Peppa Pig Free to Air and Australian Streaming TV Guide

Meet Peppa Pig — cheeky and slightly bossy, yet ultimately adorable. She goes on several adventures that include her friends and family, which consists of her mum and dad and her little brother, George. If you happen to have kids below the age of five, you’ve most likely encountered Peppa Pig at some point when looking for shows they can watch. Good news is, there’s a lot of ways that you can catch Peppa Pig live and on demand in Australia.

Peppa Pig follows Peppa’s everyday activities — from attending playgroups to playing sports, and even spending some quality time with her grandparents. There’s a lot to learn from these 5-minute bits as Peppa encounters some minor challenges along the way that may involve a few tears, but always end on a happy note. Peppa’s adventures and everyday stories are both educational as it is entertaining for little ones, and for parents who can be young at heart. Check out the ways on how you – and your kids – can watch Peppa Pig in Australia.

How can I watch Peppa Pig in Australia

Peppa Pig is one of the main kids’ animated show staples in Australia, which means that your kids can easily watch Peppa and her family and friends across several pay, streaming, and free to air TV providers. Check out the list below of how and where to watch Peppa Pig and her everyday adventures!

Watch or Stream Peppa Pig on Foxtel

Foxtel is where you’ll find Nick Jr., which is the home of Peppa Pig in Australia. Good news is, you can have your kids tune in to Nick Jr. to watch Peppa Pig every single day. Foxtel is currently airing several episodes across different seasons and volumes of Peppa Pig at different times of the day – and all you’ll need to do is make sure that you’re subscribed to the base Entertainment pack for only $29/mth!

The Entertainment pack already gives you access to Nick Jr. plus other kids channels like Disney Jr. and Boomerang. If your kids happen to want more, then it’s only another $10/mth to get the Kids channel pack. Once you’ve subscribed to Foxtel, you can use the Foxtel Go streaming app for free and watch Peppa Pig and other kids’ cartoons across several mobile devices.

Another option is subscribing to Foxtel Now’s All Packs, which gives you everything that Foxtel Now has to offer, including the Kids Pack – which is where you’ll find Nick Jr. and Peppa Pig. Best part is you can kick it off with Foxtel Now’s free 10 day trial, which allows your kids to watch as much Peppa Pig online as they want within the trial period and completely for free. With the Foxtel Now online app, you can also have them watch it across several devices including PC/Mac and mobile.

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Watch Peppa Pig on Telstra TV Box Office

If you don’t have the time to wait in front of the TV to get a dose of Peppa Pig for the kids, then you can just opt to download episodes or full seasons on Telstra TV Box Office. Great part about this is that you only pay for what you want to watch — with each episode of Peppa Pig available to buy for only $1.49, or a whole season for as low as $9.99. As of late, there are three Peppa Pig parts available on Telstra TV Box Office.

As a bonus, you can also stream a wide range of Peppa Pig special series including Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Circus, Peppa Pig – The Holiday, Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots, among many others. Rent them for as low as $3.99 and treat your kids to the ultimate Peppa marathon.

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Watch Peppa Pig on iTunes

An alternative to renting is buying Peppa Pig special series on iTunes. Currently, there are about 25 special volumes available on iTunes Australia, which feature several episodes each. Get it for as low as $4.99 for a 4-episode series like Peppa’s Australian Holiday Collection, or $9.99 to get up to 12 episodes like that of Peppa Pig: Bubbles and Other Stories.

Watch Peppa Pig on ABC Kids & iView

ABC Kids delivers some of the best animated shows, which includes Bananas in Pyjamas, School of Roars, Timmy Time, and of course, Peppa Pig. Simply tune in to channel 134 every afternoon to catch episodes of Peppa Pig. Alternatively, you can let your kids catch their favourite Peppa Pig episodes on ABC’s free catch up service, iView. To start streaming, simply create an account to get instant access to available Peppa Pig episodes on iView, which you can also stream using mobile devices.

Best broadband plans for watching Peppa Pig

While Peppa Pig is available on free to air and on Foxtel, there’s a much better chance that your kids can watch whenever they want — or when you allow them to — via streaming services like Foxtel Now, Telstra TV Box Office, iTunes, and iView. One thing you’ll need to start streaming on these apps is a reliable broadband connection that will give you and your family uninterrupted streaming regardless of the time of day. Check out our top picks below of broadband plans that you can get for the ultimate streaming experience at home.

Telstra’s Entertainment Bundle

Telstra gives you more than enough to satisfy you and your family’s streaming need with the all inclusive entertainment bundle. For only $99/mth, you’ll get unlimited data plus the new Telstra TV 3, through which you can get access to other apps that feature Peppa Pig and other amazing kids’ shows and cartoons. On top of that, this bundle also comes with $125 Telstra TV Box Office, which allows you to rent up to 20 latest movie releases that your family will surely enjoy.

Get Telstra’s Broadband Bundle

Get the new Telstra TV 3 + $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit + unlimited data on the powerful Telstra network, which is the fastest NBN provider to stream Netflix on. Get it all for only $99/mth with month-to-month flexibility.

Southern Phone Unlimited Broadband Turbo

If you’re living in regional areas in the country, Southern Phone’s got you covered. With the unlimited broadband turbo, you get unlimited data on the NBN50 speed tier and comes with no lock-in contract for only $70/mth, which is perfect if you’re looking to switch it up depending on your family’s streaming needs.

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Belong Standard Plus

Belong is backed by Telstra’s powerful network, but made more affordable and flexible. You can choose to either get the Standard Plus plan on a 12-month or month-to-month basis. This plan, which is on the NBN50 speed tier, comes with a free Wi-Fi modem on a 12-month contract for only $65/mth. If you go monthly, just add $5/mth and pay $60 for a Wi-Fi modem. Good news is, both types of contract come with zero standard activation fees, plus $80 free mobile credit.

Unlimited Data with Belong

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