in megabits per second rather than megabytes. As a reference, 12 Mbit/sec is at the mid-range of possible ADSL2+ download speeds.

If you’re looking for really speedy internet, Foxtel does offer a higher speed tier. But, as you might have guessed already, this costs extra. The highest tier, 100/40 mbps, will cost you $30 extra/month for the Unlimited bundles.

Were you content with your previous ADSL speed? Then the standard speed tier included in each of Foxtel’s new NBN broadband should be more than enough. But if super-speedy internet is really what you’re after, you might want to spend a little extra.


The Foxtel NBN broadband bundles are definitely a great addition to Foxtel’s overall offerings. The NBN rollout is in full swing. More and more people will want to opt for an NBN connection instead of an ADSL one. Foxtel’s bundles are great for those looking for an NBN + pay TV combo, especially families with various entertainment needs.

Still not convinced? Compare NBN plans to find a better fit for you.

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