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Foxtel NBN Broadband

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Review updated February 27th, 2021

When choosing a broadband plan, there’s lots to consider. From contract length to speed, from download limits to cost, the whole process can be overwhelming and clear answers can be difficult to find. But if your main objective is simply to find the most entertaining streaming bundle available, then there’s only one answer – Foxtel Broadband.

Foxtel NBN Review

Foxtel has been on the Aussie entertainment landscape for some time. Recently, they’ve also started to dip their toes into the telecommunications pool. In doing so, however, they haven’t sought to mirror their competitors – instead, they’ve done it in the most Foxtel way possible. Their broadband options are incredibly fast (there’s no ‘slow’ option) and there are no download limits. In fact, the only choice you really need to make is which Foxtel package to go for. (Hint: If you can’t decide, the Platinum Plus bundle comes with everything).

In this Review

About Foxtel Broadband

Foxtel’s NBN offering is broadband combined with Foxtel TV. That’s the long and the short of it. By rolling in world-class broadband with top-quality entertainment, the cost is perhaps not as high as you’d expect.

What Bundles do Foxtel Entertainment Offer?

Foxtel Broadband offers unlimited, super-fast broadband with your choice of five bundles: Foxtel Plus, Movies HD, Sports HD, Premium or Platinum Plus. Foxtel Plus is the standard package, which comes with great reality shows, documentaries and TV series, as well as all the HBO goodness of the Fox Showcase channel.

Movies HD Bundle

The Movies HD pack is ideal for all the movie junkies out there. In addition to everything offered by the Foxtel Plus pack, the Movies HD pack delivers 11 channels of movies of all kinds, from the latest blockbusters to the timeless classics.

Sports HD Bundle

It’s not exaggerating to say that Foxtel Broadband’s sport package is the best sporting offering available in Australia. The Sports HD bundle will give you everything in the Foxtel Plus pack, as well as access to the best live sport from Australia and all around the world, including NRL, AFL, A-League, cricket, tennis, Super Rugby and loads more.

Premium Bundle

Finding it hard to choose? The Platinum HD package combines all of the above and adds the Kids Pack, meaning you won’t need to make a decision! (Although we do warn you now that choosing which channel to watch isn’t going to be easy).

Platinum Plus Bundle

The bundle with the lot, Platinum Plus includes every Foxtel channel pack, along with a full Netflix subscription and multi-room casting so you can stream your shows on other TVs.

Foxtel Device Compatibility

What plans does Foxtel Broadband offer?

Although choosing a program to watch on Foxtel can be overwhelming – you might wish you had a few more sets of eyes – actually choosing a plan is relatively simple. There are just a few choices to make. You’ll need to pick either ADSL or NBN (a choice which of course your address makes for you), but fortunately these offerings are largely the same. In addition, there are different plans and pricing depending on whether you’re a new or existing customer. Every bundle comes with an optional landline phone (for an extra $5/month) which gives you unlimited local and national calls.

Foxtel Broadband Plans

Unlimited nbn™ Broadband + Foxtel Plus Bundle
  • $118/mth for the first 12 mths, $124/mth afterwards. Offer ends 30/04/2021.
  • Unlimited nbn™ Broadband + Foxtel Plus Bundle
  • 24 Month Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Over 50 channels of entertainment, drama, lifestyle, docos, reality & more
  • Typical evening speed 52.6 Mbps
  • $118/mth
for the first 12 mths on a 24 Month Plan. $124/mth from mth 13 onwards.
Min Cost - $2,904 on direct debit (incl. $0 WiFi modem + $0 activation fee). New customers only.

Last audited 30 April 2020

Existing Foxtel customers

If you’re an existing Foxtel customer, Foxtel Broadband lets you include your internet and your entertainment in the one package. If you’re a Platinum HD TV customer, then you can sign up for unlimited internet at Plus Speed (45.7MBPS) on a no-contract basis with no set-up fees. If you’re not a Platinum customer, then you’ll need to sign a 24-month deal. This applies to both ADSL and NBN plans (with the ASDL speed dependent on your location and distance from the node).

New Foxtel customers

New customers in both ADSL and NBN areas can sign up with Foxtel Broadband on the five different bundles outlined above (Foxtel Plus, Movies HD, Sports HD, Premium or Platinum Plus). For NBN users, regardless of which entertainment pack you choose, you’ll get unlimited broadband and it’ll be provided at Plus Speed (45.7MBPS). All NBN bundles are offered on either a 12 or 24 month contract.

