Telstra Offers Netflix the Easy Way

Netflix from Telstra free trial details

Telstra has announced its latest deal for its customers, combining a Netflix subscription with your Telstra services. Getting your Netflix fix has never been easier with this brand new partnership between Australia’s biggest telco and the streaming giant. Never worry about paying your bills with Telstra bringing it all together in one place.

Netflix from Telstra

Since its inception, Netflix has since taken over the world, establishing itself as the clear leader in movie and TV streaming. Offering a massive content library, and access to a range of Original content created by Netflix, all with an easy to use interface and an easily accessible app that can be found on most devices. With Netflix being included in the new Foxtel iQ4 as the “New Foxtel Experience” it only makes sense for Telstra to partner up with the king of streaming. Read below to find out how to combine Netflix with your Telstra service.

How do I get Netflix from Telstra?

If you are already an existing Telstra personal postpaid customer you are eligible to add a brand new Netflix subscription to your service. Unfortunately this offer is not available to any other Telstra customers, furthermore, if you already have a Netflix subscription, you’re out of luck. Of course, the classic 30 day free trial is still available for new subscribers, meaning you can still save a bit of money before you decide to subscribe ongoing.

Get Your Netflix Fix Free for 30 Days with Telstra

Stream all your favourite Netflix shows and movies and do without the hassle of a separate payment. Simply add it to your existing Telstra bill and kick it all off with a 30-day free trial.

Key Inclusions of Netflix from Telstra

Stream TV and Movies

Streaming Netflix to your TV  has never been easier with all the many options for devices. You can use your Telstra TV at home to keep within the Telstra ecosystem. You can use your smart TV by accessing the Netflix app straight from the remote or from your TV’s app page. Chromecast is another popular option, allowing you to stream from mobile and tablet devices, and even from your Laptop or home computer. You can even stream from the major gaming consoles including PlayStation, XBOX and the Nintendo Switch.

Only one Bill to pay

To keep things super simple when it comes to bills, Telstra automatically includes your Netflix subscript fee on the same bill as your Telstra services. Meaning you’ll never have to juggle the two payments, making paying a breeze.

Watch anywhere and everywhere, even offline

Netflix arguably has the largest library of content in the world that you can watch anywhere and everywhere. Netflix allows all its users to download titles to watch on the go, even offline.

Choosing your Netflix plan from Telstra

Subscribing to Netflix through Telstra is just as simple as if you are going straight to Netflix Australia. If you are already a Telstra customer simply select a Netflix plan and Telstra will send you a link to access your Netflix subscription. Even better is that the fee will be added directly to your next Telstra bill – after the 30-day free trial of course.

How Much will Netflix from Telstra Cost?

The Netflix offering from Telstra does include any discounts or bundling, instead, it’s being promoted on the basis of convenience for Telstra customers. Therefore, plans for Netflix start at the usual cost of $9.99 a month for the Basic pack all the way to $17.99 for the Premium Netflix pack. All new subscriptions come with a 30 day free trial, saving users a few dollars before the commit to Netflix from Telstra. 

The basic subscription offers Standard Definition playback on 1 screen, with access to unlimited movies and TV Shows. The Standard subscription, for $13.99 a month, gives you HD playback and the ability to stream from another device, meaning you can watch on up to two screens at once. Finally, the Premium Netflix Subscription includes Ultra HD playback, giving you access to 4K and HDR content (where applicable) and the ability to watch on four screens at once, so the whole family can binge watch whatever show grabs their fancy.


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