Best Guide to Getting Connected with Tangerine Telecom

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is now rolling out to more and more areas nationwide. As existing internet providers scramble to keep up with the new technology, the opportunity for new and innovative companies to provide expertise and NBN focused services has led to the arrival of Tangerine Telecom. With a keen understanding of the internet, drawn from years of accumulated experience, the people behind Tangerine Telecom make the process of getting yourself onto Australia’s new broadband network simple to understand and hassle-free.

What Does Tangerine Offer?

Offering unlimited data across both of their NBN plans, Tangerine can connect customers on all the existing NBN technologies – fibre to the home, basement or node, and fixed wireless for people in more remote areas. With that in mind, they’ve chosen two quality modem/routers to provide to their customers, both made by highly respected Australian brand Netcom.

Tangerine’s plans are differentiated by the download and upload speed you want with both deals delivering limitless data. Unlike most other providers, this also gets you a quality modem/router. They’re also available with no lock-in contract so that makes the cancellation of service extra breezy.

Tangerine’s network is powered by Vocus, one of the largest top tier broadband providers in Australia, ensuring fast downloads and low-latency connections to local game and content servers. There are no setup fees, hidden costs or unwanted surprises – when you’re connected you know exactly how much you’re going to pay each month, and you can change up or down the speed tiers at any time. It’s the NBN made easy – the way it should be!

Does Tangerine Offer Broadband?

Tangerine connects you to the internet via Australia’s newest network with two unlimited NBN plans to choose from. One delivering typical evening speeds of 10Mbps and the other offering up to 42Mbps, each described by their download/upload speed in megabits per second. The lower and cheaper tier, Basic Speed, offers speeds comparable to or better than an old ADSL connection. The higher tier – XL Speed Boost – gives you more room to do things that need high data rates, such as streaming 4K video on Netflix.

Broadband bundles are also available at an additional $10/month for unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles. Currently, there’s a $10 discount on monthly fees for the first six months on any plans. That means unlimited data with no lock-in contract for as low as $54.90. If the NBN is already in your area, you’re good to go. If not, you need to wait for it to become available. Check the NBN rollout map for more info.

Does Tangerine Offer Mobile?

The necessity of a reliable internet is no longer bound to fixed connections at home or the office. Even with portable devices, customers require fast and sufficient data to make on-the-go surfing and streaming a smooth experience. For this reason, more and more broadband providers are extending their services to accommodate each one’s daily mobile needs. One is Tangerine Telecom, who stands out with their no lock-in contract plans and guaranteeing 4G coverage. Their SIM only mobile plans vary from 1GB up to 40GB of data allowance, costing between $15 and $70/month. Unlimited standard calls and texts are included across all plans with the option to add 120 minutes of international calls to 64 countries for $5/month.

How to Contact Tangerine Broadband

To inquire about their services, you can contact the Tangerine Telecom call centre toll-free on 1800 211 112. They’re open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 8:00 pm and 9:00 am-6:00 pm Saturday.

Is Tangerine Broadband Right for me?

A clear-cut simple way of getting hooked up to the NBN with unlimited data and the option for real speed, Tangerine is a great choice for Australia’s new network.

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