Amazon Prime Offers Customer Support 24 Hours A Day

As one of the most customer-focused companies on the planet, Amazon has long been renowned for its superlative customer service.

With the launch of Amazon Prime in Australia, the full range of customer support is available any time you need it. Amazon’s goal is to make sure any questions you have about their products and services – or any account issues you might have – are solved quickly and easily, with the company’s recent adoption of a “call back” system making sure the days of you waiting on hold to speak to a customer support team member are well and truly over.

Contact via the Amazon Website

The best way to contact Amazon Prime to get help with your question is to jump onto the Amazon Prime website, click on the “Help” button at top right, then the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the resulting page (which is, by the way, filled with a huge amount of frequently asked questions and their answers, potentially saving you the need to talk to customer support at all!).

Once you land on the Contact Us page, you just need to click through some quick questions about what broad category your question or feedback falls under, then you’ll be given three options – to send an email, get a phone call back, or launch a live text chat. Whichever one you pick you’ll be connected with the right person to get your questions answered.

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Call Amazon directly

If you’d rather call Amazon’s customer support team yourself, you can call their general help number at 1800 571 894, 24 hours a day. If your question is about an existing US-based Amazon account, you can also contact their US support at 0011 1 206 266 2992 (and if you use Skype to make that call it will be toll-free).

Follow Amazon Australia on Twitter

Social media users can find Amazon’s Australian team on Twitter at @AmazonAustralia – be sure to follow to keep up with the latest news and special offers, as well as to get in touch with Amazon if you need help with anything from an Amazon Prime Video stream to a product arriving in the mail.

24/7 support

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is – if you need to get in touch with Amazon’s customer support team they’re ready to help. With everything from streaming problems to accounts and payments, Amazon Australia has you covered.


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