Amazon Prime

  • Amazon Prime Music – Can You Beat Free?

    Don't want to pay for premium music? Amazon gives Prime members a free access through their Amazon Prime Music service.
  • Get the Whole World of Amazon Prime for $4.99!

    Amazon Prime has now fully launched in Australia, bringing with it a wide range of perks and benefits alongside a library of great entertainment on Prime Video. For a limited time, you can get Prime for a reduced monthly rate.
  • Amazon Music Offers Unlimited Plans for Nonstop Streaming

    Amazon Music Unlimited is home to thousands of music content -- from latest releases and the best of the best. Avail now of their 30-day free trial and start streaming!
  • Amazon Prime Offers Customer Support 24 Hours A Day

    You can get in touch with Amazon’s customer support team no matter where you are or what time of the day it is – and don’t worry about paying for the call, because they’re happy to call you right back! Whether by phone, email or text chat, Amazon support has you covered.
  • Get a Whole Month of Amazon Prime for Free!

    Avail of Amazon Prime's 30-day free trial and get access to a huge range of TV and movie entertainment available to stream on demand wherever you are.
  • Amazon Prime Video Lands in Australia

    The Grand Tour, the new show from the team behind Top Gear, is now streaming weekly on Amazon Prime Video. It’s launched in Australia at a special low price with a can’t-miss half price deal for the first six months.