Where to stream Tia and Piujuq

Watch Tia and Piujuq 2018 in Australia

Released: 2018

Updated: 22nd Nov, 2021

7.0 / 10

Rated: N/A

Director: Lucy Tulugarjuk

Cast: Tia Bshara, Nuvvija Tulugarjuk, Eiman Aljaber

Where to watch Tia and Piujuq


What is Tia and Piujuq about?

From Syria, ten year old Tia and her parents, Amani and Samir - Amani in the latter stages of pregnancy - have recently settled in Montréal as refugees. Tia doesn't like her new life in its unfamiliarity in missing home - especially as her maternal grandmother is still in Syria - in the process she not having made any friends her own age. After their social worker Mme. Lajoie gives her a picture book on life in the far north, Tia discovers a portal in a building behind her Uncle Nazim's grocery store to the Arctic, specifically the northern tip of the mainland of Nunavut. There, Tia befriends a similarly aged Inuk girl, Piujuq, who is temporarily living in a tent on in a field by the ocean with her grandmother. Beyond playing as two little girls would do, Tia and Piujuq learn about each other's cultures, Tia primarily about the Inuk myths and legends through Piujuq's grandmother. Tia and even Piujuq don't embrace all of those legends, and it isn't until Tia learns not to be scared of those legends, especially those she doesn't understand, that she can begin to live fully in her new Montréal surroundings.

Which streaming providers can you watch Tia and Piujuq on

Here is the comprehensive list of streaming providers that will show Tia and Piujuq in Australia. If Tia and Piujuq will appear with other providers further down the line, this table will be updated.


  • Amazon PrimeNo
  • Apple TV PlusNo
  • BingeNo
  • Disney PlusNo
  • Foxtel NowNo
  • NetflixNo
  • StanNo
  • Telstra TV Box OfficeNo

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Good to know

No Tia and Piujuq is not available on Amazon Prime.
No Tia and Piujuq is not available on Apple TV+.
No Tia and Piujuq is not available on Binge.
No Tia and Piujuq is not available on Disney Plus.
No Tia and Piujuq is not available on Google Play.
No Tia and Piujuq is not available on Foxtel Now.
No Tia and Piujuq is not available on Netflix.
No Tia and Piujuq is not available on Stan.