Amazon Prime Delivery Aussie Review: Everything you need to know


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Amazon Prime

Amazon has never been this convenient and extensive. With Amazon Prime Delivery, there’s shipping, shopping, streaming and more -- basically all things that make people live life with more ease and joy, handled by your Amazon Prime account.

Overall 92%

Review was updated on 25th July, 2019

The Facts

  • Free trial offer: 30-day free trial offer, cancel anytime
  • Price: $6.99/month, no lock-in contract; $59/year
  • Free two-day domestic delivery
  • Other perks: Prime Video, Prime Reading Twitch Prime
  • Support: Phone, Website, Email, App

Amazon Prime Delivery Review

As work and life continuously become more hectic, we look for better ways to get things done. And when we say better that only means one thing — fast and free. This is where Amazon Prime Delivery comes in. Whatever you need to make your crazy schedule tolerable, Amazon can deliver reliably fast. And shopping is just one part of Amazon’s notable service offerings. With Prime, you can stream music and videos exclusively, too. As you do, you accumulate benefits in return that can help you save big bucks!

Amazon Prime Delivery paves the way for efficient shipping in the country with the 2-business day delivery accessible to nearly 90% of Australians.

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What makes Amazon Prime Delivery different?

For starters, Amazon Prime Delivery is tied to your Prime account. When you join Prime, you automatically become entitled to enjoy several of their products and services, which includes a free two-day domestic delivery and free standard international delivery on qualified orders over $49. With this, Australian customers are freed from the burdens of shipping fees.

If your purchases are regularly done online, signing up to Prime to take advantage of the free deliveries can totally result in substantial savings. Not to mention this extensive service also includes subscription to Prime Video for hot new movies and addictive shows. Then there’s Prime Reading for access of over 1,000 eBooks, and Twitch Prime for game lovers — everything included to suffice your need for relaxation and entertainment.

Even better, you can join Amazon Prime starting with a free trial. After this, your subscription begins for a monthly fee of only $6.99. You can also save a lot if you sign up to Prime Yearly at $59/year.

Key Amazon Prime Delivery Features

  • Free Domestic Delivery — Prime Delivery gives members a free two-day domestic delivery
  • Free Standard International Delivery — Get free standard shipping for qualified international orders over $49
  • Other Prime Membership Perks — Being a Prime Member gives you access to other amazing perks including Prime Video, Prime Reading, Twitch Prime, and more

What does Amazon Prime Delivery deliver?

Amazon Prime Delivery paves the way for efficient shipping in the country with the 2-business day delivery accessible to nearly 90% of Australians. And with Amazon Prime, you get the perk of speedy delivery free of charge with no minimum order threshold. Moreover, eligible orders over $49 purchased on the Australian site that are shipped from Amazon US are also delivered right at your doorstep for free.

Prime Monthly$6.99/monthFREE Two-day domestic delivery, FREE Standard International Delivery on eligible orders over $49, Prime Video, Prime Reading, Twitch Prime
Prime Yearly$59/yearFREE Two-day domestic delivery, FREE Standard International Delivery on eligible orders over $49, Prime Video, Prime Reading, Twitch Prime

You can’t even afford to get impatient with waiting as there’s Prime Video, Prime Reading, and Twitch Prime included in your Amazon Prime package.

What else does Amazon Prime Delivery offer?

Excited for a new movie, book or game to be released? Amazon Prime Delivery also offers free release-date delivery so you’re among the first ones to experience the latest. You just need to shop for eligible items at least two days prior their release. This includes popular video games, books, music, movies, and more. The free release-date delivery is only available in Metro areas.

For urgent shipping, there’s Priority Delivery where you can get discounts while your items are delivered in as fast as one day. First off, you get $2 discount on Priority Delivery for all eligible items shipped by Amazon AU. With this, you can expect your order to arrive as quick as one business day to select Metro areas. Saturday deliveries are also included. Meanwhile, you get $10 discount for Priority International Delivery on qualified orders over $49 from Amazon US.

What about movies and shows?

Your Amazon Prime membership not only provide you with greater ease when it comes to online shopping, it also delivers original releases of shows that are binge-worthy courtesy of your free Prime Video subscription. This includes The Man in the High Castle, American Gods, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and The Grand Tour. Other Amazon Prime originals worth seeing are Sneaky Pete, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Last Tycoon, and The Tick. Aside from Amazon’s original productions, subscribers can also enjoy other popular movies and shows, with all titles available to download.

How to access Amazon Prime Delivery?

You can access Amazon Prime Delivery via your Prime account, which you can do anywhere through any browser or device. You can also do your shopping through Amazon’s shopping apps, which includes free shipping if you have a Prime account. For watching movies and shows, Amazon Prime streams to most modern web browsers while the Prime Video app is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs. Simply put, access to Amazon Prime is pretty much a breeze.

What Does Amazon Prime Cost?

Monthly membership to Amazon Prime is only at $6.99 per month. To get huge savings, you can choose to subscribe annually with Prime Yearly at $59/year. If most of your errands are done online, signing up to Amazon Prime provides you with shipping benefits that are beyond useful. The included Prime Video, Prime Reading, and Twitch Prime are far from being dealbreakers, too. There’s not even a minimum contract so you can cancel anytime — even greater, the first month is also free.

Amazon Prime Delivery: Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Prime membership comes with a wide range of other perks including Prime Shopping, Prime Reading, and more
  • Generous 30-day free trial offer

The Gotchas

  • Some benefits/perks are still expanding and improving

Summary: Amazon Prime diligently delivers, it really does

Amazon Prime Delivery is a must-have if making online purchases is an essential part of your daily grind. Getting freebies and discounts on shipping while ensuring fast delivery are just some of the things that Amazon Prime can guarantee. To top it off, your standard Prime membership also provides you with exciting entertainment courtesy of Amazon originals, which you can stream via Prime Video. With the addition of Prime Reading and Twitch Prime, Amazon Prime at only $6.99/month is the very definition of an awesome deal. For under five bucks a month, your life is made ridiculously easier it’s almost rude if you don’t give it a try.