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We’re all keeping up with so many subscriptions these days, it can be way too easy to forget which services you’re subscribed to and how much they’re costing you. That’s where Optus Sub Hub comes in to make streaming subscription life easier for you – and to save you some money as well!

Subscription services depend on customers signing up for a free trial and then forgetting to cancel if and when they’re not using it anymore. But every month that charge goes onto your credit card like clockwork, as you keep reminding yourself that you’ve got to get around to pausing or cancelling your subscription. If only there was a way to manage all your subs in one place… Well, now there is!

What’s in this Guide?

What is Optus SubHub?

Available to all Optus mobile and broadband account holders (except those on prepaid mobile), Optus SubHub is a single platform allowing customers to add and manage subscriptions – not just to streaming services, but also to apps and other online services. 

Available now in an “early access” mode, SubHub lets you sign up for subscriptions quickly and easily from the one page, after which you can manage them from the one place, rather than having to visit multiple web pages to see when your renewal date is or to cancel. It’s designed to let you see all the subscriptions you’re paying for at a glance, something that’s really needed these days.

Because it’s still in an early access stage (a full release is happening this summer) the subscriptions you can pick are fairly limited, but Optus is going to be adding more very soon. See below for which services are available and which are on the way shortly.

At the moment, you can only add new subscriptions to your hub, but soon you’ll be able to add existing subscriptions as well.

Exactly what subscriptions are available to eligible Optus customers?

At the moment, there are six digital content subscriptions you can manage from your SubHub account, with five more to come very soon, and more to follow later. Currently, you can add Amazon Prime (the full Prime service, not just streaming), Kindle Unlimited, Calm, inkl news and Chinese streaming service iQiyi. Optus Sport app, with its exclusive English Premier League coverage and new OS Fitness section, is there as well, free of charge – even if your current Optus plan doesn’t include it.

Coming soon are Paramount Plus, Britbox, Fetch TV, wonder, Netflix and FIIT. 

Optus Plans

Internet Everday + Optus Sport
  • Internet Everday + Optus Sport
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Optus Sport monthly subscription included
  • Stream Premier League, K League & more live and on-demand
  • $79/mth
Min Cost - $331 (incl. $0 start-up fee & $252 modem)

Optus Sport
  • Optus Sport
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Stream European football live and on-demand
  • Includes Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro 2020 & more
  • $14.99/mth
Min Cost - $14.99 over 1 month

Best subscription services available to Optus customers

Here is the pick of content subscriptions that can be accessed via the single platform allowing Optus account customers to watch the best TV around in just a few clicks. These services are only available to postpaid Optus customers and will be added to your monthly Optus bill.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video has become the go-to for fans of top TV series and films. Now the service is an Optus streaming option, and you can pay for your Amazon subscription services (including Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music), through Optus SubHub

Optus Sport

This is what really made the service provider first stand out from the crowd. Optus Sport is dedicated to football, and in particular, the English Premier League. Eligible customers can save lots of money ($14.99 per month) as the app is offered with a whole range of mobile and broadband plans.

OS Fitness

One of the multiple services that are included free as part of Optus broadband and mobile phone plans on OptusSubHub is OS Fitness. Here you get over 1000 videos that offer a wide range of daily exercises to help you stay in shape. This unique Optus live TV streaming option is also included with Optus Sport plans and Optus TV.

Are there any discounts for adding a service via Optus SubHub?

Yes indeed there are – there are some very generous perks to adding a service via Sub Hub, with the most generous being an entire year of free Amazon Prime just for signing up via Sub Hub, worth $59 and giving you access to free Prime delivery, Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Gaming and Prime Reading. Relaxation app Calm offers three months free, as does Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited (which gives you access to a vast library of eBooks to read on your Kindle, smartphone or tablet). 

News service Inkl offers one month free, as does iQiyi. Of course, you can cancel any of your subs whenever you like, and you can see at a glance when you’re next getting billed for each one right there in the Hub.

But that’s not all – the more services you add, the more you save. Add two services to your Sub Hub and you get a 5% discount on the price of all of them. With three or more added, you’ll get a 10% discount – which can, when added up, be really worthwhile.

Last audited 26th of November 2021

How do I pay for Optus SubHub?

As you may have guessed, with Optus managing all your subs for you, the total for each month will be included on your Optus bill (this is the reason prepaid customers can’t join at the moment). 

Each of your subscriptions renews on a date based on when you added it, so if you cancel one of your subscriptions you might find that the total price varies on the next bill. You won’t lose any paid subscription time by cancelling – the actual cut-off date will be at the end of that service’s paid period. That’s another great thing about Sub Hub – you can see all that info on the one page, making it easy to manage what subs you’re paying for.

SubHub free trials

Whereas there are no free trials available with SubHub, there are always a lot of hugely interesting deals for eligible Optus customers. You can get free access to some of the best shows on Amazon, as well as movies and originals, plus 1 month free of services like Inkl, Calm and iQiyi. Add to that free access to Optus Sport and OS Fitness, and you won’t even need to worry about a free trial anymore!

Is there anything like SubHub for those without existing subscriptions?

At the moment, Sub Hub is kind of unique in what it’s doing – but we’re seeing more companies adopt the bundling approach to subscriptions. Amazon Prime Video just launched its set of paid channels, which let you add streaming brands like MGM, Paramount Plus and more to your Prime Video account. It’s not yet known how Optus will handle those via Sub Hub, but it’s a similar concept for non-Optus customers using Prime Video, with the extra channels being added on to your account.

Apple has offered Channels via its TV app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV for a long time now, with more added just recently. Again, these are effectively separate TV streaming services that can be attached to your Apple account to deliver more content.

Neither of these options offers any kind of discount, though, which is where Sub Hub could become the place to go as they add more services.

We’ve been seeing comparable “bundle it on the bill” options as well, such as the ability to sign up to Netflix on your Foxtel bill, or the bundled game console Telstra offers on its Xbox All Access plans. 

Should you try Optus SubHub?

It’s very early days yet, but if you’re an eligible Optus customer looking for the services on offer and wanting to save some money, it’s a brilliant concept that will only get better with time. Not being able to add existing subs to the Hub at the moment might put some people off, but that’s set to change soon.

In the meantime, it’s worth signing up if you’re an Optus customer – you get Optus Sport for free just for having a Sub Hub account, and you’ll soon be able to add your existing services to the Hub to make your subscription life a whole lot easier – and cheaper.

What people are asking about Optus SubHub

  • Is Optus SubHub free?

Optus SubHub is completely free of charge. You use it to purchase subscription services at market rates, which are then added to your monthly Optus bill instead of the service provider.

  • How does Optus SubHub work?

Optus SubHub is a service that assists you in organising and managing your paid subscriptions. Simply select the subscriptions you would want to add from the available list, and the SubHub platform will do the rest.

  • Can I get SubHub if I have Optus prepaid mobile?

Unfortunately, no. SubHub is not currently available on Optus prepaid plans.

  • Will I lose SubHuB if I cancel my eligible Optus service?

As part of your eligible Optus subscription, you will get a SubHub account. If you cancel your Optus Service, you will lose access to the SubHub platform as well as your Content Service subscriptions.

  • I currently don’t have Optus Sport on my Optus plan, can I access it on SubHub?

If your Optus plan does not include Optus Sport but your plan qualifies, you may create a SubHub account and access Optus Sport through the SubHub platform at no extra cost as long as you keep your SubHub account active.

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