How to Watch NBA League Pass in Australia

NBA League Pass in Australia

The NBA is back in action and ready to go with the 2020-21 season, and for Aussie fans of the legendary court sport, there’s an easy way to catch up with your favourite players, teams and the excitement that surrounds the game. The official NBA League Pass is a ticket to everything NBA for not just the current season’s games, but to the storied history of the game as well.

The NBA League Pass provides access to everything from live streams of current games to an extensive archive of every game played since 2012, and every finals game played in the past 20 years – an absolute must-have for basketball fans, since it goes far beyond just streaming each week’s games. There’s live stats and graphics, the option to stream from different broadcasters, a 24/7 live NBA TV channel with expert analysis and news, and even condensed replays that you can download to your device to catch up with games on the go.

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So how do you get yourself set up with NBA League Pass and start streaming? Just follow these steps to get set up and streaming the NBA action without hassles!

1. Check if You Have a Compatible Device

With years of experience at streaming live NBA basketball, NBA League Pass is available on most major streaming devices. As usual, Apple TV has full support on both the HD and 4K models that are currently sold. The availability of an Android TV app means you’ll be able to stream games on any device running a recent version of that system – including most of Sony’s smart TVs from the past few years, as well as Google’s latest Chromecast with Google TV, the Nvidia Shield, the Vodafone TV and the Foxtel Now box. You’ll also find the NBA app on Telstra TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox One and Playstation 4. And thanks to the app’s casting support, you can stream to any model of Chromecast no matter what TV you have.

2. Buy a Streaming Device

While the list of devices supported by NBA League Pass covers the most popular choices, not everyone’s going to be set up with one. Many people rely on their smart TV’s apps when it comes to streaming services, but getting a dedicated streaming device opens up a wider range of streaming services, and often better performance and picture quality. Owners of recent Sony TVs, as we mentioned, are already well catered for with access to the Google Play store for a massive range of streaming apps including NBA League Pass. But if you’re new to streaming and want the best bang for your buck, we’d recommend either Amazon’s latest Fire TV Stick for those with HD TVs (it’s around $50) or Google’s latest Chromecast with Google TV for 4K TVs (a bit pricier at $99). For those who don’t mind spending big for extra features and quality, the Apple TV 4K (about $249) is the luxury option that’s worth considering.

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3. Download the NBA App

Once you’re set up on your chosen streaming device, all you need to do is head for the app store to grab the NBA app and get started. The exact name of the app varies depending on the device, but if you load up the app store and do a search for “NBA” you’ll find it in no time (the Apple TV app, for example, is called “NBA – Live basketball games” while on Android TV devices it’s “NBA: Live Games & Scores”).

Once you’ve found the app, it’s a quick free download and then you’re ready to get yourself set up with NBA League Pass and start streaming.

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4. Choose Your NBA League Pass

Once you’re all set up with the app on your device of choice, it’s time to pick your plan – there’s three different options available, and all of them have a free seven-day trial so you can check out what you’re getting before you pay any money. 

The top tier plan is the NBA League Pass, which gives you everything – access to all the games (live as well as on-demand dating back to 2012), the huge library of classic games from the past 20 years, video and radio options (the latter being great for keeping track of a game when you can’t watch a screen), full-length and special condensed game replays and more. After the trial it’ll cost $39.99 per month, and is an absolute must-have for serious basketball fans.

If you’re only wanting to follow your favourite team, though, you can opt for the Team Pass at $19.99/month, which gives you all the live games and replays from your chosen team, or the 8-Game Choice plan which lets you watch eight games each month for $14.99/month. Neither of the cheaper options include access to the massive archive of past games, though, so keep that in mind – but if your goal is to have live streaming access to your favourite team, these are options worth considering.

Easily the best value choice, though, is to go for the annual League Pass. At $239.99 for the year, it works out to $20 a month (half the price of paying monthly) and gives you full unlimited access to everything. Team Pass and 8-Game Choice are also available on annual subscriptions, but the discount isn’t anywhere near as enticing. The discounted annual plan for League Pass is for new subscribers only, so be sure to take advantage of the offer while it’s around if you want to have all of the NBA in your streaming life for the whole year!

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