CompareTV Named as a 2018 AFR Fast 100 Company

CompareTV Named as a 2018 AFR Fast 100 Company

For the past five years, we’ve been building CompareTV into a destination you can trust for news, reviews, information and price comparisons in the competitive, cutting-edge fields of high-speed broadband, mobile networks and pay television.

Whether it’s narrowing down the best-value mobile phone plan to exactly suit your needs, finding a streaming service that has the shows and movies that matter to you, or finding the perfect broadband plan as the NBN rollout ramps up, we’ve been keeping you informed.

This week, CompareTV’s rapid growth as a key web destination in tech and new media was acknowledged by the Australian Financial Review, who ranked the company in its prestigious annual Fast 100 list of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Previous names seen in the Australia Financial Review (AFR) Fast 100 list have included now-global brands Atlassian and Lonely Planet, as well as household names like Carman’s, Boost Juice, Seek, WebJet and Herron.

CompareTV Team

The AFR Fast 100 list calculates the fastest growing Australian companies by revenue for the last 3 years. CompareTV achieved an average year on year growth of 51.8% with revenue for 2017/18 sitting at $2.3m.

“It’s great for raising the business’s profile in a crowded marketplace,” founder and Managing Partner of CompareTV, Oliver Mistry, explains. “It’s a great recognition of all the hard work the team has undertaken over the past 5 years.”

The arrival of CompareTV in the Fast 100 is just the beginning of the growth to come, as we expand our team and our scope to keep you even better informed about the sometimes-confusing worlds of technology, entertainment and communications.

Chris Smith, Managing Partner at CompareTV for the past 18 months after a tenure as Head of Media at Foxtel, has no doubts about the reasons for the rapid growth of the site and company. “The entertainment markets of TV, broadband, mobile, gaming and music that our site content covers are all growing, changing and fragmenting,” he says. “They will always generate consumer interest and research. We need to continue striving towards helping our consumers navigate these categories and find the best products and services for their households.”

The first five years has seen a great many consumers more empowered to choose the best products and services for their needs by CompareTV, where easy-to-understand guides live alongside constantly-updated plans and pricing deals – letting customers make truly informed choices in a busy and often confusing world.

Be sure to keep watching as the CompareTV site expands even further, giving you the info you need about the latest developments in the communication and entertainment worlds that are so much a part of all our lives.