How to Set Up Parental Controls on Stan

Stan comes with an impressive parental control feature, which allows subscribers to limit the kind of content that can be viewed by their kids.

There’s a lot of content in movies and TV shows that is unsuitable for kids, such as  violence, adultery, bad language, and the list goes on. Stan’s parental controls would not only limit the access to such content, but also bring much needed peace of mind for parents.

You can limit what’s being viewed either through the “Restrict by classification” controls, or by simply using the kid’s profile created by Stan. Either way, your kids will not be able to access any sort of inappropriate content. However, for these controls to be fully effective, you need to know how to set it up properly. Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step#1: Access you account by filling in the login details on the Stan website.

Step#2: Go to your profile by hovering over it on the top right corner of the screen and select the “Manage Account” option.

Step#3: Click on the “Profiles” tab.

Step#4: Select the “Add Profile” option.

Step#5: Next, you will have two types of restricted accounts to choose from:

  1. Restrict the profile by classification – This option will allow you to enable certain restrictions and classifications on the user. For example, if you opt for the rating MA15+, the user will be unable to access any content above or carrying that rating. Though it will be visible on the page, the user cannot watch it without the PIN to your primary profile.
  2. Kids Account – This option would limit the user only to viewing child-friendly content. This means all inappropriate content will never appear on the kids account.

Step#6: One thing that should be pointed out is that whenever you are creating a new profile, you will obviously need to create a PIN for its security. So, when you are coming up with a security PIN, make sure it’s something you can easily remember. We advise you write the PIN down and keep it safe.

So, now that you know the steps to setting up parental controls on Stan, rest assured that controlling the type of content your kids are watching shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, getting them to clean their room isn’t an issue so easily fixed!

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