Start Streaming Today: Foxtel App Free for All New Subscribers

New Foxtel subscribers can now enjoy great entertainment from signup with instant access to the Foxtel Go App. Don’t miss a minute of the action with the convenience of the popular app.

When you decide you want Foxtel, you call the friendly Foxtel people and they arrange for someone to come out and install the necessary stuff to get you connected as soon as possible. But what if you want to watch something in the meantime? That major sporting event that’s exclusive to Foxtel, or the much-awaited return of your favourite TV show?

The wait for an installer to come and work their magic is always a short one, but if you’ve just moved into a new home and don’t want to miss a thing, Foxtel’s fixing that with what they call the Foxtel Go App.

Now, as soon as you sign up for Foxtel or put in a request to move your Foxtel to a new address, you’ll have immediate and complete access to Foxtel Go, which lets you stream your Foxtel live and on-demand to all of the devices the Foxtel Go service supports (see the Foxtel Go review for all the details)

While the app has always been around for Foxtel subscribers on the move, now it’s available to you literally within seconds of signing up if you’re a new customer, and uninterrupted if you’re a current customer moving to a new home.

Want to Get Foxtel? Know Your Options!

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Stream On-The-Go With Your Device

It may seem like a small change, but it’s actually a pretty big thing. For years your access to Foxtel depended on people coming around to your home to run cables. Or you had to wait for an iQ box to arrive so you could activate it — and while you waited you were missing out on your favourite shows and sports.

Now, you can just fire up the Foxtel Go app on your iOS or Android device as soon as you’ve put your order in, and all the channel packages you’ve subscribed to will be there for you whether you’re home or out and about to Stream Foxtel free. It also works on PC and Mac desktops as well.

Simply download the app for free on your device, log in using your Foxtel account, and start streaming subscribed content from your Foxtel TV pack of choice wherever and whenever.

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