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Australia’s second-largest mobile provider has been in the game for over two decades now, providing mobile connectivity to a vast amount of the Australian population both through their own customer base, and those of other third-party providers. But in an industry that’s not short of choice in prices, plans and features when shopping for a network, there are very few companies with the resources and scope to take special care of business customers, both large and small, with their particular needs.

Optus’s business division exists to do precisely that, offering phones, plans and accessories tailored to those who’ll be using their phone for work rather than play. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader with an ABN or the head of a decent-sized registered company, Optus Business has products, plans and services to suit.

Along with business-centric concerns like support for fleet services (allowing data sharing across an entire workforce, for example) and satellite connectivity, Optus Business can assist with solutions like mass notifications, analytics, centralised device management and more.

But at the core of it all, the idea is to provide a fully-supported mobile service at great rates only available to businesses – and that’s something that can help out millions of individual Australians, not just the CEOs and IT managers of large companies.

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Eligibility for an Optus Business Plan

To connect to an Optus Business plan you’ll need, not surprisingly, to be a business. If you’re doing any kind of work where you invoice clients, though – even as an individual – you’ll have an ABN, which is all that’s required for access to Optus Business and its unique plans. A registered ARBN or ACN is also accepted.

Optus Business Review: Optus Business

If you qualify for the service, Optus Business will certainly reward you with an incredibly capable, generous service with everything you need to get in touch and keep on talking, texting or browsing. With a specialist support team at the ready in case you need them, and the full use of Optus’s upgraded network, it’s hard to go past without serious consideration.

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