How to Watch Girls5eva Online in Australia

Seasons: 1

Released: 2021–

Updated: 18th Oct, 2021

7.2 / 10

Rated: TV-MA

Cast: Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps, Paula Pell

Where to watch Girls5eva

What is Girls5eva about?

Despite solely being a creation of predatory talent agent Larry Plumb, the five very different members of Girls5eva, a girl group, believed that they would not only be at the top of the pop music world forever, but more importantly that they would be inseparable friends forever. It's twenty years later, with the girls now early forty-something women who went their separate ways after a short lived pop music career as proverbial one hit wonders, they all leading lives outside of the music business, with they largely not having seen or been in touch with each other in years despite three of the four surviving members still living in New York City. But circumstances push the four back together to perform. They have to decide if the internal issues between the four can be mended for them to change their one-hit wonder status as they all seem to need this music career this second time around more than they did the first time and all for different reasons, which will also require the music buying public to rediscover them as a now middle-age women singing group.

Which streaming providers can you watch Girls5eva on

Here is the comprehensive list of streaming providers that will show Girls5eva in Australia. If Girls5eva will appear with other providers further down the line, this table will be updated.


  • Amazon PrimeNo
  • Apple TV PlusNo
  • BingeNo
  • Disney PlusNo
  • Foxtel NowNo
  • NetflixNo
  • StanYes
  • Telstra TV Box OfficeNo

The cast of Girls5eva

Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps, Paula Pell

Girls5eva Trailer

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