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Fetch Contact Phone Number

Contact Fetch via ISP

Fetch subscribers can contact their internet service providers should they have questions and other inquiries about Fetch TV.

Customers who have Fetch accounts can login to fetchtv.com.au/account to receive online support.

Fetch email

Contact Fetch via email

For other concerns, you can send an email at contactus@fetchtv.com.au. It is important to note that this does not serve as customer service email address for Fetch.
Fetch helpdesk
Fetch will be happy to help you with:

  • Technical issues
  • Getting started
  • Managing your account
  • Troubleshooting
  • Latest Offers or Plans

Fetch TV from Dodo

Enjoy the very best entertainment all in one place when you get your very own Fetch TV box set through Dodo’s special Entertainment Bundle.

For as low as $45 per month, you can start watching your favourite shows and movies on a Fetch Mini that comes with unlimited ADSL data, plus 1 free channel pack on top of other freebies. Want to get more from your Fetch TV subscription? You can upgrade to a Fetch Mighty box set for $50/month on unlimited ADSL and only $80/month on unlimited NBN.

With your Fetch TV from Dodo, you get access to all FTA channels and catch-up services, plus use your streaming subscriptions to watch your favourite shows from Netflix, Stan, hayu, and more. Also get access to the TV Store to buy episodes or seasons of shows, and rent or buy the latest movie releases as well. If that’s not enough, you can also catch up on shows you’ve missed by recording using your Fetch Mighty box — and use the Fetch TV app to watch on the go!

iPrimus + Fetch NBN Bundle

Get a Fetch Mighty and 1 channel pack + unlimited NBN on a 24-month contract.
/mthover 24 mths

Dodo + Fetch NBN Bundle

Get a Fetch Mini and 1 channel pack + unlimited NBN on a 24-month contract.
/mthover 24 mths

Contact Fetch Today

Fetch Contact Support, see details below to contact Fetch TV for customer support.

If you are an existing customer with a Fetch account with your Internet Service Provider and are experiencing issues – contact your Fetch service provider directly. Fetch does not have access to your account information and is unable to assist you. Your ISP will be able to help.

If you are an existing customer who purchased a Fetch TV box from an authorised retailer and have an account directly with Fetch – go to fetchtv.com.au/account. Log in using your username and password and follow the online troubleshooting process.

The channels indicated above are the fastest, most efficient way that Fetch subscribers can receive customer support. Fetch does not have a call centre and will not be able to assist their customers via phone.

Alternatively, you can get more information on the Fetch website.

Fetch TV News

Fetch TV Offers

Enjoy 24/7 Premier League
on the Fetch Special interest - Optus Sport Pack plan with 2 genres of content
Contract varies
All the channels (60) included in the Kids, Knowledge, Vibe and Variety Packs
on the Fetch TV Ultimate Pack plan with 10 genres of content
Contract varies