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A clear-cut simple way of getting hooked up to the NBN with unlimited data and the option for real speed, Tangerine is a great choice for Australia’s new network.

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It’s an increasingly crowded market when it comes to ISPs – thanks in no small part to the increasing take-up of the NBN, where consumers have a vast range of choice when it comes to providers, at competitive prices. The challenge for any new provider, then, is to stand out from the crowd – and Tangerine Telecom certainly grabs your attention the second you land on their web site. Sporting a bright orange design that highlights the key offer in each department, their web site presents everything you need to know about the company’s various broadband offerings without clutter – there’s no need to drill down through multiple pages to find the plans.

Boasting 50 years’ collective experience in the industry, Tangerine’s team has focussed closely on the NBN, where demand is set to increase rapidly as more and more addresses get connected to the national network. Unlike other methods of getting connected to broadband, the NBN takes third-party companies completely out of the picture – so there’s no waiting around for a spare port at your local phone exchange, or restrictions on which ISPs you can connect with based on where you live. If you can get the NBN, you can get Tangerine.

A genuine positive about Tangerine right off the bat is the company they’re using for their networking services – Vocus. A networking giant in Australia, Vocus supplies the big pipes and data centres that power a large chunk of the internet in Australia, and is easily capable of providing all the bandwidth that NBN users could want – and remember, any ISP is only as good as the backbone network that supplies its bandwidth.

With Tangerine Broadband you can secure NBN connections of all types – Fibre to the Home, Node or Basement as well as fixed wireless for those in areas not serviced by wired broadband at all. Regardless of the technology your own connection uses, the price remains the same – so you know ahead of time what you’ll be paying, with no nasty surprises.

NBN Plans

The main focus of Tangerine’s business is connecting people to the NBN, and they’ve kept their plan structure nice and simple, while still being flexible.

There’s three plans on offer – all of them featuring unlimited data, and varying only by the maximum speed you can reach on the connection. At the base level, $59/month gets you a 12/1 Mbps connection (that’s 12 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up – similar to the average ADSL connection speed-wise). That’s going to be OK for those who aren’t big on downloading or streaming – though it should still be more than adequate to let you stream Netflix or Stan in HD as long as you’re not doing anything else on the connection at the time.

A better option for streaming is the 25/5 plan, which only costs another $9 – and at $68/month represents what’s probably Tangerine’s value “sweet spot”. Faster downloads help make more demanding internet use possible, but the substantially faster upload pipe isn’t to be forgotten either. If you’re the sort of person who shares photos and videos with friends and family, uploads stuff to YouTube, or even streams game sessions from a Playstation 4, that extra upload bandwidth is something you’ll want. It also makes for much better results on all kinds of voice chat programs, including Skype.

If you’re after some raw speed, then the 50/20 plan is the one to head for, at $87/month. That’s the kind of speed where you don’t have to worry about streaming video – it’ll always be HD – and if you’re thinking of streaming Netflix in 4k to your new TV, this plan will yawn at the challenge and deliver a smooth 4k stream while still leaving room for you to browse the web and download stuff. It’s the “worry free” option that you’ll want to go for if you’re a heavy internet user.

Contract or No Contract?

All of these plans give you two options when it comes to how you sign up. You can opt to not be held to a contract at all, and pay a one-off $99 setup fee – most providers charge a setup fee to cover the cost of the process of organising everything with the NBN, but Tangerine does sweeten the deal with a bonus. Depending on your connection type, you get either a Netcomm NF5 or Netcomm NF10WV modem/router that’s yours to keep, so you’re set up with nice fast hardware to deliver the speed of the NBN to all your wired and wireless devices.

Alternatively, you can forget the setup fee and instead agree to a 12-month contract, where you get the same Netcomm modem but pay for it at a rate of $10/month for 12 months. That one’s likely to be great for people on a tight budget, but regardless of which you opt for, you’re getting some high quality hardware.

Want a Phone Line Too?

The NBN supports the good old home phone as well, and Tangerine can add a phone plan to your broadband for either $10 or $20/month extra. Both offer unlimited local and national calls, with the $20 version also offering unlimited calls to mobiles – a really, really good deal if you call them a lot. You get to keep your home phone number when you switch, too.

ADSL Plans

While Tangerine’s reason for existing is the NBN, they also offer a pair of ADSL plans for those who can’t yet connect to the NBN in their area. Depending on which ADSL “zone” you’re in, the packages cost either $79.95/month or $99.95/month – which does include line rental, by the way, along with unlimited calls and data. Then, when the NBN arrives in your area, Tangerine will switch you over at no charge. You can bring your own modem for ADSL, or Tangerine can supply you with a Netcomm NF10W for $99.

A Refreshing Change

Keeping things straightforward and easy to understand, Tangerine’s a well-priced NBN option that gives true flexibility to its users without all the fine print, and is backed by a well-regarded network – probably why they’re already attracting a lot of positive reviews on consumer sites. With unlimited data on all plans, and no peak and off-peak to worry about, Tangerine is an option well worth considering for anyone about to connect to the NBN – as well as those not happy with their current NBN provider that’s looking for better value.

Fast NBN broadband with unlimited data & no contract from $59/month - just choose your speed and go!

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