Foxtel and Netflix Merger Offers Revolutionary Streaming TV Options

netflix TV shows displaying on a foxtel channel line-up

Today, Foxtel finally revealed the long rumoured partnership with streaming TV giant, Netflix. Dubbed as “The New Foxtel Experience,” this new service will provide customers with an iQ3 or iQ4 set-top box, and a completely redesigned user experience bringing together the best of TV all in one interactive place.

The Foxtel Netflix Partnership

As part of this “new experience,” Foxtel will now include Netflix for the first time on the iQ4. This move is part of the pay-TV giant’s continued strategy of aggregating the best content for their nationwide subscription base to watch on-demand. And what better way to have it all in one place than by housing the biggest streaming TV provider in the world?

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Key Inclusions of the ‘New Foxtel Experience’

This new user interface brings together two entertainment powerhouses under one roof, Foxtel and Netflix, while also offering a whole lot more in key features that provide entertainment to the Australian audience like nothing else.

  • The Netflix integration means that users can easily switch between hit shows such as Stranger Things and Black Mirror, plus Foxtel’s own acclaimed shows such as the popular show Wentworth and Big Little Lies with just a click of a button. 
  • Foxtel users will get personalised recommendations based on their viewing history.
  • A new Foxtel remote will feature a home button and a Netflix button, which allows for seamless browsing and watching.
  • In addition to Netflix, SBS On Demand will also be made available in the coming months, giving users access to shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Mary Kills People, Das Boot, and many more. 

At the end of the day, Foxtel’s customers will be treated to over 16,000 hours of TV on demand, including the very best TV has to offer from Foxtel and Netflix, including hit programs from HBO, FX, the BBC, and more. 

When Will the ‘New Foxtel Experience’ Rollout Begin?

More than 1.1 million Foxtel customers already have an iQ3 or iQ4 set top box installed. Starting today, the New Foxtel Experience, including Netflix, will begin its rollout to iQ4 users and is expected to be completed by August. As for iQ3 users, the rollout will begin by September with its completion anticipated by November.

The good news is, there won’t be any effort on the customers’ end to avail and enjoy The New Foxtel Experience. There’s no additional payment or separate subscription needed, and all software updates will be managed remotely in the coming months for all iQ4 and iQ3 set-top boxes and remote controls.

How Much will Netflix on Foxtel Cost?

At the moment, there aren’t any bundles available that give you Foxtel and Netflix in the one ongoing package – so anyone with an existing Netflix account can sign into the app on the iQ4 and get streaming. However, Foxtel has announced that new subscribers to any Foxtel plan on a 12-month contract – as well as current subscribers who are happy to re-contract – will get six months of HD Netflix access free, which is worth nearly $84.

Later in 2019, an announcement will be made about Foxtel plans that include Netflix as part of a bundle, which may mean cheaper Netflix and Foxtel for those that want to stay subscribed to both.

Does Every Foxtel Package Include Netflix?

As long as you’re either a new Foxtel customer or you’re an existing one agreeing to a new contract, yes. Regardless of which package or bundle you choose, you’ll be eligible for six months’ worth of free Netflix if you agree to be on a 12-month Foxtel contract. At current pricing, that saves you just shy of $84 – and that can be superb value if you were already planning on paying for Netflix as well as Foxtel.

Will Netflix be Available on Foxtel Now?

No – Foxtel Now will continue to provide live and on-demand streaming of many of Foxtel’s channels and their content, but Netflix won’t be added to your Foxtel Now package subscription. All devices that can stream Foxtel Now already have a Netflix app available for those that want to access the global giant’s shows and movies.

Because Foxtel Now doesn’t offer contract-based subscriptions, the Foxtel offer of six months’ free Netflix for new and re-contracting subscribers is unlikely to be made available to Foxtel Now users.


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