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Tiger King

What are the best Documentaries on Netflix

In the modern world streaming video has almost become synonymous with mindless entertainment, which is frankly unfair when there is so much simply epic documentary content at the tip of our thumbs. Netflix once again is leading the pack when it comes to mind-enhancing entertainment, with documentaries focused on the small to the large, from biology to the universe. Including the high-speed dive into Formula 1: Drive to Survive or a first hand look Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons.

Check out the best documentaries exclusive to Netflix.

  • The Last Dance
  • American Factory
  • The Edge Of Democracy
  • Miss Americana
  • FYRE
  • Bikram – Yoga, Guru, Preditor
  • Tiger King
  • Memory Games

The Last Dance

This 10 part docuseries is a mesmerising insight into the 90s Chicago Bulls side that dominated the NBA from 1991 – 1998. This famous team included the games biggest ever star, Michael Jordan, along with other greats of basketball like Scotty Pippen and Dennis Rodman. It features lengthy interviews with Jordan himself and those who worked alongside him to create arguably the greatest team in sports history.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

This adrenaline-filled documentary series is the first truly immersive entry into F1 racing, following the lives of each major team, the cars and of course, the drivers themselves. Providing an intimate behind the scenes look into the ultimate racing sport.

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Best Health & Lifestyle Documentaries

From self-help docos to discovering the truth about the food you eat, as well as realising the things that actually spark joy in your life, these health and lifestyle documentaries are true eye-openers for the open-minded. You’re sure to find nuggets of wisdom in each of these docos that are bound to change your perspective one way or another. Check out our top picks for the best health and lifestyle documentaries that you can stream on Netflix today.

Best Music Documentaries

From celebrating their rise to stardom and the tragic fall of some, music docos detail the most critical points in the life and career of music’s biggest idols. These Netflix music documentaries shed a light on the behind the scenes of the most iconised names in music and humanise them to the point of unravelling their greatest struggles behind their greatest hits. Start streaming the best music documentaries now on Netflix.

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Best Sport Documentaries

Just like music, the sports scene from all over the world is also known for having the most loved idols — and the most infamous names that ever played the game. Our picks for the top sport shows and docos feature inspiring stories of resilience, will, dedication, and discipline, as well as an in-depth look into the biggest scandals that ever graced the sporting industry. Be sure to catch these sport documentaries, now available for streaming on Netflix.

Best True Crime Documentaries

It’s not every day that we, the normal ones, get to have an insider’s look into what goes on inside a murderer’s mind and behaviour before and after the crime. As a result, more and more people are drawn towards true crime documentaries and it’s not hard to see why. From getting to the bottom of unsolved mysteries, to trace back to how it all happened — not to mention, hearing it straight from the criminal’s mouth — these true crime docos on Netflix have an appeal that tends to fascinate, intrigue, horrify, and trouble people all at the same time.

Best Wildlife & Nature Documentaries

What humans know of the planet we all live in does not even measure up to what’s truly out there. We’re but one tiny part of a massive planet that’s home to several other lifeforms — a lot of which, we haven’t even fully discovered just yet. There’s a lot more to learn and unravel not just from the planet itself, but also from the other living animals that we co-exist with. Check out our top picks for the best wildlife and nature documentaries on Netflix that will truly wow, amaze, and move you to your core.

Best Social & Cultural Documentaries

Seeing things in a whole new light takes on a more profound form with these social and cultural documentaries. From taking a tour all over the world and immersing in different cultures, to diving deep into a whole new way of living, these top social and cultural docos are bound to take you on a ride around the world and back — leaving you with a much wider and deeper understanding of the society you exist in. Don’t miss these highly acclaimed docos, exclusively on Netflix.

Start Streaming the Best Docos on Netflix Australia!

While Netflix is mostly known for several of their original drama series and movies, they also happen to have an extensive range of thought-provoking and captivating docos across a range of genres. You’ll be surprised to discover hidden gems that will leave you wanting for more once you start taking a look at the options they have under documentaries.

We’ve made it easy for you to kick your docos binge off with this list of the best documentaries you can find on Netflix Australia. Sign up now to get your own Netflix account, and start streaming away!

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