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with Foxtel

The world’s best dramas, live sport, latest entertainment, and Netflix shows, all in one place. Enjoy up to $45/mth off when you get a 12-month plan. Offer ends 18 May!

Why Foxtel?

A one-stop shop for broadband and entertainment, whether you’re a large household or a big family with a bunch of different entertainment needs, Foxtel Broadband provides excellent internet and top-quality entertainment in the one bundle. They’re veterans of the entertainment game – and they do it very well.

What are Foxtel Broadband’s Best Features?

  • Unlimited data across all plans
  • Uncapped internet combined with Foxtel TV
  • Five bundles to choose from
  • YouTube HD verified for superior HD streaming
  • Get started with Foxtel TV’s 55 entertainment channels
  • Anytime Data Usage & included high-speed modem
  • Change your plan once a month for free

Foxtel Broadband: Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Plans come with built-in Foxtel TV bundles and other perks
  • Offers ADSL bundling options

The Gotchas

  • Broadband bundles are comparatively more expensive than the average price in the market
  • Plans are only available in one speed tier

Summary: Is Foxtel Broadband right for me?

We will give it to you straight. If you’re looking for a cheap and flexible provider, Foxtel Broadband is not for you. But if you want a broadband provider with excellent internet specs – along with pure, unbridled entertainment – then Foxtel Broadband is definitely for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Foxtel NBN

  • Does the NBN Affect Foxtel?

In general, the NBN is a completely separate service to Foxtel and one doesn’t affect the other. But for customers on Foxtel services delivered via cable rather than satellite, in the coming few years the plan is to shut down the Foxtel service on that cable and hand it over entirely to the NBN. This is some time away yet, but Foxtel will offer those customers options – including switching to satellite delivery with the advanced iQ4 box – when the time comes.

  • Can Foxtel’s Cable be Used for the NBN?

Yes, in many areas the NBN is connected to homes using the cable that was originally rolled out for Foxtel. While it used to be known as “cable internet”, the NBN calls this technology “HFC” and it’s taking advantage of some major upgrades and improvements to the existing cable to deliver much faster broadband.

  • Can I Get Foxtel on Optus NBN?

If you’re connected to Optus NBN via cable (HFC) you may have assumed that you could also get connected to Foxtel via that same cable. But as of recently, Foxtel is no longer offering new connections via cable – instead, new customers connect via satellite, which delivers superior picture quality (up to 4K Ultra HD) via a more advanced set top box (the iQ4). Having Foxtel installed won’t affect your NBN service at all.

  • Do You Need NBN for Foxtel?

While you don’t need the NBN – or any internet connection at all – to receive, watch and record Foxtel’s channels, it’s highly recommended to have a reliable broadband connection at home to take full advantage of al the features Foxtel’s iQ4 set top box has to offer – including on-demand streaming of thousands of hours of shows and movies, and even renting the latest movies from the Foxtel Store.

  • How Do You Connect Foxtel to the NBN?

When you’re setting up your Foxtel iQ box, you’ll be given two options for ways to connect to the NBN – via Ethernet, or using wi-fi. Ethernet is a cable that you plug between your iQ box and your NBN modem/router, and this provides a rock-solid and very reliable internet connection for streaming shows and browsing Foxtel’s other content. If Ethernet isn’t practical, though, don’t worry – the iQ boxes have wi-fi built in, and can connect to your home wi-fi easily – just find your wi-fi access point in the list during setup, and enter the password.

  • Is the Foxtel Hub NBN Ready?

Yes, it is – though if you’re switching to the NBN from Foxtel Broadband on ADSL, you’ll need a different type of Foxtel Hub, since the one you’ve been using for ADSL is an older model that doesn’t work with the NBN. One of these will be sent out to you, and you must use this hub for your Foxtel NBN connection. The new Foxtel Hub is designed especially for the NBN, with support for up to 32 wi-fi devices at the one time and high-speed connections for Ethernet devices.

  • Will Foxtel Use the NBN?

While Foxtel’s 90+ TV channels will continue to be delivered via satellite, Foxtel makes great use of the NBN for streaming a huge library of on-demand content on the IQ box, a service available at no extra cost to all customers. With thousands of hours of TV shows, movies, docos and more, it’s a good idea to get your Foxtel iQ box connected to your NBN broadband so you can enjoy everything Foxtel has to offer!

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