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Introducing Southern Phone Broadband

As one of Australia’s most innovative telecommunications companies for the past ten years, Southern Phone has long been trusted as one of the most versatile and successful providers of home and mobile phone services. Run entirely by local governments and putting their profits directly back into the regional communities they set out to serve, Southern Phone rapidly grew into a company trusted Australia-wide for quality of service and value for money.

When it comes to broadband, Southern Phone has got you covered – no matter what type of broadband is right for you. Whether it’s access to the new National Broadband Network at the fastest possible speeds, broadband access in remote areas via satellite, fast mobile broadband or just a traditional ADSL connection, Southern Phone Broadband has a service and a plan for you.

What Does Southern Phone Broadband Offer?

The Internet is rapidly becoming as essential a utility as power and water, and Southern Phone has long seen that coming as it becomes more and more a part of our daily lives. Thanks to their commitment to keeping local communities connected, Southern Phone Broadband encompasses a range of different technologies so that no matter where in the vastness of Australia you are – from a remote cattle station to the hub of a big city – there’s a broadband connection for you.


The new National Broadband Network is in the final stages of its large-scale rollout and now serves millions of customers in both the cities and country areas. If you’ve got access to the NBN then Southern Phone Broadband has a plan to suit you. Whether it’s a basic plan for casual web browsing and email for $50 a month, or a blazingly fast 100 Mbit/sec plan with unlimited data for $100/month, Southern Phone Broadband can fit in with what you need. NBN services can be provided with all the different types of connection technology, with the availability of the fast 100 Mbps plan depending on the type of NBN connection you’ve got.

Get Great Value Broadband Plans with No Lock-In Contract!

Get connected today with Southern Phone broadband, offering a great range of NBN plans for all needs and budget. NBN plans start at only $50/mth and come with no lock-in contract.


For those in remote areas far from fixed-line services and too far from a mobile phone tower for 4G broadband to be useful, Southern Phone Broadband can connect you to the NBN’s SkyMuster satellite service, which can give you speeds up to 12 Mbps (for basic use) or 25 Mbps (for more demanding use such as streaming video) and data allowances ranging from 70GB to 300GB, at prices ranging from $38 to $100 per month.


Despite the rollout of the NBN, ADSL broadband is still very much in play, and Southern Phone Broadband has that covered with plans that range from $60 to $80 per month, and 500GB, 1000GB or unlimited data. Customers that connect to ADSL with Southern Phone Broadband will be able to easily switch to the NBN as soon as it arrives in their area, with no activation or termination fees.

Mobile Broadband

When it comes to easy broadband connection, sometimes the mobile network is the best way to go – and Southern Phone Broadband is up to the challenge by powering their mobile broadband plans with the Optus network. From what is better known as the “Green” plans, you can pick from the popular plans on Optus’ 4G Plus network, which ranges from 7GB to a whopping 250GB of data.

Southern Phone Best SIM Plans

Get connected from wherever you are with Southern Phone’s SIM only plans, powered by Optus. No lock-in plans with unlimited calls & text start from only $12/mth.

What Broadband Bundles does Southern Phone offer?

Keeping things nice and easy for those who just want to get connected and not worry about the details, Southern Phone offers a range of bundles that give you a home phone service and plan, a mobile phone and plan and a a broadband service on NBN, ADSL or satellite. Or if you’d prefer, you can bundle a mobile plan with a home phone and and get all your basic communications needs covered in the one handy package.

The Southern Phone App

To help you keep track of your broadband usage as well as your charges and payments, you can download the free Southern Phone app from the iOS and Android app stores. This gives you the ability to easily keep track of usage on your plan as well as see when your bill is due and pay it directly from the app. You can also get in touch with Southern Phone Broadband’s support team easily, straight from the app. It’s all the essential info in the one handy app.

How to Contact Southern Phone

If you’ve got any questions about Southern Phone’s services, want to get an idea of which plan or connection type is right for you, or need to get in touch with a Southern Phone Australian call centre representative to help out with your service or account, call their Australian customer service team during business hours on 13 14 64 and they’ll put you in touch with people that can help.

Southern Phone Review: Connecting Australia Coast to Coast

Over the past few years, everyone who uses mobile phones, home phones and broadband has seen first-hand the benefits that true competition brings. Providers all want your business and hard-earned dollars. Hence, they’ll go to great lengths to come up with deals and plans that will hopefully persuade you away from competitors and onto their network. But what if you leave in an area where you don’t have that much choice when it comes to providers? Southern Phone is trying to fix that.

Southern Phone Broadband News

Southern Phone Broadband Offers

40GB of off-peak data
on the nbn™ Sky Muster Satellite Basic Speed Plan (Small) plan with 70GB Data
No contract
120GB of off-peak data
on the nbn™ Sky Muster Satellite Basic Speed Plan (Large) plan with 180GB Data
No contract
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