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Mate Broadband

If it's lots of data and unlimited calls you want, your mates can help you out!

Overall 82%

Review was updated on 7th October 2019

From confusing fine print to overseas call centres open for a couple of hours a day, most of us have had frustrating telco experiences. Recently however, new players have come onto the market and started changing these dodgy perceptions. Mate Broadband – otherwise known as Mate – is a perfect example. They’ve listened to Aussie internet users and have tailored their offerings to what customers actually want. Every Mate plan has unlimited data and no contracts. From there you can choose your broadband speed and if you’d like to bundle in a phone, but yeah, I bet they already had you at ‘unlimited data and no contracts’.

Mate Broadband Review

Mate is 100% Australian owned and their call centres are all based locally. This means not only do they understand what we want from our broadband plans, but they’ll be able to answer any queries we may have – quick smart. Their customer service is rated up there with the best under the Aussie sun. And while Mate Broadband is ‘Aussie as’, their customer service is much more ‘Aussie Olympian wins gold’ than ‘she’ll be right mate, couple-a days’ – which is just what we’re looking for!

Mate Broadband Highlights

  • (No) data limits: All plans come with unlimited data
  • Connection types: NBN, ADSL
  • Price categories: Low to Medium-High
  • All plans have unlimited data and come with no lock-in contracts
  • Support: Phone, Email

What makes Mate Broadband unique?

Mate Broadband’s best quality is their simplicity. They don’t overcomplicate things because they know you don’t want things to be complicated. And like any good mate, they’re excellent listeners. This meant that they heard you loud and clear when you said you weren’t too keen on download limits and you were not a big fan of long contracts. Want more? Mate offers bundles with your home phone and you can choose a download speed that’s right for your household.

What are Mate Broadband’s Best Features?

  • Unlimited data across all plans, no lock-in contracts
  • Three speed tiers available: NBN12, NBN50 & NBN100
  • No activation, plan change & cancellation fees
  • Australian-based customer support
  • Cheap landline add-on plus mobile bundling
  • Offers both NBN and ADSL services

Get Great Value with Mate!

Grab the best deals on NBN & ADSL with Mate. Unlimited data + no lock-in contracts + no setup fees.

What Plans do Mate Broadband Offer?

Every day (at least in theory), the NBN reaches more and more Aussies, giving them access to world-class internet. But there are still millions of us on the ADSL network. Fortunately, Mate has plans in both categories. Even more fortunately, if you can’t access the NBN you won’t have to sacrifice quality in terms of download speeds – plus, all of their ADSL plans (like their NBN plans) come with unlimited downloads.

The only downside to the flexibility offered by Mate Broadband is that you might need to fork out for your own modem if you haven’t got one already. Considering how much you save – and how you don’t need to sign your life away to get connected – it actually doesn’t work out to that much of an expense. Mate Broadband will provide you with one a one-off fee; they’ve also got no connection fee, so the VoIP device will be your only initial cost.

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What NBN plans do Mate Broadband offer?

Then there’s Mate’s NBN plans, which – like your VIP guest list for an exclusive pool party – are organised according to the quality of your ‘mateship’, i.e. connection. Recently they’ve upgraded and improved their options. The first is Good Mates, which is the entry level plan. It comes with 10MBPS fixed line speed, which is suitable for very basic internet use.

Next in line is Best Mates – which at a speed of 42mbps is perfect for people with moderate to high internet usage, or loads of mates. Finally, Soul Mates is the premium package – offering you a speedy 83mbps. It’s not the highest download speed available in Australia, but it will satisfy high internet users like gamers and heavy streamers. Each NBN plan can also be bundled with a home phone with unlimited local and national calls.

In addition, for even greater value, MATE also offers four SIM-only mobile add-ons. For any active broadband service, customers can choose between 1GB, 10GB, 20GB, and 30GB data limits.

What ADSL plans do Mate Broadband offer?

Mate’s ADSL plans are separated into City and Country Mates, obviously dependent on your location and with City a tad cheaper. As with all of Mate Broadband’s offerings, each plan only requires a month-to-month commitment and has no download limits. There’s also bundles on offer if you’d like to include a home phone with unlimited local and national calls.

Do Mate offer bundles?

Mate Broadband’s NBN and ADSL plans can either be taken as a stand-alone deal, or by adding home phone. Like their broadband plans, their rates are competitive and their service is excellent – while they all come on a no-contract and no-limit basis. Check out our summary of Mate Broadband’s plans.

How to Contact Mate Broadband

Mate Broadband’s Australia-based customer service team are available from 8:30am to 7:00pm from Monday to Saturday, so they’re there for you should something go wrong. Contact their call centre on 1300 816 603. They’ve also got a contact form on their site or you can email them at, but if you need to talk to a Mate representative fast, a phone call is the best way to go.

Nobody likes anything to get in the way of a chat between them and a mate. Mate Broadband is 100% Australian owned and has its entire support team based locally in Australia, so you won’t need to worry about being ping ponged from call to call when all you want to do is get your question answered and your service up and running again.

mate support

Call MATE with any inquiries regarding:

  • Looking to join MATE
  • Getting started
  • Managing your account
  • Troubleshooting
  • Latest offers, plans, and bundles
  • Billing questions
  • All other MATE services

The Pros and Cons

The Good

  • No-fuss unlimited plans with no contracts, no activation fees, no plan change fees
  • Aussie based customer support team
  • Ideal for students, renters

The Gotchas

  • Fewer options than competitors
  • Not much to offer when it comes to broadband bundling
  • No pro-rata refunds are offered for cancelled accounts

Summary: Is Mate Broadband right for you?

Mate is recognised for two main things: no contracts and unlimited data. This has meant they’ve become particularly popular with students looking for flexibility, gamers who want the optimal streaming experience and renters who may need to move, as well as anyone who likes their internet to have some serious juice.

At a time where fine print and ‘conditions apply’ seems to be the norm, it’s refreshing to see a telco who understand the need to keep it simple. Mate Broadband offers good quality internet at an affordable price, and will throw in home phone bundles for a little extra. If you’re looking for a full home entertainment bundle or the fastest internet speeds, then there are others on the market with more to offer. But if you want high quality internet at a good price from an 100% Australian-owned telco, then Mate Broadband is right for you.

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