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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is now rolling out to more and more areas nationwide. As existing internet providers scramble to keep up with the new technology, the opportunity for new and innovative companies to provide expertise and NBN-focused services has led to the arrival of Tangerine Telecom. With a keen understanding of the internet, drawn from years of accumulated experience, the people behind Tangerine Telecom make the process of getting yourself onto Australia’s new broadband network simple to understand and hassle-free.

Offering unlimited data across all three of their NBN plans, Tangerine can connect customers on all the existing NBN technologies – fibre to the home, basement or node, and fixed wireless for people in more remote areas. With that in mind they’ve chosen two quality modem/routers to provide to their customers, both made by highly respected Australian brand Netcomm.

All three of Tangerine’s plans are differentiated by the download and upload speed you want and also offer unlimited data. They’re available without contract or, if you prefer, on a 12-month agreement with the setup fee stagged over the 12-month agreement period. Unlike most other providers, this also gets you a quality modem/router.

Tangerine’s network is powered by Vocus, one of the largest top-tier broadband providers in Australia, ensuring fast downloads and low-latency connections to local game and content servers. There’s no hidden costs or unwanted surprises – when you’re connected you know exactly how much you’re going to pay each month, and you can change up or down the speed tiers at any time. It’s the NBN made easy – the way it should be!

While Tangerine’s ready and waiting to get you hooked up and enjoying nice speedy broadband, the timeframe for your area being connected to the NBN is out of their hands – that’s up to the NBN themselves. We’ve got a live interactive NBN rollout map so you can check if you’ve got access, or when you’ll be getting it.
Tangerine offers a choice of three standard NBN speed tiers – each described by their download/upload speed in megabits per second. The lowest and cheapest tier, 12/1, offers speeds comparable to or better than an old ADSL connection. The higher tiers – 25/5 and 50/20 – give you more room to do things that need high data rates, such as streaming 4K video on Netflix.


Fast NBN broadband with unlimited data & no contract from $59/month - just choose your speed and go!

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Tangerine FAQs

The Netcomm modems and routers provided by Tangerine are extremely high quality, but there’s going to be those who need a bit more speed on their local network – for moving large files between computers, super-fast Wi-Fi, and to take advantage of the lack of wireless congestion on the 5Ghz frequency. Tangerine can upgrade your provided modem/router to a high-end Netcomm model featuring gigabit Ethernet and AC Wi-Fi for a modest $59 more when you sign up for the service.
Yes, you can! A static IP address gives you a permanent address on the internet. This can be really handy for many reasons – no more re-authenticating with web sites and services that usually require it, and the ability to connect remotely from your work to home network. Most ISPs either don’t offer a static IP at all, or charge extra for one; with Tangerine, it’s all included.
If you’re streaming Netflix (or Stan, Foxtel Play, or anything else) the 12/1 plan will be fine for HD streaming – as long as you’re not using your connection for anything else demanding, like downloading files. The faster connection you choose, the more flexibility you’ll have. 25/5 is a great middle ground for most users with better upload speeds and more bandwidth for doing multiple things at the same time. And if you’re wanting to stream to your new 4K TV, the 50/20 plan is perfect.

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