How to Watch Expressway to Your Skull 2014 Online in Australia

Released: 2014

Updated: 20th Sep, 2021

4.9 / 10

Rated: TV-14

Director: Michael Okum

Cast: Paul S. Tracey, Lindsay Atwood, Mark Aaron

What is Expressway to Your Skull about?

Expressway To Your Skull is the story of Ed and Amy, a thrill-seeking couple in their 20's desperately searching for a way to fix their strapped existence. With a stash of drugs, backpacks and half-cocked enthusiasm Ed and Amy hit the road... but as they arrive in the woods their idyllic 3-day trip slowly starts to turn into a nightmare.

Where to watch Expressway to Your Skull

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The cast of Expressway to Your Skull

Paul S. Tracey, Lindsay Atwood, Mark Aaron