Reality comes Alive with the Foxtel Play Lifestyle Pack

get carried away with the lifestyle foxtel channel lineup

One of the biggest phenomenons to hit TV over the past couple of decades has been the meteoric rise in popularity of reality-based shows. Whether we’re talking about competitions or fly-on-the-wall observations, getting a candid look at the lives of a bunch of ordinary but fascinating people can make for compelling, addictive viewing.

Alongside the reality TV boom, we’ve seen a huge range of shows appear that cater for people interested in the stuff that makes up our own everyday lives. Property buying, renovating, decorating, or cooking – the list of potential subjects is endless. Which means that the list of shows made to cater to them is just as long. All of this is, of course, way too much television to fit into the schedules of conventional broadcast networks. That’s why some of the most acclaimed reality and lifestyle shows have the perfect home on Foxtel’s multiple specialty channels dedicated to the genres.

Meet the Lifestyle Pack

Thanks to Foxtel Play’s recent price cut offering and redesign of packages, you can get access to a complete collection of lifestyle channels streamed live and direct via broadband. And dll for an eye-poppingly low price. Foxtel Play discounted the Lifestyle pack to only $10/month, with nothing extra to pay and no lock-in contract. For less than the price of a cup of coffee each week you get eight premium channels that bring you some of the hottest reality and lifestyle shows around. Plus, you also get access to 17 bonus channels at no extra cost. These channels encompass everything from news and shopping to music and the arts. Almost too good to be true.

With the new Foxtel Play line-up, you can subscribe to The Lifestyle Pack alone. That means you don’t need to pay for channels you don’t want to watch; just 10 bucks a month for the ones you can’t get enough of. You get the Lifestyle Channel and its sister channels Food, Home and You. There’s also a great dose of fashion and glamour on Style and the latest entertainment news and gossip from E! Moreover, you also get reality documentaries on TLC and, of course, Foxtel’s acclaimed Arena channel. The top TV destination for all things beauty, fashion and gossip.

Find out your Streaming TV options

Before signing up, make sure to check this guide on all pay & streaming TV options from Foxtel & other providers to get your favourite sports, TV, & more.

The shows

selling houses australia foxtel lifestyle

Arena’s award-winning series The Real Housewives of Melbourne has proven to be a phenomenal hit both in Australia and in the US. It will be back later this year for a brand-new season inside the lives of some of Melbourne’s most glamorous women. But before that hits your screens and streams, Arena is premiering a brand-new entry to the series. We’re talking about The Real Housewives of Sydney, which looks like it’s going to be must-watch TV. Produced by the same team behind the Melbourne series, it features a whole new group of stylish and influential women and their often-chaotic lives. All in all, it’ll be one that fans of the series won’t want to miss.

Alongside that you’ll be able to revisit the other Real Housewives series from around the US, check out the new season of Ladies of London, and much more. The mega-hit Selling Houses Australia also has its home in the Lifestyle pack. So does the show that celebrates some of the most incredibly designed properties in the country, Grand Designs Australia, alongside the series’ overseas counterparts. You’ve also got Oprah Winfrey over on TLC, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show direct from the US on E! and, for the foodies, legendary shows like The Great British Bake-off on Lifestyle Food.

Try it free to see for yourself

Not convinced that $10 a month can get you so much pure entertainment? Foxtel Play has a two-week freebie for you. A completely obligation-free 14-day trial that won’t cost you a cent and gives you access to all the channel packs for the duration. You can check out the awesome selection of shows in the Lifestyle pack and explore what else Foxtel Play has to offer at the same time.

You can stream Foxtel Play on your PC or Mac, on selected smart TVs, as well as on Xbox One and Playstation 3 and 4. There’s also the freshly launched Foxtel Play app on the Telstra TV box, which brings full high definition streaming to your TV at no extra cost. Hence, you’ll be able to enjoy the full Foxtel Play experience. Your membership also gives you access to the various Foxtel Play packages on the move with the Foxtel Go app at no extra charge.

A great-value addition to every lifestyle

The new Foxtel Play pricing really is a game-changer. There’s no denying that the price they’ve set for the Lifestyle Pack is an absolute bargain. With no contract, no installation and no hassles you’ve got instant access to the channels and shows you want for a bargain price. Therefore, we call that a huge win for viewers.


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