How to Get the Most Out of Chromecast

The Guide to Using Chromecast

The trends are changing and streaming is preferred over downloading content. Looking at this trend, many big players have launched new streaming devices that are getting a lot of attention from the masses. Google Chromecast marks the entrance of Google into the streaming domain. With a $35 price tag and a number of officially supported apps, Google Chromecast is set to make an impact. Most people are unaware of the true potential of this streaming device, so here you will find a few tips that will tell you how you can take full advantage of Google Chromecast. Read on and find out more.

Stream Audio from Different Media Programs

You can play tunes from different media players and programs such as VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, iTunes, and Spotify. If you want to play music through a browser, you can use media center software, such as Plex. Google Chromecast is not only a video streaming gadget, but it performs equally well when it comes to streaming audio.

Mirror Full Desktop

Another interesting feature in Google Chormecast is its ability to mirror your desktop on the big screen. Not only that, but you can also view webpages on a large TV with the help of this device. Click on the small arrow and select “Cast Entire Screen” for this. Watching your desktop or viewing webpages on a bigger screen is a completely different experience.

Small Gaming Console

Here is another surprise; you can play games on your TV using Chromecast. Although the selection of games available and supported by Chromecast is limited, there are many addictive ones available, such as Up Down Fish. These games will keep you hooked for hours. There are more games in the pipeline for Google Chromecast, which would help it capture the attention of gamers.

Full-Screen Video Playback

You can perform many other tasks through the Chromecast app, such as adjusting streaming quality, video playback, playing videos from smartphone and tablets, and play videos in Google Chrome. When you use Chrome for streaming videos, press Alt+Tab to switch between tasks. This will allow videos to play in full-screen mode in the background and you can continue your work as well.


Did you know you can also use Chromecast for presentations? The Chromecast app does not support casting presentations, but you can log in to your Google Drive account through Google Chrome and stream it on your TV. Do not wait for Google to offer support for presentations.

So, by following these tips, you can get the most out of Chromecast.

Note: Chromecast has evolved a lot since this article was initially published. This page was written for the original release of the Chromecast – a device that looked like a very chunky USB stick. Now it more resembles a disc. Plus, Google also released Chromecast Ultra, which allows you to stream in 4K. Read a detailed review here. And, for more information, compare streaming devices.

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