Google Announces New Gaming Streaming Service 'Stadia'

Google has dropped a bombshell by announcing the creation of a gaming streaming service called Stadia as it plans to enter the $140 billion gaming industry and challenge the likes of Sony and Microsoft.

When will it be launched?

A specific release date has not yet been announced, but Google has confirmed that Stadia will launch in 2019 starting in the United States, Canada, the U.K. and “most of Europe.” It is expected Australia will receive a similar release time frame.

How will it be available?

Stadia is revolutionary in its approach to gaming. The service will utilise cloud technology allowing it to run on “any screen type” including desktop, laptop, TVs, tablets and phones at launch. Google also confirmed that there is no box required for its usage.

Much like Netflix, the ability to switch between platforms during usage is also a possibility, a game could theoretically begin on your TV and then be taken on the go using a smart phone.

Stadia can be played with a keyboard, mouse, screen or for the traditionalist, a controller designed specifically for the platform.

What content will be included?

Several titles were demoed as part of the launch announcement including the id Software developed “Doom Eternal” and Tequila Studios’ “Rime.”

Google has confirmed more than 100 studio’s already have development hardware, but the big test for the platform will be the ability to licence enormous franchise titles such as FIFA, Call of Duty and Need For Speed.

To help stock up their arsenal, Google has announced the creation of Stadia Games and Entertainment which will focus on developing original titles in addition to collaborating with third parties to create exclusive content to the platform.

How much will it cost?

No cost has been confirmed as of yet, but, it is believed Stadia will opt for a subscription model similar to the likes of Netflix and Stan.