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NBN – The National Broadband Network


It got off to a slow start, but the NBN is now rolling out to more and more areas as the installation process ramps up to full speed. One of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Australia, it aims to bring fast, reliable and hassle-free broadband to everyone, finally giving people who’ve suffered with unreliable or slow ADSL a chance to properly experience all the internet has to offer.

It’s a huge project that’s still going to take some years to complete – but keep an eye on this page as we keep you informed about new developments, let you check whether it’s available in your area or is on the way, and fill you in on what the NBN actually is and what it can do for you.

The Brand New NBN Rollout Tracker

We’ve introduced a live NBN Rollout tracker to the CompareTV site so you can see for yourself whether you’ve got access to the new network, as well as find out if it’s scheduled to arrive in your area soon. Powered by data directly from NBNco themselves, it’s a handy page to bookmark and check on a regular basis.

Compare NBN Plans and Offers

In this section you can learn about and compare the latest NBN broadband plans on offer. The choices depend on the level of your Broadband data usage or requirements for speed and can include any combination of Internet, phone or HD TV from Australia’s leading Broadband providers.


Australia NBN Coverage Map

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NBN Review

While almost everyone will have heard to the National Broadband Network – the NBN – through the many news reports on its progress over the past few years, there’s still a lot of confusion about what it is, what it’s for, and how it’s going to affect the way you connect to the internet in the future. A project that’s been many years in the making, it’s seen delays and alterations, but is back in full swing and rolling out to homes and businesses once more.


To help guide you we’ve put together a comprehensive overview of what the NBN is, how it will change the way you access the net, and what the different ways of connecting to the NBN mean for you. See the 2016 NBN Review for the latest details and progress.



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No – in fact, the NBN gives you a far greater choice of ISPs and makes it extremely easy and painless to connect to any of them, or switch to a new one – whatever contract you agree to with an ISP is the only restriction that will lock you to that ISP for the duration.
No, the installation – regardless of what method is used to connect you to the NBN – is free of charge. There are a few exceptions, though – if you need any extra cabling run inside your property, for example. Extra work on top of simply getting the NBN connection into your home can involve extra work you have to pay for yourself.
If you’re renting your home or apartment, permission for the installation of the NBN will need to be given by your landlord or agent. This is usually a formality – since the NBN will eventually be replacing the conventional phone line in your area, every residence will need to be connected to it – but you will need to inform them of what’s happening – especially if additional work needs to be done to the property.
That depends entirely on the ISP you choose to connect to the NBN with. A huge range of plans and speeds are available, from a huge range of ISPs. They’ll usually have a basic, moderate-speed plan that will cost you around the same as an ADSL connection, and if you want faster speeds, the price goes up slightly. The choice is yours, so shop around for a good ISP and a good deal!

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