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Foxtel NBN Broadband

If a broadband - pay TV combo sounds good, get your entertainment and broadband needs sorted out.

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When choosing a broadband plan, there’s lots to consider. From contract length to speed, from download limits to cost, the whole process can be overwhelming and clear answers can be difficult to find. But if your main objective is simply to find the most entertaining streaming bundle available, then there’s only one answer – Foxtel Broadband.

The Facts

  • Data limits: All plans come with unlimited data
  • Connection types: NBN, ADSL
  • Price categories: Medium-High to High
  • Service Management Apps: Yes, iOS and Android
  • Support: Phone, Email, Website, App

Foxtel has been on the Aussie entertainment landscape for some time. Recently – and particularly as the bundling trend has taken hold over the past few years – they’ve also started to dip their toes into the telecommunications pool. In doing so, however, they haven’t sought to mirror their competitors – instead, they’ve done it in the most Foxtel way possible. Their broadband options – whether ADSL or NBN – are incredibly fast (there’s no ‘slow’ option) and there are no download limits. In fact, the only choice you really need to make is which Foxtel package to go for. (Hint: If you can’t decide, the Platinum comes with everything).

By rolling in world-class broadband with world-class entertainment, the cost is perhaps not as expensive as you’d expect.

What makes Foxtel Broadband unique?

Foxtel Broadband is unique because it is broadband combined with Foxtel TV. That’s the long and the short of it. If you’ve always wanted to get Foxtel but never done so – maybe because you were worried it would be too expensive – now might just be your chance. By rolling in world-class broadband with world-class entertainment, the cost is perhaps not as expensive as you’d expect. By having all your entertainment needs taken care of at home, you also save yourself some dosh from not needing to go out. So in that way, Foxtel might be the definition of spending money to save money.

Enjoy Foxtel’s Exclusive Content with 2 Months Free

Access the hottest shows on TV, sport, and movies — including the final season of Game of Thrones & the seventh season of Wentworth — FREE for the first 2 months with $0 upfront costs. Offer ends 30 June 2019.
Compare all Foxtel TV plans

Entertainment done your way

Foxtel Broadband offers unlimited, super-fast broadband with your choice of four packages: Entertainment, Drama, Sport or Platinum. Entertainment is the standard package, which comes with great reality shows, documentaries and TV series.

The Drama pack is the next level up. The Drama package is for you series junkies out there. In addition to everything offered by the Entertainment pack, the Drama pack has an excellent variety of new series from Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as loads of classics on demand.

It’s not exaggerating to say that Foxtel Broadband’s sport package is the best sporting package out there in Australia. The Sport package will give you everything in the Entertainment pack, plus access to the best live sport from Australia and all around the world, including NRL, AFL, A-League, cricket, tennis, Super Rugby and loads more.

Finding it hard to choose? The Platinum HD package combines all of the above, meaning you won’t need to make a decision! (Although we do warn you now that choosing which channel to watch isn’t going to be easy). What’s even better is that once you’ve signed up to a Foxtel subscription, you can get free use of the Foxtel Go app, which allows you to watch your favourite shows, sport, and movies — all depending on which Foxtel pack you’re subscribed to. Check out the complete list of devices on which you can use the Foxtel Go app below.

DevicesUser Guide
PC/MacYes, web browser only (Chrome for PC; Chrome & Safari for Mac)
iOS Mobile DevicesYes, via native app (iOS 9.3.5 or above)
Android Mobile DevicesYes, via native app (Android 5 and above)
Google ChromecastYes, via casting
Apple TVYes, via AirPlay

Foxtel Broadband plans

Although choosing a program to watch on Foxtel can be overwhelming – you might wish you had a few more sets of eyes – actually choosing a plan is relatively simple. There are just a few different choices to make. You’ll need to pick either ADSL or NBN (a choice which of course your address makes for you), while there are different plans and upgrades depending on whether you’re a new or existing customer. The real fun starts when choosing your Foxtel package – Entertainment, Drama, Sport or Platinum. Every package comes with a landline which gives you unlimited local and national calls.

Foxtel Broadband Plans

Unlimited Broadband + Entertainment Bundle
  • Speeds Vary
  • Unlimited Data
  • ADSL2+
Min Cost - $2438 on direct debit

Unlimited Broadband + Drama Bundle
  • Speeds Vary
  • Unlimited Data
  • ADSL2+
Min Cost - $2878 on direct debit

Unlimited nbn™ Broadband + Entertainment Bundle
  • Up to 40Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
Min Cost - $2438 on direct debit

See all Foxtel Broadband packages

Existing Foxtel customers

If you’re an existing Foxtel customer, Foxtel Broadband lets you include your internet and your entertainment in the one package. If you’re a Platinum HD TV customer, then you can sign up for unlimited internet at Plus Speed (45.7MBPS) on a no-contract basis with no set-up fees. If you’re not a Platinum customer, then you’ll need to sign a 24-month deal. This applies to both ADSL and NBN plans (with the ASDL speed dependent on your location and distance from the node).

New Foxtel customers

New customers in both ADSL and NBN areas will be able to sign up with Foxtel Broadband on the four different entertainment pack outlined above (Entertainment, Drama, Sport or Platinum). For NBN users, regardless of which entertainment pack you choose, you’ll get unlimited broadband and it’ll be provided at Plus Speed (45.7MBPS). All NBN deals are offered on a 12-month contract. ADSL users will also get unlimited broadband, but speed will depend on your location.

Services and customer satisfaction

Foxtel has an extensive help and support network online which should be able to assist you with most of your queries. From help on Facebook and Twitter to the ‘Foxtel Community’ support service, you should be able to find the answer you need. To get in touch with them directly, call 1300 760 579 between 9am and 7pm Eastern Standard Time Monday to Friday, and 10am to 6pm Saturday.

Foxtel will be happy to help you with:

  • Package Related Changes
  • Getting Started
  • Technical Support
  • Billing & Services
  • Latest Offers & Plans

Awards and recognition

Foxtel is recognised as your one-stop shop for broadband and entertainment. Whether you’re a large household or a big family with a bunch of different entertainment needs, Foxtel Broadband provides excellent internet and top-quality entertainment on the one bill. Put simply, Foxtel doesn’t mess around. They don’t offer a slow internet speed and there are no options with download limits. They’re veterans of the entertainment game – and they do it very well.

The Good

  • Plans come with built-in Foxtel TV bundles and other perks
  • Offers ADSL bundling options

The Gotchas

  • Broadband bundles are comparatively more expensive than the average price in the market
  • Plans are only available in one speed tier

Foxtel Broadband: Entertainment done your way

We will give it to you straight. If you’re looking for a cheap and flexible provider, Foxtel Broadband is not for you. But if you want a broadband provider with excellent internet specs – along with pure, unbridled entertainment – then Foxtel Broadband is definitely for you.


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