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Formerly known as Bigpond Movies, Telstra TV Box Office has been known to consistently deliver the latest releases in Hollywood — not to mention, complete seasons and new episodes of the hottest shows on TV as well. That said, it can be quite difficult to keep up with what’s new, especially since they release new movies and shows on a weekly basis. Good news is, we’ve made sure to gather them all here with our round up of all the shows and movies you can stream on Telstra TV Box Office.

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Every month we check out all the new releases on Telstra TV Box Office and chose one standout, must see, drop everything and watch it slice of entertainment.

Perry Mason

This version of Perry Mason is somewhat of a prequel to the confident lawyer portrayed in Stanley Gardner’s books. Set in 1932, Mason has returned from the first World War a changed man, tortured by memories of the trenches and coming to terms with losing his wife and son. When a kidnap goes wrong resulting in the death of a baby, Perry is drawn in, becoming somewhat of a self-taught detective.

Mr Robot

Elliot is a computer genius, a highly skilled hacker with sought after skills, however, every genius has their flaws. As well as battling with schizophrenia, Elliot also has a growing dependence of opiates that are impacting his delusions and general well being.  

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